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Popular Trends in the Interior 2019-2020 Years

In the spring and summer, many citizens are planning to make repairs in their homes. And for those who have just bought an apartment or a house under construction, the issue of interior decoration of the room

Trends in Interior Design 2020: Bright Comfort and Modest Luxury

What will be the interior design in 2020, and what new trends will capture the industry according to the magazine Elle Decor. The desire of people to respect for the environment, the search for harmony in life

All 2020 Trends: What Went In and What Came Out Of the Interior Design

The main trend is massive individualization. Design is not for everyone, but for everyone. Designers reflect on an eclectic interior – a mix of styles and stylistics best expresses the personality and its passions. The 2020 call

Newest Trends in Oriental Decoration 2020

The trends in oriental decoration for this 2020 will make decorating with the oriental style much easier. This year, the trends in oriental decoration are being very well received by people from all over the world. And