Original And Homemade Decorating Christmas Trees Trends 2024

Christmas is in the air so you should take the opportunity to begin looking for the most current and stylish decoration ideas for the most important holiday of the year. Here at espaciohogar.com we want you to find the best Christmas tree, so we will be showing you some photos that we are sure will convince you, as well as giving you decorative ideas. Let’s talk about decorating Christmas trees 2024, original and homemade | Trends then.

Before we begin with the Christmas tree decorations we would like to take a look at this decorative element that is so important in our household.

Meaning Of The Christmas TreeOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

To know the meaning of the Christmas tree we have to go way back. In the time of the Germanics they thought that the Earth and the stars were holding a very big tree, Divine Idrasil or Tree of the Universe. Its size was so great that it reached both the sky and hell.

But in the year 740 Saint Boniface, evangelist of Germany and England changed the oak symbol of the God Odin by the pine that represented the eternal love of God. This pine was decorated (candles and apples) in order to represent the Holy Trinity with the pine, which symbolizes eternal life, the candles that symbolize the divine grace and the apples that symbolize a wide range of temptations (in the Bible the passage of Adam and Eve).

This tradition was evolving little by little up until the present day. This is why it has the meaning that we know today. It arrived in Spain in 1870 and was one of the last places in Europe where this tradition was acquired.

If you are tired of the decoration of your Christmas tree and you want to have a decoration unlike the most classic decorations, which often have red, green or gold shades, put no limits to your imagination because there are decorated trees of all colors that are fun, elegant and amazing.

There are many ideas that we can choose to decorate our tree, we can find inspiration, for example, in the latest Ikea Christmas Catalog (for example, the decoration you see in this photo). However, in this article we will give you many more ideas and, above all, we wil take a look at the latest Christmas tree color trends for this year.

Colored Christmas Trees

Choosing the color of the tree will depend on our taste. This is why we have prepared a list with the trendiest colors regarding Christmas trees for 2024.

White Christmas TreeOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

If this Christmas you decide to buy a  white Christmas tree here we give you tips that can help you decorate your tree perfectly so your Christmas tree can shine bright.

If you are tired of the typical Christmas tree and want to innovate by buying a white Christmas tree we will teach you a few ideas, depending on your taste or the Christmas decorations you’d like for your place.

Each year there are more and more people that rely on the color white for the Christmas tree, since the color white not only brings more light but also allows us to try some of the following options:

Lights with a white: a white Christmas tree has many advantages, such as you being able to decorate it in many different ways. For instance, you can use the typical lights in different colors with white cables, that can help hide the cables with the branches, so our tree can shine so much more.

Colored ornaments: The white Christmas trees can be decorated with the majority of bright colors that are available in the market. One of our favourite colors for a Christmas tree is bright red, electric blue, purple or fuchsia. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, you can use light colors, such as pink, silver or light green. Take a look at the following gallery and see if you can get inspired.

Depending on the house decoration, you should try to prevent the ornaments of your white Christmas tree from clashing with your house ornaments.

Don’t decorate the Christmas tree too much: You should never put too many ornaments in it and try to distribute them all over the tree. However, don’t put too many.

Let’s take a look at the following gallery if you want to take some ideas to decorate your white Chirstmas tree:

We know many of you like the color white for the tree. We think a good idea would be to give a Nordic touch and this is why tthe best thing to do is to buy artificial snow and to decorate the tree with light colored ornaments, such as beige or white.  Moreover, we find the contrast between the white tree and the burgundy color of the Christmas baubles exquisite.

Red And Gold Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Another very Christmasy idea is to decorate the Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments. It is one of the latest trends regarding decoration because these two colors symbolize the values of this holiday very well. This trend means going back to the classic and vintage style, as both colors are those that originally, and over time, have represented Christmas.

The color gold is a color that looks good in the tree. If we combine this color with good lights, they tree will shine and, therefore, it will be the center of attention. The color gold has its origin in bonanza and celebration, representing the gold. If we think deeply and look back, it may be a representation of the gold that the child Jesus received as a gift from one of the Three Kings, in particular, from King Melchor.

The star color of Christmas is red and it makes us think of Santa Claus and his costume. And the combination of green, gold and red makes the tree elegant and striking. Red is also a color linked to other cultures and lucky rituals, so on New Year’s Eve, many women and many men wear underwear of this color to bid farewell to the year and have luck in the upcoming year.

These colors combine very well with each other, because the red color is the strongest and the darkest one, which actually highlights the color gold. Although we can make many combinations, one of the most used is the one that places the decorative ribbons in gold on the tree and then the baubles in red. This looks amazing thanks to the color gold in the ribbons, which stands out more against green of the tree than red ornaments.

In the next gallery you will find more examples and ideas of red and gold Christmas trees with different types of ornaments.

Golden Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Let’s talk about colors and trends regarding Christmas trees. Many times we begin to decorate without realizing that certain combinations of colors are not great. You may think that placing baubles and garlands of different colors will make your tree stand out more but the truth is that it becomes much more colorful when we decide to use a main color and all the elements are of this shade, or of similar shades.

In the photo we have a tree in which a decoration in shades of copper or gold has been placed, as these are going to be trending this Christmas. Think of how elegant can it be to choose shades like these ones. With such colors you can’t be wrong. You can use those colors for garlands, baubles and other items that hang.

Golds are quite frequent during the Christmas decoration but also come back with great force. Choose to decorate your tree as we see in the photo above. Ribbons, baubles and even pineapples of an intense gold and you will see how everyone congratulates you for your good taste. In addition, the effect of the gold while combined with the color green is spectacular.

We already talked about the use of copper as one of the color trends for Christmas, but what you can do is also to combine it with other shades (but without exagerating). You can choose this way some other copper element and then add touches or flashes of blue. In the photo above we also have a tree that has been decorated with all kinds of marine motifs.

Christmas Trees In BlueOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Blue is another one of the ideal colors in the decoration of Christmas trees. You can choose a nice electric blue, similar to the baubles you see in the tree you have above, but you can also choose to mix it with another range of color that will combine perfectly. There are people that, for this type of blue, choose to combine it with white, but we like the idea of making it combine with that ribbon in lilac very much, as we see above.

In terms of styles we can also mention some of them depending on the colors we’ve used. For instance, the ” british ” is a style that seems to sweep this year in the Christmas decoration. Thus, it’d be a good idea to decorate your tree with those shades in red and blue and create a print that we find wonderful. In addition to that, the result is a very original tree.

Recycled Christmas Trees (Recycled Materials)Original And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Christmas trees are a perfect opportunity to exercise our imagination and creativity. That’s why there are many families who choose to have Christmas trees out of the ordinary and prefer to make recycled Christmas trees.

There are many ways to make a recycled Christmas tree, and many materials that we can use to carry out this craft. One of the most used forms is with cardboard, through cut out geometric shapes. We can also make recycled handmade Christmas trees with other materials such as fabrics, green bottles and even eggcups. Keep reading to discover all the ideas we give you and make a fully ecological Christmas tree.

Christmas Cardboard TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

If you are looking for a really special tree, you can choose to do it with cardboard. In order to do so, you will be needing cardboard boxes (you can ask for in the nearest supermarket to save them for you) a box cutter to improve the quality of the cuts and make the parts fit, and paintings to decorate the tree. If you end up choosing to make a classic Christmas tree and you want the tree to be green, it’s better to buy a dark green spray and use it to cover all the parts you have, once they have been cut.

The easiest way to make a cardboard tree is by drawing on the cardboard that we have a Christmas tree shape. Then we make three more drawings with this very same tree shape. Finally, we make a circled base, also with cardboard, with a square upwards. Then we make a cut in the center of the pieces of tree that we have trimmed and we join them together, next to the circular base. Then we can decorate it in a classic way with garlands and colored baubles, or we can paint the ornaments on the cardboard.

Handmade Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

To make a truly original Christmas tree, it is better for us to do it ourselves. So, there are many people who choose to make handmade Christmas trees. You can get from very simple ideas to other more complicated ones, but all of them will amaze anyone that comes into your house and sees that wonderful tree that you have made among the whole family.

A very nice way, for example, to make a Christmas tree by hand, is to decorate one of the walls of our home. As we see in the photo, we can decorate it with photographs, magnets, pictures, details, figures… All these things stuck to the wall, shaped like a Christmas tree. And, of course, we can’t forget the star on the cusp!

Other families, which are fashionable and followers of the tendencies of the interior decoration, choose ideas such as the Nordic style: simple, austere and a little bit cold. So we can take this idea that we see from the wooden trunks ordered from smallest to largest, with lights around it, or by punching papers of different sizes on a wooden stick.

Which of these ideas do you like best?

Modern Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Although many people still prefer classic Christmas trees, other families are choosing modern Christmas trees. Christmas trees are changing in style, color and even shape. For example, a very nice and decorative idea for these days, is to line a cardboard Christmas tree shape, with flowers of the colors that we like. The result is like this: very original and striking.

If we want to give a modern touch to Christmas but we do not take risks with too different suggestions, you can choose to change the color. The traditional Christmas tree is green, but now we can find many in white which also represents Christmas very well. We identify the color white with the angels, the Nativity and also with the snow. In this way, it remains just as adequate (though more artificial) than the green one. To decorate we recommend cold colors to continue identifying the cold snow and Christmas, and adding some touch of gold to remember the celebration.

And if you’re definitely looking for a Christmas tree that breaks with the classic molds imposed, you can choose for an idea like the one we show you in the photo. Just a pretty vase with golden details, full of dry branches and painted white, adorned with dried leaves painted gold. You can also place small wires instead of branches, to make it simpler.

If you like, you can also hang small golden baubles to preserve the essence of the Christmas tree. This type of tree is also typical of Nordic style decoration. But, when we talk about Christmas trees, almost anything is worth it so we can place our gifts under it.

Natural Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Although in recent times it is more common for families to choose artificial Christmas trees, there are still families who continue to buy natural Christmas trees. If you had thought about buying a natural Christmas tree this year there are some things that you should know. For example, just because the tree is natural does not mean it is going to look prettier. In fact, natural Christmas trees are fir trees so they are more imperfect and asymmetrical than the artificial ones. You also have to take into account the smell that comes off. For some people it may be a direct connection with nature, but for others it may be a smell that becomes too strong after days.

Something that does not convince us too much about natural Christmas trees, is how difficult it is to buy them, transport them, place them at home and then remove them when Christmas is over. If you are in Spain and are looking for a natural Christmas tree, you have to go to a fir nursery. Once you are there, you can choose the tree that you like and the nursery workers will cut it for you. Then you should place it in the hood of your car and, very carefully, take it home. You should be careful when entering with it to your house… It is very difficult not to hit anything with the tree. The good thing about the nurseries is that they don’t mistreat nature because you can male sure that when one tree is cut down, another one is planted in its place. In addition, these places also offer prices to take it home for you, which is very comfortable.

A good thing about natural Christmas trees is that they are more beneficial to the planet when it comes to disposing of them. Whereas when we throw an artificial tree, it takes the planet to dissolve it many more years, since it has to deal with materials that are very difficult to eliminate, such as plastic. However, when we get rid of natural Christmas trees, it takes much less for the environment to absorb it.

But also, as you may have noticed, natural Christmas trees are discarded every year after Christmas, while artificial ones can last for many years.

Artificial Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

In the previous section we saw some positive and negative aspects of the natural Christmas trees and now we will see if choosing the artificial Christmas tree is better or not.

Currently, most families decide to buy artificial Christmas trees since, in the long run, they are cheaper. An artificial Christmas tree can cost between 100 and 200 euros, but we only have to spend this money once in our lives. In fact, if we take proper care of it, it will last to celebrate the following Christmas. Natural Christmas trees cost between 20 and 40 euros, however, every year we have to buy a new one, as they tend to dry out and turn brown.

Another advantage of artificial trees is that we can find them in very different and original colors. In this way, we can make it combine better with the decoration of our home and with the decorations we want. In addition, it is much more comfortable when placing it at home, since they hardly weigh and you can bend and divide them into pieces perfectly. All this helps you be able to carry the artificial tree easily.

Another advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that we can choose the size that we like most and more practical for our home. For example, the ones we see in the photo, are very fashionable because of their size, since when they occupy very little, thus, they can be placed anywhere in the household.

What will you decide then? Will you buy an artificial or a natural Christmas tree?

Christmas Trees For ChildrenOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Christmas is meant to be for children, the true protagonists, so we should think about them when it comes to putting our Christmas tree together. Usually, children are a lot more creative and original than we adults are, so if we want to make Christmas trees for children, we’d better step up our game and think about crazy and colorful suggestions.

A very nice suggestion is the one that we see in the photo below. In order to do so, you need to make a cardboard structure shaped like a Christmas tree. Then choose some colorful jelly beans like the ones you see in the picture below and stick them to the carton with sticks of cut skewers. Children will love how colorful it is and also, if you do the tree in the same size you can place it in your room so that each day your children can have a treat. They will be delighted!

If your children like crafts, they will love to make this Christmas tree for children. To do this they will need rolls of toilet paper, wrapping paper or washi-tape and a star to place on the cusp. What we have to do is line the rolls of toilet paper with the paper that we like. One can go with Christmas motifs, or green as the classic Christmas trees, but they can also be in colors that do not clash with the decoration of your room.

Then roll the rolls of toilet paper, one on top of the other, placing more rolls on the base and one on the cusp. To avoid spoiling the Christmas tree, it will be better to glue everything with a little bit of instant glue. Also, this idea of a Christmas tree you can place in your room is very good because the toilet paper rolls can be used to store pens  and pencils.

Wooden Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Another option we are seeing more over the past few years in some houses, are the Christmas trees that are made out of wood. These trees are used a lot in houses with rustic or vintage decorations and give a very homely and cozy touch, in addition to being very original and personalized to our taste. To make these wooden Christmas trees you do not need a big budget or to be an expert carpenter either. Follow the steps that we are going to indicate here and you will end up with the most original and beautiful wooden Christmas tree of all the neighborhood.

One of the various options to build wooden Christmas trees, is to buy some slats in the carpentry, of different sizes. Do not worry, you do not need to take out the saw, they will cut you the slats exactly as you need them. The only thing you have to do is start nailing the wooden slats to a stick (that will serve as a tree trunk) with a pair of nails . Finally, nail some nails in half on the slats to be able to hang the Christmas decorations.

Another option is to build a wooden Christmas tree with tree branches. This idea is a bit more complicated since it involves, first, picking up logs of different sizes and then building a good base with them and gluing them well. Although it gives a very rustic touch to the house, it is not the one of the fastest options or one of the possibilities we recommend.

Other very good ideas, if you want to have a wooden Christmas tree, are the ones you can see in the photo above. Both are leaning against the wall to build the Christmas tree and are very easy to make. First, you will need to cut some wood logs and nail them to the wall and then incorporate round lights. In the second idea, just get a pallet and paint it with white spray.

Small Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Although classic Christmas trees are large sized, this is not the most practical tree for all houses. This is why in some homes they prefer small Christmas trees. These small Christmas trees can be found in all the formats and all the possible colors, so that you can choose the one that you like more. For example, you can find Christmas trees like these here, with shells and conches attached to a wooden base with glue.

You can also find them in the classic format, like an ordinary artificial Christmas tree. These are perfect for any corner of our home that needs a Christmas touch during this time of the year. If you want to make it a little more different and original, decorate a flowerpot the way you like and place the tree inside it. It will look like the Christmas tree you see in the picture.

There are also small Christmas trees, in more different and less classic forms, like the one we see here. It is almost a miniature Christmas tree, decorated with pretty bells, but it can look great for an auxiliary table that we have in the living room, or even to decorate the fireplace.

You will be delighted with these small Christmas trees if you do not have much space in your home. These trees are also very practical because they are already decorated and we only have to give our personal touch if we want.

Christmas Trees With Dry BranchesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

As we have seen previously, one of the most popular trends of recent years is the one of Christmas trees with dry branches. Although this idea may seem somewhat austere or we don’t identify it with Christmas, keep reading because you are going to discover how good a Christmas tree with dry branches can look in your living room.

These Christmas trees with dry branches, do not really stray too far from the original idea from which the Christmas tree arose. Its origin goes back to the tribes that used branches with ornaments to ward off evil spirits and also to praise pagan gods. Therefore, our branches with beautiful ornaments can be a very good idea to celebrate Christmas at your place. Although we do not see it as a unique Christmas tree, it does seem to us a good idea as an additional ornament. If you have a free space at home you can put the tree in, you can place some branches with these decorations that combine (it’s always better if the ornaments are simple, so that they continue with the basic and austere line of the tree) and some candles, also a classic symbol of Christmas. If you choose to carry out this idea,  you should know dry apples are usually hung because they is also an ornament that united Christian Christmas in its early stages, representing the forbidden apple of original sin.

To make a Christmas tree with dry branches, you can bring all your creativity to make one unique. To inspire you, you can look at these photos where what changes in our tree is the basis. You can place your branches in a decorated flower pot, in a glass vase or even in a shower.

It is possible that the little ones of the house are not fully convinced by this idea because we already know that children are more of the colorful options, but you will also love to decorate this tree and, moreover, the whole family can do it and place it without help!

Christmas Trees With RibbonsOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Ribbons are an important part of any decoration, especially at Christmas time, so Christmas trees with ribbons can not be forgotten. We do not know very well when we began to use ribbons in Christmas trees, but perhaps it had something to do with Christmas gifts, which are also usually decorated by wrapping them with a ribbon.

The colors of the Christmas ribbons depend mainly on the decoration that we are giving to our tree, although the classics are those of red color with golden borders. As always, using the two classic colors of Christmas. However, as we say, you can find them in many shapes and colors to match your tree better. Even if you want to do something different, you can do as in this photo and place a big ribbon on the top of the tree, instead of placing the traditional Christmas star.

Although most families buy ribbons already made and assembled, you can also make one yourself to put them on the Christmas tree. To do this, buy a piece of cloth in the haberdashery of the colors you want and then, make a ribbon trying to make all sides match. To give it a little more glamor, you can lift the central part of the loop, where the knot goes, with a pin. And to make a more elaborate ribbon, you just have to glue or attach two ribbons together, as we see in this photo.

The good thing about doing it yourself is that you can buy several fabrics of different colors and choose, among the different ways there are to create Christmas trees with ribbons, the ribbons you like best.

Elegant Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Although Christmas is not the best time to be elegant or try to be, we also have some ideas that we hope can help you make elegant Christmas trees. The first key that you have to keep in mind to do so is that you will find elegance in the simple things. And do not forget that for the tree to be elegant it must not clash with the style of your house. In fact, it should like it is part of the decoration of your house, mimicking the rest of the furniture’s style.

Another very important step that you must take into account to make an elegant Christmas tree is that you should combine few colors. You can choose to place all the ornaments of the same color, for example in gold, on the green tree or even spray paint your white tree, so that the gold is highlighted but the tree is the color of your furniture.

You can also choose two colors for the elegant Christmas tree ornaments. But you must be careful and use colors that combine well with each other and do not stand out too much on the tree. The bicolor trends of recent years are red and gold (a very classic combination representing the celebration) and blue and gold (a more modern combination representing the cold shades of Christmas).

This is the idea that we like the most because it seems very simple and we believe that it integrates very well with the decoration of the house, so it is more discreet and looks more elegant. To do it you have to paint some branches of the tree with white spray (you will have to do it when it is disassembled, part by part, on a cardboard to avoid that something is stained of paint) and to place yellow lights inside the branches. As you can see, it does not have any ornament, except for the lights, so it’s really elegant.

Floating Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

One of the latest trends that we can see in Christmas trees is floating Christmas trees. If you want to carry out this idea, for this Christmas, you must keep in mind that you will have to work on the roof of your home, since the effect of the floating Christmas tree is, in fact, floating. Keep reading to see how to make Christmas trees that are floating.

To make floating Christmas trees, you need a metal base with a metal net as well and a hook to be able to hang this base on the roof. As we warned you before, to make this Christmas tree, you must make a hole in the ceiling. Then, place small hooks in the squares of the metal net, from which we will hang resistant transparent thread, which you can buy in the haberdashery. Even if you have dental floss at home, it can also help. The strings of transparent wire that hang from the metal net must be of different sizes, so that we can create the shape of a Christmas tree.

Finally, tie the end of the strings of transparent thread to the Christmas baubles that you like, since these will form the floating Christmas tree. If you prefer, and for the shape to be more defined, you can buy bigger Christmas baubles to form the base and smaller as they reach the cusp.

As you can see, in this type of floating Christmas trees no more ornaments are used rather than the own Christmas baubles that form it. So, this idea is very elegant and simple, and can decorate any area of your home. The usual thing is to do it with green baubles to imitate the green branches of the fir, but if you want something more modern you can try these, also transparent, or some of the colors that best match your furniture.

Christmas Trees Leroy MerlinOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Leroy Merlin Christmas trees are one of the best selling Christmas trees every year. In their catalog you can find many different options and at a very economic price. All the trees that Leroy Merlin offers are artificial, so they are very comfortable to transport home and easy to assemble and place in our house. Also, they also have offers to take them home for you, if you wish.

The great thing about Leroy Merlin is that you can also find all kinds of ornaments, of all colors and shapes, to decorate your Christmas tree the way you like and best match your home. Not only can you find the classic Christmas baubles, but you can also find stars, Christmas dolls, snowballs, gnomes and goblins and all sorts of details you can imagine. Their catalog is pure inspiration for Christmas.

The prices of Leroy Merlin trees vary according to their quality, frondiness and size. One of a size more similar to classic fir, and more or less leafy, ranges from 150 up to 200 euros, so they are really affordable in comparison to prices of Christmas trees from other stores. If you buy through your online store, the expenses for transport are cheaper than if you buy it of the physical store.

Upcoming next, we will be seeing the Christmas trees of another classic and economic store for these dates: Ikea.

Christmas Trees IkeaOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

Ikea Christmas trees are already a classic of all Christmas. Families that go looking for their first Christmas tree usually choose Ikea because it’s are very affordable store and, in addition, we can find many different and original ideas. We can find Ikea Christmas trees of all sizes, colors and shapes.

And what Ikea can help you the most with, when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree, are the ornaments. Not only can you find classic ornaments like Christmas stars. But as you can see int he picture, you can choose other more modern ornaments such as diamonds, triangles, hearts and even glass swallows. There are also some ornaments in colors that differ from the classic Christmas colors (red and gold). For instance, the light colors or cold shades that combine perfectly with the latest interior decorating trends.

The Christmas tree models we see on Ikea can be smaller and larger, more sophisticated or more complex. This catalog can give you some ideas not only for the main tree of the house, but also to decorate other corners of the house with Christmas decorations that are different from the ones we’ve know throughout our life. You can take risks with different options that may be less fun for the decoration of your house.

Ideas To Decorate The Christmas TreeOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

After seeing the latest trends in color comes the turn of ideas and other options to decorate your Christmas trees. These ideas are fun, many you can do with your children, and easy and are designed so you do not have to leave a bundle in the tree ornaments. Sure you have a lot of Christmas decorations from other years, so even if this year you make new decorations, part of what you already have might be useful.

Ornaments with Italian pasta in funny shapes, with gold or silver paint or any other color is an inexpensive and original option to get a nice tree like the one we see above. The farfalle that are like ribbons, the pints with golden spray, tie a string and they are beautiful, the macaroni the pints of gold you pass a string and the same. A pasta package is not expensive and you have to make lots of trimmings.

Another option is, for example, to make a tree with pineapples, and that we can pick them up from the field or the forest without costing us anything. This is a simple way to create an original tree and also, the most natural way. When Christmas is over, you can use the pineapples, for example, to decorate a centerpiece.

If you take for example a pineapple that is not very dry and you can still open it a little, you will get a Christmas tree like the one you see in this image. You only have to glue the pineapple to a base and then paint it with a spray or white glitter to simulate the snow. You can even put some lights on.

  • Also the wide ribbons surrounding the tree (in red, gold, white, silver or the color you like) is an idea that anyone can afford and a very original one.
  • Look for pieces of gift wrap that you have at home. You can line up boxes of large, small matches or any box you have with different gift papers. Then you pass them a ribbon and put everything on the “tree”.

You can also bet on butterfly ornaments. In decoration shops you can find nice brightly colored butterflies to put on the tree. Choose your butterflies and then surround the tree with a wide ribbon that matches the butterflies, then place the figures as we see above.

Other Ideas For Decorating Your Christmas TreeOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

There are many options for decorating the Christmas tree. The key will be to choose the decorations that best define us and without having to spend a lot of money on them. For example you can choose ornaments made with cardboard and glitter to hang, or you can even take Christmas cards that you have received in previous years and place them on the tree, or you can choose photos of your family and also place them as an original ornament.

Do you have Christmas dolls from other years or small stuffed animals? Coordinate two colors (red, green, gold, blue, pink, gold) buy gift ribbons or two-tone fabric material, make a bow and hang the dolls on the tree.

You can also achieve, with candies in different shapes (sticks, candies with golden wrap, green, silver), a nice Christmas tree that children surely will love. In fact, when Christmas day arrives or the evening of the 5th of December you can give them permission to eat the candy from the tree.

With colored felt, you can make a template and cut out Christmas drawings on felt, a star, some baubles, a bear, a Santa Claus hat, some bells. You can make the felt green, red, white, gold… then you can sew it and hang it on the tree. This simple craftsmanship will allow you to save money on decorations.

You can choose to paint it any color you like. Pass a string through the ornament so he can hang it on the tree. Spray a little bit of  hair spray on the ornament and then sprinkle golden glitter (or silver or whatever you want). You will see how beautiful and original the tree looks like!

Spectacular Christmas TreesOriginal And Homemade Decorated Christmas Trees Trends 2020

There are those who take Christmas decorations very seriously and, if we talk about one of the symbols of Christmas at our home, which is the tree, even more. You can find very beautiful Christmas trees, decorated with great taste and care. Maybe you can also have a Christmas tree as beautiful as the ones we’ve shown you, although for some people you will need first an important space in your house. Let’s look at some examples of truly spectacular Christmas trees that can give you some idea for your very own Christmas tree:

One of the best examples that show that in order to have an impressive Christmas tree you need to have space at home is this spectacular tree that seems to occupy a privileged and prominent place in the house. The tree deserves to be out there, because soon enough it will be the time for it to return to the pantry where it is left forgotten the rest of the year. Both the tree and its decoration are spectacular, and it would not be strange to hear that the pedestrians stand in front of the windows to admire such a beautiful example.

Others that always bet on the most spectacular Christmas trees to get the attention of the people are the most important shopping centers and stores. The giant Christmas tree is one of the best claims, with its colorful lights and its impressive appearance, seems to exert a great power of attraction. It is a pity that in this case space issues prevent us from having a similar tree in our house, but you can pay attention to other details, for example, the blue shade used for the decoration of the Christmas tree of this shopping center.

You can also choose a more original Christmas tree, with different decorations, like the ones you see in the photo above. In addition, it seems that the characteristic that makes this Christmas tree more special is that it plays songs, but not with the typical melody of other Christmas trees, but with the faces that decorate, which seem to be singing Christmas carols.

To conclude, we show you a tree that shows that, for a Christmas tree to be spectacular, it is not necessary that it has an impressive size. In fact, there are also smaller ones but very beautiful that can adorn other rooms and complement perfectly the hall Christmas tree or other Christmas decorations, such as one of the classics: the Nativity scene. In the image above you can see a good example of a small but very attractive and original Christmas tree, which is very cute.

In short, we hope that with these examples you have noted some good ideas and that your Christmas tree sparkles these holidays like never before.

Quynh Luu Phuong Pham

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