29 perfect bedroom color combinations: trends 2025


Bedroom color combinations trends 2025 Do you want to decorate your bedroom with bold and eye-catching shades to wake you up easily? Or do you prefer neutral tones to easily wind down at night? In our selection you will find pops of bedroom colors 2025, interesting patterns and muted tones, everything you need to get inspired.

Palm leavesBedroom color combinations trends 2025

The green tones can be combined very well. So don’t be afraid to mix light and dark greens, blues and yellows for a look that will energize your bedroom.

The bold botanical prints blend perfectly with the green color scheme. For a more sophisticated look, opt for gray or pink bedding. Soft blush or light fuchsia look great against a background of lush greenery.

Sweet plumBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Violet plum and mauve tones create a warm and soft atmosphere in the bedroom. Dark purple tones, deep tones give the interior character.

Mix plum with rich greens and add a brassy shimmer for a touch of modern glamour. The grass green velvet headboard and plant print bedding refresh the warm colors on the walls and make the room feel lively and natural.

Green and mustard yellowBedroom color combinations trends 2025

The muted green color creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. It looks relaxing in winter and cool in summer. The green tone is quite dark, but works very well and changes depending on the lighting. It appears fresh and energetic during the day, velvety and dramatic at night. Small mustard yellow spots prevent the walls from becoming too dark and dreary.

Denim blue and orangeBedroom color combinations trends 2025

From deep indigo tones to soft chambray tones, blue pairs beautifully with crisp white to create a calming and timeless color combination. If you like it simple and casual, choose the classic blue with a used effect. It will be the perfect backdrop for deeper tones, prints and patterns. Blue mixes with a generous helping of cool white and a bright orange tone.

Mint green and grayBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Soft mint green is a great alternative to white. A soft color calms and lifts the mood. When combined with a gray headboard, the palette becomes lighter. The informal color scheme looks great in a modern bedroom.

blue and pale pinkBedroom color combinations trends 2025

A deep navy blue, light-absorbing shade perfect for 2025 bedroom design. If you choose a dark shade for the walls, make the floor and ceiling white and add more neutrals to balance the dark tones.

Nude pink becomes the perfect accent color for blue, use it in home decor and textiles.

Coral and copperBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Create your own bedroom color scheme from the combinations you like. An airy, blooming wallpaper makes a bold statement. Coral and blue-green tones add character. Customize the color scheme by decorating the bed with pillows in different patterns and prints and quilted bedspreads.

In order not to overload the room, leave the floors light. Choose plain bed linen so that the blaze of colors does not become chaotic. Woody accents and the soft shine of copper make the room appear calmer and more reserved.

Pastel pink and blueBedroom color combinations trends 2025

If you’re tired of the starkness of a white bedroom, paint the bottom of the walls in pastel pink for a soft and dreamy color scheme. To add depth, choose a terracotta decor. Finish with blue leaves to ground the scheme and make it more balanced.

Subtle patternsBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Striped textured wallpaper adds depth and interest to pastel walls. The soft coral color is neutral enough to highlight the light green headboard.

Combine coral and green with different pillows. Leave the upper part of the wall white to enhance the beauty of the accessories.

Deep greenish blueBedroom color combinations trends 2025

If you’re tired of the neutral color palettes in your bedroom, shake things up with teal. This rich and elegant shade will help enliven the room. It’s not bright, but rather dull. This makes it easy to create the feeling of a cozy cocoon.

Wooden furniture adds a touch of naturalness and goes well with the forest green. Dilute the dark shade of white with accessories. Dusty pink color will be the perfect accent adding oomph.

Pale greenBedroom color combinations trends 2025

If you want to reduce stress, you need to reduce the amount of visual noise. This calm shade of green creates a great backdrop for your bedroom and helps you relax.

Once again we see a mix of muted greens, blues and pinks in this photo of a chic bedroom.

Refined anthraciteBedroom color combinations trends 2025

The gray-on-gray trend is not losing its popularity. If you still can’t get enough of this color, explore the versatility of its palette by layering different shades and textures.

Use gray in deep and light incarnations to create a rich, contrasting and harmonious look. Add a pop of color in the form of a hot pink plaid.

Mild yellowBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Paint your bedroom yellow to fill the room with sunny positive vibes. This shade is reminiscent of the first spring flowers and creates a bright yet cozy atmosphere. It may surprise you, but yellow and gray go well together. Add a pattern of geometric shapes and pure white accents.

Gray and yellowBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Cheerful yellow tones play in a special way against the background of a calm gray color. If you want to add even more energy, paint a wall, door, or fireplace yellow.

Turquoise bedroomBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Choose turquoise as your base color for a truly luxurious bedroom. Painting the doors and cabinets the same shade will make them disappear, and a headboard in a contrasting color will make a big statement. The combination of plain and patterned bed linen creates a modern layered look.

Simple white bedroomBedroom color combinations trends 2025

White is a classic calming color for the bedroom. But simple doesn’t mean boring. If you want to create a calm and relaxing look, emphasize the white walls with accessories in green tones and colorful prints.

The neutral base means you can mix and match with different fabrics depending on the season. You can easily change the look of the bedroom by changing the bedding and adding some accessories.

Plum and goldBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Create beautiful contrasts of gold and plum. Add some white to your home furnishings and accessories. Combine decadent style with Art Deco. The most daring experiment will help create a unique and very individual interior.

Dark blueBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Fresh, calm and harmonious, the blue and white palette repeats itself again and again in the trendy bedrooms of 2025. If you love blue, you will surely love this bright bedroom. Wear indigo neutral and you’ll find you can pair it with almost any color.

If you want to create a calming color scheme, complement the navy blue with white. Choose wallpaper with subtle stripes for a beach house look.

Volumetric white pillows, faceted with contrasting dark blue shades, complement the look. Experiment with fabrics and textures by adding embroidered sheets, silk pillows, and lace bedspreads.

Strong orangeBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Choose an earthy color scheme with a deep rust orange. Combine it with patterned cushions and wooden furniture. To prevent the room from becoming too dark, paint the floor and ceiling white. An openwork chandelier adds lightness to the image.

Brilliant combinationsBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Decorate your bedroom with light colors. For example, with the help of an unexpected combination of yellow and pink. Such a rich color combination will look bright and original. Against a white background, bold tones look appropriate and help bring a neutral interior to life.

Calm roseBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Soft nude pink is an elegant shade perfect for a romantic setting. The beige base tone prevents the pink from appearing too girly. Wide stripes on the wall ensure the right color balance. Do not add bright prints to this interior. The image can be made more voluminous and structured with the help of various materials. Copper will be a great complement to the rosy blush, and a chandelier will add some glam.

PurpleBedroom color combinations trends 2025

This cozy bedroom with dark heather and gray tones feels warm and relaxing. The vintage-style floral pattern was the starting point for an interesting color scheme. Shades of marbled print, lilac, gray and soft beige are reflected on the walls, in textiles and accessories.

Warm brownBedroom color combinations trends 2025

The tree fits perfectly into the modern style bedroom. Polished walnut, oak and birch blend with natural linens, wool fabrics and soft gray walls.

White on whiteBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Such a simple but certainly sophisticated all-white bedroom looks very elegant. Lace wallpapers make them three-dimensional, not flat. A large bright white headboard adds sparkle. Small shelves serve as bedside tables.

Nice grayBedroom color combinations trends 2025

A sophisticated palette of pewter and platinum can look ultra-glam. You’ll find all shades of gray in this bedroom, from matte pewter to polished platinum. The highlight of the room is a spectacular bed with velvet upholstery. A crystal chandelier accentuates the shine of the velvet.

Soft coralBedroom color combinations trends 2025

The combination of delicate coral and slightly muted pink makes the room very warm and cozy. And the artistic effect on the walls gives the picture a little carelessness.

Wooden panelsBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Wood paneled walls are becoming a modern alternative to white paint. It is impossible to determine the exact color of the wood, but it definitely makes the coloring more interesting. The bedroom looks neutral, only the bed linen has bright color accents.

Floral motifsBedroom color combinations trends 2025

A bold floral mural is the focal point in this elegant bedroom. A black metal bed grounds the look and makes it more balanced.

Spring flowersBedroom color combinations trends 2025

Spicy yellow floral wallpaper is the brightest part of this room. A calm gray bed with soft yellow tones helps soften the look. You should not use other prints and patterns against such a light background.

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