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Interior design of modern apartments 2025-2026The end of the year is the time to take stock and identify the new trends that have emerged in apartment interior design in 2025. The fashion trends formed this year will be relevant next year and will set the direction for the development of interior design. in the near future.

9 furnishing ideas for modern apartments 2025

In this article we will talk about modern ideas and new trends in the design of living spaces, fashionable styles and colors with a selection of photos of new products. Read, watch and be inspired!

1. Duo of wood and stoneInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The theme of ecology and closeness to nature is at the forefront of interior design for 2025. Therefore, it is not surprising that mainly natural materials or realistic artificial copies are chosen for the design of apartments.

An ultra-modern tandem for the living interior of an apartment in a metropolis is a duet of wood and stone. It will add aesthetic value and comfort to the atmosphere. And the accent walls cope with the role of the dominant interior in such a room. They can be decorated with eco-textured wallpaper or large-format stone-look ceramic tiles and are also equipped with LED contour lighting.

Accent walls decorate the TV area, become the perfect backdrop for a sofa decorated with decorative pillows and give the kitchen interior a unique charm.

2. New Japanese interior styleInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The list of popular apartment design trends 2025 includes a new Japandi interior style, the name of which combines two words: Japan and Scandi.

Hybrid of Japanese and ScandinavianInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

As the name suggests, it is a minimalist trend that combines the features of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Like other viable hybrids, the style is characterized by exceptional novelty and strength, rapidly gaining popularity.

Unfinished natural stone slabs imitating a cave wall, cast concrete furniture, hand-blown glass in the form of shades for ceiling lights, as well as traditional Japanese tableware and wabi-sabi decoration help create the appropriate atmosphere for the apartment in the spirit of Japandi.

At the same time, it is important that the interior is not overloaded with such details, because the distinctive features of Japandi are improved ergonomics, functionality and a philosophy of conscious consumption. And you can add pizzazz to the project thanks to a live-fire biofireplace.

3. Loft-style art roomsInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Copyright postersInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The statistics of our projects show that the loft style will regain its lost popularity in 2025. And this is not surprising, because unusual and charismatic loft interiors easily turn into stylish art spaces by complementing them with author’s art objects.

Designer decoration will make the interior of the loft apartment unique and emphasize the delicate taste of the owners. The most practical and creative options are large-format photo boards and posters with artistic editing.

They can be presented in a traditional form (frame, glass, strict baguette) or printed on canvas and then stretched on a stretcher. But you shouldn’t hang such works on the wall; it’s better to just put them on the floor or on a bench. This makes the atmosphere very fashionable and makes it possible to move art objects to another place if desired and change the interior.

bright designer furnitureInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Light-colored furniture also fits perfectly into the loft. It can be an unusually designed chair or a compact chest of drawers – in any case, the effect of the presence of one in the environment will be impressive. However, when choosing an accent, you need to take into account the style of the interior, the color scheme, the purpose of the room and, of course, the overall design concept.

Attic graffitiInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Another option for artistic decoration of the attic is graffiti on the decorative wall of the bedroom. The grunge texture of a mural applied to a light concrete wall works best with curved neon lighting, ceiling beams and aged wall paneling.

Creative chaos is also part of the freedom-loving, rebellious loft aesthetic. And so a squat bed, coolly coordinated bed linen, even in a casually disarming form, is perceived as part of the room design.

4. Textured backlit panelsInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The more complex the lighting, the more opportunities to create the right atmosphere in the room. The most popular for apartments is multi-level lighting with local lighting of functional areas.

In the bedroom, an LED strip is chosen for this purpose, which is suitable for embedding. Such lighting makes it possible to maximize the relief of the wall decoration or textured decorative panel. And when placed along the ceiling, it allows you to visually increase the space, emphasize the configuration of the room and support the design of a multi-story structure. And instead of table lamps, it is better to choose unusual pendants – they provide a pleasant dim light and leave the upper part of the bedside table free.

5. Open shelf dividersInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The open layout of the public part of the apartment has been relevant for more than one season, and an updated design technique will help to implement it correctly.

spatial zoningInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

To preserve air, volume and space, designers advise conditionally zoning the room with the help of furniture. This technique allows not only to visually isolate a part of the studio space, for example, the kitchen-dining area, but also to form functional segments as organically as possible.

In the apartment shown in the photo in the English Quarter residential complex, the guest area consists of three sofas and a carpet, the kitchen is separated by a high open bookcase and a glass console with a short circulation area made of metal frames

strong verticalInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

And in this large-scale project of a two-story apartment in the Moscow residential complex “Life Botanichesky Sad 2”, an open bookcase not only zones the kitchen and living room, but also leads from the ceiling between the floors as a vertical connection, paired with a designer chandelier on cables. On the shelves of the shelf you can place beautiful figurines and vases, volumes of your favorite books and elegantly framed posters.

6. Sophisticated dark grayInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Every few years the winds of fashion change, bringing us amazing color discoveries and seemingly familiar hues and palettes that take on new meaning.

Moon indigo colorInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

In 2025, a dark blue-grey with the romantic name “moon indigo” quickly found its way into the home world and captivated designers and customers with its unusual and mysterious beauty. This color is best suited for the design of men’s offices, but can also be found in the design of the kitchen and living room.

violet velvet toneInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Another variation of dark gray with a hint of purple is called “velvet purple.” This year our designers used it in the living rooms, kitchens and children’s rooms for teenagers.

A rich dark shade in the interior can be an accent wall and furniture, and lighter textiles and wall decorations with a beige or white background will help balance the palette.

7. Black and white graphicsInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

The monochrome interior in calm gray tones combines furnishing elements and looks stylish and modern. In such a room, a maximum of one or two accents of light are allowed, as if returning to the reality of the world of black and white cinema.

dark linesInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

To give expressiveness to monochrome, designers are recommended to use one of the most relevant decoration techniques – graphic black strokes. They can be in the form of track systems, in the form of spectacular accessories or wall decorations.

Furniture with black details is no less in demand: frames, legs, accessories. In contrast to the light gray or white surroundings, these elements look unusually impressive and make the interior graphic.

8. Bright whiteInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

In 2025, the white primer on walls and ceilings as well as the facades of kitchen furniture and built-in cupboards will remain relevant.

This approach has several advantages:

  • White expands space and improves local lighting;
  • white furniture in general, matching the walls, becomes almost invisible against their background;
  • Accent colors gain maximum juiciness.

Mirrored walls help further enhance the look of white. In the hallway, this technique completely compensates for the lack of light, and faceted mirrors that play with glare add a touch of luxury.

9. Some classicsInterior design of modern apartments 2025-2026

Neoclassical interiors always surprise with their lightness and aristocratic charm. Antique and artificially aged furniture blend in perfectly and create spaces with family history and the feeling of a stately home in urban apartments.

In the project pictured, our designers used rattan-backed patina-effect dining chairs, floral wooden tubs, vintage chandeliers and a grandmother’s closet. The result was very satisfactory for the owners of mature age, representatives of the target group of the neoclassical trend.

The company has its own design studio, where creative, creative and experienced specialists work, ready to create an original apartment design for you, taking into account the current trends of 2025. And to get a design project with a package of documentation techniques for repairs, order both the floor plan of the apartment and the turnkey repair at once for free.

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