Tips for bright environments with daylight


Tips for bright environments with daylight

A home lit with natural light is a larger, more active, and more pleasant home. The essential element for this are the windows and their correct orientation. However, if we want to achieve greater clarity, we can use some tricks to create bright environments with natural light.

Curtains are essential when it comes to providing light to bright environments

Interior curtains that let in light

The fabrics recommended for curtains are light, preferably white and light. If you need some darkness at any time of the day, you can use a double curtain with heavy or dark fabrics, or perhaps a “blackout”.

Even with thin, closed curtains, you can let in light during the day. At night you need adequate lighting for your room.

Glazed doors and windows

Glazed doors and windows for bright environments with natural light

Traditional doors can be replaced with glass doors that allow light to pass through from outside or between the brightest and least bright rooms in the house. The glass is usually transparent or translucent if more privacy is desired.

If you are lucky enough to design your house, try to choose large windows that will make the environment brighter. It will also give the interiors a much more modern look.

For bright environments, paint with natural light

Bright room with natural and artificial light

Pallet sofas, ideas for comfortable and attractive seating

Light colors are best for small, poorly lit rooms. They reflect light and make the room appear spacious. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid warm and/or dark tones. The color white is the king for creating bright environments with natural light at home.

If you prefer a wall in a bolder or darker color, it is recommended NOT to place it in front of a window, but choose a different one. Use color in details to add accents and color.

The furniture looks brighter

Simple desk with light furniture

Low furniture in light tones is preferred, creating bright and spacious rooms as the space is enlarged at the height of the viewer.

It is important to distribute the furniture correctly, place the furniture according to the light sources, artificial light and also ensure that traffic flows in the home.

Matching fabrics and accessories

Bright environment

Although it is good that the fabrics can also be used in light colors, this offers the possibility of a Light-dark contrast to create or add a touch of color to the interior, as they are smaller surfaces that do not reflect too much light.

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