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Kitchen with Sink by the Window – Design Trends and Placement Features

Owners of standard city apartments often think about the possibility of placing a sink by the window in their kitchen. On the one hand, an excellent view is opened before the hostess, on the other hand, such

Choosing Fashionable Curtains 2020 for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers, but the woman spends most of her time. Often, its fragile shoulders bear the task of arranging a cozy and beautiful kitchen so that each family member

Kitchen Interior in 2020 – Newest Trends in Design and Planning

It is not for nothing that the kitchen is considered the heart of the whole house: it is here that the whole family gathers and shares food at the table, all holidays and celebrations are celebrated here,

The Perfect Colors To Renovate Your Kitchen In 2020

This year the kitchen colors is full of nuances. There is one for each effect. White, brown, black and pink will be available, but there are more alternatives. Look for them here and learn to combine them.