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New Interior Design Trends 2020

Interior designers everywhere get rid of unnecessary elements, leaving only the necessary attributes of the decor. Thanks to their efforts, the minimalist trend will receive a new development in 2020, it will sparkle with bright colors. Consider

New Interior Decor Design: The Hottest Trends of 2020

The Internet magazine “Design House” offers to find out the main trends in the field of interior design, which will be relevant in the coming year. We found out what the famous studios offer, and we want

New Interior Decor 2020: The Most Fashionable Trends

Before the renovation, you asked yourself the question: “What is the interior for me?” It is important to listen to your own intuition and desires, because the design should deliver aesthetic pleasure for several years before radical

14 Decorative Trends That Will Mark 2020, According to Pinterest

Pinterest has just unveiled the 14 decorative trends that will mark the year 2020. Each year, Pinterest unveils its trend book for the coming year. Predictions that are often very accurate, largely thanks to research and user-generated