Kitchen trends 2025: Innovations and ideas

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Discover new appliances, color trends and other kitchen trends for 2025 from Miele, Siemens, berbel and Co. in this article.

Kitchen trends 2025: Innovations and ideas

New yearnew kitchen. What are the kitchen trends 2025 and what new appliances can we look forward to this year? In this post we have selected all the important trends and ideas from Miele, Siemens, berbel and Co for the year 2025. Experience the kitchen of 2025 now.

Another important trend in 2025: saving energy. You can find the best energy-saving tips in the articles ” Saving energy with energy efficiency classes ” and ” Tips for saving electricity in the kitchen “.

General kitchen trends 2025

Before we go into detail, let’s first look at general kitchen trends for 2025. What are the color trends and material trends for 2025? What does the kitchen design look like?

All trends 2025 at a glance:

  • Colours: Earthy browns & dark green & dark blue
  • Material: natural stone, wood, metal surfaces
  • Design: Open & practical

Color trends

General kitchen trends 2025

As in the previous year, the colors remain light earth tones. Cream colors, a light beige, greige (a mixture of beige and gray) or a soft brown are popular. Like here in the kitchen example from BORA.

Dark colors are also popular in the kitchen again. Dark green and dark blue in particular will be found more frequently in kitchen furnishings in 2025. However, not tone-on-tone, but often as a complement to light nuances such as cream, white or light brown.

Cabinet trends

General kitchen trends 2025

The model of nature is also reflected in the choice of materials. Natural stone such as marble, granite or slate are among the cabinet trends. Like here in the kitchen example from Smeg.

In addition, we combine shiny metal surfaces in the kitchen 2025. Here we find steel, silver or brass as shimmering eye-catchers. For example as a kitchen handle or kitchen faucet.

Style & Design

General kitchen trends 2025

Trendy kitchen styles are above all minimalism (we reduce ourselves to the essentials, try zero waste and focus on sustainability and recycling), the industrial style (a casual factory style breaks away from expensive chic, as here in the example of Liebherr) and an idyllic country house style (reflects on classic values that ground us).

Kitchen furniture in 2025 will then be primarily modular and multifunctional. Practical shelves, niche systems and integrated dining tables are, for example, trendy furniture.

Oven Trends 2025

We start with individual device trends for the new year in the category cooking and baking. Ovens 2025 are smart and equipped with practical additional functions. Automatic programs ensure the best setting, the addition of steam ensures the best results.

All important innovations and trends for the oven at a glance.

Siemens iQ700 oven & Miele Smart Food ID: The camera in the cooking chamber

Oven Trends 2025

As early as 2022 we already had a heat-resistant camera in the oven with the Miele Foodview. In 2025, this monitoring will be even smarter with Smart Food ID. From now on, the oven camera sends high-resolution images from the baking room directly to social media.

Siemens has now also retrofitted and installed a camera in the iQ700 oven. The new Siemens oven from the studioLine also has a browning sensor and artificial intelligence, which makes baking a lot easier and more convenient.

Now it’s only a matter of time before other manufacturers follow suit and make the camera in the oven the standard.

Miele HydroClean: steam oven with self-cleaning

Oven Trends 2025

Another oven trend 2025 are steamers. Cooking with steam offers many advantages and this year we appreciate them even more. Above all, the “Steam cooking Plus” function is new, with which the combi-steam ovens come with extra power and prepare dishes even faster and even more gently with the addition of steam.

With the Miele DGC HydroClean steam oven, you no longer need to clean it by hand. With the mixture of HydroCleaner and water, the combi-steam oven automatically cleans itself, similar to an oven with pyrolysis.

Smeg: Galileo Omnichef & Multicooking

Oven Trends 2025

Smeg combi-steam ovens will achieve even better baking results in 2025 thanks to Galileo Omnichef and Multicooking technology. More than 150 automatic programs cook juicy pot roasts, casseroles and sourdough bread to perfection.

The style of the Smeg Dolce Stil Novo oven with Galileo Multicooking has particularly appealed to us. With its elegant copper strip, it fits perfectly with the 2025 kitchen trend in metallic style.

Cooktop trends 2025

Hobs 2025 enable flexible cooking and plenty of space – even for large cookware. Speaking of which, discover the right accessories for your hob here: Must Haves from Miele šŸ˜‰

Berbel Performance Panorama: Extra wide 90 cm hob

Cooktop trends 2025

The 90 cm berbel Performance Panorama cooktop offers an enormously large area for cooking. Our absolute highlight among the cooktop trends 2025.

Miele DiamondFinish: Extra hard induction hob

Cooktop trends 2025

As precious as a diamond and just as hard and scratch-resistant – new Miele induction hobs with DiamondFinish probably have the hardest surface on the market and are twice as hard as conventional glass-ceramic hobs.

V-ZUG CookTop V4000: extra flexible thanks to ZoneFlex

Cooktop trends 2025

The next cooktop trend for 2025 is extra flexible: the V-ZUG CookTop V4000 with ZoneFlex. ZoneFlex automatically detects pot size and position. If there is a large piece of cookware on the hob, the bridging function of the flex induction connects all by itself, without having to be adjusted separately. With the memory function, the pots and pans can then be moved around as you like, because the V-ZUG cooktop remembers the settings for the dishes and takes them over at the other place.

Extractor hood trends 2025

The extractor hood 2025 becomes invisible. It disappears unobtrusively in the cupboard, in the ceiling or the worktop. We show the trends for extractor hoods, downdraft extractors and cooktop extractors.

Siemens GlassdraftAir: Elegant glass table fan with invisible function

Extractor hood trends 2025

The elegant glass table ventilation GlassdraftAir from Siemens is as unobtrusive as a table ventilationĀ  can be. Thanks to the glass surface, you have a clear view while cooking. In addition, atmospheric light (which can also be adjusted in color) ensures chic eye-catchers. After cooking, the Siemens downdraft extractor moves unobtrusively back into its niche under the worktop.

Novy Phantom: Elegant design hood with eye-catcher guarantee

Extractor hood trends 2025

This Novy extractor hood is contrary to inconspicuousness. Novy Phantom is a real eye-catcher. Made of translucent glass, the design hood elegantly floats on the ceiling above the hob.

Miele KMDA Silence: Elegant cooktop extractor with quiet technology

Extractor hood trends 2025

Of course there will also be a new Miele KMDA in 2025. To be more precise, the KMDA 7272 and KMDA 7473 with an elegantly rounded cooktop extractor. On top of that, the engine of the new additions is particularly quiet (keyword Silence).

Dishwasher trends 2025

Let’s continue with dishwashers. Dishwashers 2025 are smart and pay attention to good water and energy consumption.

Miele Autodos dishwashers: Best energy consumption

Dishwasher trends 2025

The award in the category Best Energy Consumption 2025 definitely goes to the Miele AutoDos dishwasher. Almost all dishwashers in the G7000 series with Autodos have the best energy saving class, A. The dosing system itself has also been improved. For lightly soiled dishes, the amount of powder granules can be reduced in order to save on detergent. In addition, the PowerDisk container is now made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR). A granule made from recycled plastic.

Siemens iQ700 dishwasher: Optimum energy and water consumption

Dishwasher trends 2025

A Siemens iQ700 dishwasher also scores in terms of energy efficiency. Intelligent sensors adjust each flush cycle for optimal energy and water consumption. The dishwashers also have zeolite drying technology. Thanks to the natural material, moisture is optimally absorbed and released as heat energy. This also saves energy when washing dishes.

Bauknecht dishwasher: Very quiet operation

Dishwasher trends 2025

When it comes to kitchen appliances, noise naturally also plays a role. Bauknecht knows how to counteract this and will present us with very quiet dishwashers like the Bauknecht BCIO 3T341 in 2025. And of course these models are again economical in their use of energy and water.

Fridge trends 2025

Refrigerator trends 2025 are as diverse as our brands. We present three different ideas for interior technology, handling and looks.

Miele PerfectFresh Active: Fine water mist for more freshness

Fridge trends 2025

In 2025, Miele is offering innovative technology inside the fridge: To protect quality and vitamins, Miele has equipped the K 7000 and K 4000 fridges with a fine cold mist. This lies on the contents of the drawer and provides a certain freshness kick. Every time the door is opened and every 90 minutes, the Miele PerfectFresh Active sprays a fine mist from the water tank above directly into the fruit and vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

Siemens openAssist: Open the refrigerator with your voice

Fridge trends 2025

The Siemens studioLine 2025 refrigerators promise easy handling. The new Siemens refrigerator from the iQ700 series opens automatically without touching it. The “openAssist” function makes it possible. So if you have your hands full, you can open the fridge with just your voice. Of course, a smart connection to the home WLAN is necessary.

Smeg FAB Retro fridge: new special editions

Fridge trends 2025

Of course, our Italian design brand presents us with an absolute visual highlight in the 2025 kitchen. Smeg shows us once again how beautiful Italian design looks in the kitchen. New Smeg special editions are coming for the popular FAB Retro fridge in 2025. For example Smeg with Snoopy motif or Smeg x Veuve Clicquot.

Kitchen helper trends 2025: Warming drawers

Another kitchen trend for 2025: warming drawers. The small integrated kitchen drawer is primarily used to keep dishes and food warm. But can do a lot more. The trend devices 2025 in focus.

Siemens warming drawer: Smart controllable

Kitchen helper trends 2025

The new Siemens warming drawer can be controlled smartly via the Home Connect app. Timers and heating programs can be conveniently set via smartphone.

Gaggenau warming drawer: multifunctional kitchen helper

Kitchen helper trends 2025It gets even more special with the new Gaggenau warming drawer. It is a multifunctional kitchen helper and even offers cooking functions. At temperatures of up to 80 degrees, it can gently cook food effortlessly. For example a roast.

Other options include letting the dough rise, drying herbs and fruit, or preparing yoghurt.

Smart kitchen appliances & voice control

What do all appliances in the kitchen of 2025 have in common? You are smart. If you connect the kitchen appliances to the home WLAN, they can be conveniently controlled via smartphone or tablet. Voice control in the modern kitchen is also very trendy.

Smart Kitchen Dock: smart speakers for the kitchen 2025

Smart kitchen appliances

In 2025 there will be an intelligent smart speaker for the kitchen from Siemens and Neff. Smart Kitchen Dock is a display that resists grease, dirt and moisture. It is operated via voice and gesture and does not have to be touched at all for it to react. In the home screen, the Siemens Smart Kitchen Dock also acts as an interface for the entire smart home.


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