Interior Color Trends for Walls 2021

Interior Color Trends for Walls 2021As with everything in fashion, color trends for walls come and go, and sometimes, they only last a few months. But even if they change continuously, we can follow our own style, without neglecting the trends of the moment, and adapt them to our style and personal taste. The really important thing is that you like it and it looks good with your decoration.

Today several important paint brands have announced their color trends for the year 2021. We will see what shades choose several of them, among which is Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams.

Green ForestInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

The green forest, which evokes the vitality of nature, can give us fresh and very modern interiors. For greater interest it is proposed to combine this color with orange and blue.

In recent years there has been a strong influence of nature in terms of colors for decoration, since you can see many shades of green as protagonists.

Colors have always been ideal for creating accents in decoration, although there has been a more daring turn in terms of the elements that are colored inside the home. While previously the elements that were colored were previously walls, cushions, flowers or ornaments, today color is imposed even on elements such as kitchen accessories or appliances.

Sage greenInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

This tone is ideal for decorating a bedroom, as we see in the image below, as it is relaxing, calm and even somewhat off. This is as long as you don’t study or work in your bedroom, since it won’t give you the energy you need.

Pastel green has already become a place in the world of decoration, it is no longer relegated to decorative elements, such as curtain or minor decorations, but to entire walls.

Bluish greenInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

A composition of intense blue with green achieving the color of a jewel, is one of the colors chosen for this year. A complex and deep color that offers a feeling of familiarity with a touch of the unknown, unites a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in the old and the new.

The blue color evokes a multitude of moods and associations that depend on tone, hue and application. Despite these possible variations, blue is universally perceived as intelligent, honest and interesting, being one of the universally favorite colors.

The oceanic inspiration of this color can create a welcome statement as a vivid color for a front door. Its green tone with blue tones can also stimulate creative thinking and clarity of thought in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection to a bedroom or to read in a corner.

It is a shade of universal green, adapting to various styles, from modern to Mediterranean, traditional or contemporary.

Navy blueInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

This shade of blue is one of the most repeated in the different color forecast lists. And thanks to its versatility, it can be successfully taken to the various spaces of our home, and it can also be effectively combined with light tones such as pastels, different colors of this same color, brown, white and black.

These shades of deep blue and serene is an attractive color option for almost any environment, it gives the feeling of a beautiful serenity.

Light blueInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

The pastel blue, beautiful blue, are also increasingly numerous, the most prominent being the watery and gray tones.

The sky blue is a beautiful color, which when you put it to the test, then you want to have absolutely everything in that hue.

Purple and violetInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

These shades of purple, very dark, nuanced with blue, will be one of the colors that can be adopted for the walls. It can be used to give sophistication and elegance to the spaces.

Violet shades are in many of the forecast lists, one of the most relevant color trends. They are ideal for those looking to recreate relaxing and very warm spaces. So it becomes especially recommended to give life to bedrooms, although in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens it can also look great.

The ultra violet is a very strong tone, that just who chooses it must enjoy a dominant personality. Although we are not used to it, it ends up being very good in environments with nude colors, blue, brown and to a lesser extent, with greens and mustards.

LilacsInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

The next color, a purple mauve, is also a trend. It transmits serenity, encouraging meditation and stress.

This shade of lilac, a little darker, but at the same time is so little intense, that at times, it makes us confuse if we are not facing a gray. It is harmonious and goes perfectly with all kinds of styles, from classic to modern.

The purples are also varied, ranging from dark violets to delicate shades of lilac, through purple ones.

And finally, a combination of soft lilacs. This combination is romantic, ideal for girls’ bedrooms, guest bedrooms and home lounge.

Burnt orangeInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

If you are looking for very warm proposals in decoration, you can bet on pumpkin and rusty orange tones.

These rusty shades of orange have a lot of weight in modern decoration. They are oranges with small mixtures of earth tones.

If you are currently designing your own home, you are either looking for colors for walls or for the set of lounge chairs, and look for warmth, then you should take these warm colors into account.

YellowInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

A super cheerful, warm yellow, gold color with orange hues will be used.

This is another of the colors that stars in trends, being ideal for recreating warm and energy-filled interiors. It looks well combined with versatile colors such as white and black, as well as combined with shades such as tangerine, eggplant, brown or lemon green.

Gray and brownInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

To give a warm and cozy look, it will be very popular to implement brown and beige neutrals in the decoration, since they are perfectly compatible with lighter and brighter shades.

The titanium color, a metallic variant of the many grays that are fashionable today, has become famous for its ideal qualities for minimalist spaces.

Color combinationsInterior Color Trends for Walls 2021

Neutral palette with sage greens

Composed of soft shades of sand, gray and dark green botanicals.

Vibrant color scheme

If you are tired of the domination of neutrals, especially gray during the last five years, then you will be pleased to see that there have been more varied and interesting tones and nuances, among which there are a lot of vibrant colors to give life to the walls.

For example, this palette aims to create a global unit, adopting colors of different nationalisms and communities. Colors that evoke folklore globally.

The palette that we see next, is inspired by high technology, pixelated in orange, violets, digital greens and yellows.


It is one of the simplest combinations, as it is inspired by the colors of the coast. Light green, warm white, and light blue.


It incorporates rustic woods and rusty metals, to give an industrial touch.


The most popular movies and television series have revived the design of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The result is majestic and opulent, with traditional rooms with exquisite shades of ruby, topaz or sapphire.


From celestial events to geological wonders. The stars, planets, birds and insects give us bright colors in the skies, while the dark green of the jungle and the brown of the earth, are incorporated into the home to achieve a decoration inspired by nature.

Colors for bedroom walls

Loaded with bright colors, marking contrasts with light and dark tones, which make a very combined game. This year, they take the colors, not whites, that leave without a doubt a place with light and personality.

The shades that set the trend are blue, green, purple and yellow, with natural supplements that give the place personality. It not only stays in the colors mentioned, but a mixture of them, marine, bluish, with a perfect combination of purple, a color that I personally love, so it will give an exquisite personality to any room.

Dining rooms

Light and dark colors interchangeably, but the important thing is to achieve a dining room with a lot of personality.


We have a wide variety of colors. We can give free rein to the imagination and create in our home, a space that invites us to stay, where color is one of the reasons for attraction.

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