18 Trendy Colors for Walls in 2022

The colors of your walls say a lot about you and your space. There are so many shades to choose from that leaving all the walls of your home blank can be boring.

While white is a popular color for its lighting properties, there are also other colors that can be adapted to achieve a much more stylish space.

Each color provides a different sensation, so it should be chosen taking into account our personal style, but also the space in which we will apply it, it is not the same to paint a living room as a kitchen, nor a narrow corridor than a large dinning room.

For this reason, below we will show you the fashionable interior wall colors for 2022 and their different applications in the spaces of our home, taking into account their properties. Look below these beautiful tones to paint your home and transform it only through painting.

The most wanted colors 2022

According to the “ Color Revelation ” guide from the CIN Valentine paint brand, these are the colors that will be used the most in 2022, both individually and in combination, to achieve contemporary spaces with a lot of personality.

Savasana: a color with warmthTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

This tone has very warm and soft beige notes, which transform it into a bright and cozy color. It is ideal for living rooms because it is a neutral tone that goes well with any other interior color or style, but it can look good in any home environment.

The main sensations they generate are warmth and luminosity, but it is also a tone that generates serenity and visual lightness, relating to classic, romantic and vintage styles.

Hygge Gray: a cozy grayTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Gray is widely used when you want to give personality to a space with a neutral tone, leaving space to play with other colors and decoration. This particular shade is a soft gray, with warm notes, making it ideal for bedrooms or hallways, for example, styling them with a neutral color.

The term hygge is of Danish origin and refers to the home comfort that this color provides. It is a color that generates well-being and serenity and, as it is a light tone, it adds luminosity to any space, making them feel bigger.

Causeway: gray with personalityTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Another gray tone that is in trend, although this color presents stronger and saturated notes, adding elegance and style to any space. It is ideal for large spaces, because of its darkness, or also to create focal walls in living rooms or dining rooms.

It is a powerful, but also neutral color that can be adapted to any decorative style. Its name refers to the basalt columns at Giant’s Causeway, in Ireland, related by their imposition and strength.

Navy Blue: elegance in blueTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Interior blue has been in trend for years and it seems that it will continue to do so. It is a color with a lot of style, but also elegance, which is related to the sea and the Mediterranean style. Used a lot in bedrooms to provide relaxation and serenity, it is a dark and deep color, with a lot of personality.

It is generally combined with other lighter colors to enhance its tonality and is considered a classic in interior design.

Glassy Blue: a serene colorTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

To incorporate blue into your interiors, but with greater luminosity, you can opt for this tone, which is a very soft blue, almost turquoise. It is a very calm and harmonious color, ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms, adding light and style.

Succulent Green: green freshnessTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Green, like blue, is another color that is related to nature and has been a trend for home interiors for some time because it is a fresh color. This particular shade is a soft green, with more warmth, ideal for living rooms or dining rooms.

This shade is inspired by the color of succulents and looks great combined with the different green tones of indoor plants. An ideal color for nature lovers and to bring the outdoors indoors.

Sage Green: vitality with greenTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

This is a shade inspired by the green of sage leaves and it is darker than the previous one, but it maintains the freshness that characterizes this color. Its tone provides a lot of personality to any space, but it is also a timeless color, capable of adapting to different styles of decoration.

Malachite: distinction in emerald greenTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Related to the famous jewel tones, this green is a very dark, deep and elegant tone that will give any space a lot of style. It is based on the green of malachite, so it has a lot of character, but also harmony.

It is a very powerful color and is ideal for youth rooms, for example, because it has a lot of personality but also gives a feeling of calm and balance.

Rose Breeze: a romantic shadeTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

If you are looking for a soft, bright and stylish color; this shade of pink is the one. With soft roses like this one, you add warmth and luminosity to the space, with some very pretty notes of romanticism and femininity.

Used a lot in modern and youthful rooms or rooms, it is a tone that is characterized by its light and its delicacy, which creates a very cozy atmosphere in the space.

Canyon: pink with funTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

A tone with more personality and depth, this color is ideal to integrate all the strength of pink, but with a much softer and more elegant note. Also widely used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, it is a color that goes very well with vintage, modern and eclectic decoration styles.

Lava Stone: personality in violetTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

A color that could be considered a neutral, but that contains strong notes of violet and transform it into a warm and elegant color. It integrates a lot of personality without standing out and is ideal for rooms, due to its serenity and also strength that makes it stand out.

Turmeric: a vivid colorTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Inspired by turmeric, this color displays all the fun and energy of India, with a very vibrant orange color. With personality and fun, this color is ideal to integrate in living rooms or dining rooms and give light and style to the space.

Trendy wall color schemes 2022

You do not have to choose a single tone to paint your space, there are many combinations in which you can display all the virtues of each color and create spaces with a lot of your own style.

The tone-on-tone trendTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Using two shades of the same color is something that is widely used today. In this way, you don’t visually overwhelm with colors, but create a visually appealing space. In this example we see how two different shades of green are combined to give the wall more personality.

Achieve a stylish space in blue and grayTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

This color combination can be very cold, but it will give a space with a lot of personality and elegance. It is ideal for bedrooms or desks, as in the example, since they are colors that can work very well with any type of furniture.

Combine green and pink to give personalityTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Without a doubt, this is a risky combination, but one that will transform your space with great style. Ideal for vintage and eclectic spaces, the combination of green and pink achieves a great visual impact and a space with warmth and freshness.

A modern space with pink and grayTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

This is a very used combination for modern, youthful spaces with lots of personality. Ideal for living rooms and dining rooms, it is a combination that provides warmth but also a lot of elegance.

Combine pink and blue to stand outTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Combine the best of blue and pink to create very modern and beautiful spaces. Very used in living rooms and kitchens, it is a novel and powerful combination, which will give a lot of style to your spaces.

Orange and pink, light and funTrendy Colors for Walls in 2022

Two very vibrant and bright colors that create a fun and fresh space. The combination of these warm tones create cozy and youthful spaces, ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms alike.

Choose a new color for your home

After seeing these beautiful colors that are in trend and all the possible combinations, you will surely want to paint your whole home again. When choosing the color for each wall, you must take into account various aspects of the room and its function to find the ideal tone.

Light colors are best for small, low-light spaces, while warm tones are ideal for creating cozy spaces, and more saturated tones are great for impact and style. Define the needs of the space and your personal tastes to find the ideal color for each environment.

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