Kitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

Choosing a kitchen that matches the latest fashion trends is easy. In 2024, the trend is simplicity and practicality. Screaming colors and pretentiousness were replaced in designer tops by a strict style and muted shades of furniture. As decor, eco-friendly accents and geometric patterns have come into fashion. With a variety of trendy styles, colors and materials, you can choose from a wide range of stylish and trendy kitchens to match the latest kitchen trends 2024.

Kitchen trends 2024: Top stylesKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

At the peak of kitchen trends in 2024, styles that combine external simplicity and ergonomics: practical modern, strict neoclassical, discreet Scandinavian. Graceful simplicity, straight lines and pastel colors are back in fashion. It is not difficult to choose a comfortable and stylish kitchen in such a variety at the same time.

ModernKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

Modern style kitchen – a combination of laconic design and practicality of use. In large areas, the addition of a bar counter or an island becomes a fashionable solution, which can become both a dining area and a work surface with additional storage space. A separate level of chic will be the transfer of a sink or hob to the island and the installation of a hinged hood above it. This decision makes this part of the kitchen the logical center of the room and is considered one of the trends of 2024, although it may not be implemented in every home.

The area of the window sill in modern-style kitchens can be used both for placing accents and decor items, and for expanding the working area. The storage systems in these headsets are made as intuitive and modern as possible to access and use every centimeter of space.


Scandinavian style is one of the trends of 2024. A light, unobtrusive color scheme with predominant white, complemented by wooden elements, and accents of dirty, muted tones. One of the features of the Scandinavian style is the seeming slight negligence, “imperfection”. In the interior of the kitchen, this is very practical, because even a small mess created during cooking does not stand out from the interior.

The geometric pattern that can be traced throughout the interior is also a feature of the Scandinavian style. A repeating element can move from a kitchen set to a table, chairs or other pieces of furniture, and can be played up in decor. The Scandinavian style is based on simplicity and does not involve expensive decorations, while remaining concise and elegant at the same time.

MinimalismKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

The severity of the lines in the absence of unnecessary details is also in fashion in 2024. The task of minimalism is to create comfort in use with a minimum of elements in the design. Straight facades without relief, often devoid of handles, and the maximum amount of free space by saving space on the decor.

One of the important features of the layout of a fashionable kitchen in the style of minimalism is the right lighting, which visually expands the space even more. The installation of separate lighting fixtures for different areas of the kitchen is welcome, making work easier. As accents in a minimalist design, you can use an apron or one of the walls painted in a color that differs from the general range. Often darker built-in furniture is used to create contrast.

NeoclassicalKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

The combination of classic design with modern details and bright elements makes the kitchen look fresh and stylish. Supporting the 2024 fashion for practicality, neoclassical combines straight facades and characteristic relief of the classical style with modern and functional solutions: thoughtful storage systems, high-tech appliances.

Neoclassicism in 2024 is characterized by a single color scheme without bright knock-out details, materials that imitate natural, high-quality lighting that fills the space with a feeling of lightness and airiness. Accents of novelty in neoclassicism are usually functional: glass hobs, modern chrome faucets, appliances.

Kitchen design trends 2024: Popular colors

In 2024, muted colors have become the main trend in the design of the kitchen. Bright catchy shades went out of fashion, giving way to pastel colors in the interior. Designer trends are headed by gray, white, beige kitchens with light unobtrusive accents.

GrayKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

Shades of gray are one of the most popular options for stylish kitchen design in 2024. They go well with almost any of the trendy styles: restrained minimalism, strict neoclassicism, and functional modern style look noble in gray tones. A light gray kitchen feels comfortable to most people, regardless of taste, and the color itself pairs well with just about any trendy hue this year. Darker gray options give the kitchen an atmosphere of austerity and solidity, but are more suitable for spacious rooms.

BeigeKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

One of the trendy kitchen colors in 2024 is neutral beige, fading into gray. It is easily combined with pastel shades of other colors, making the kitchen lighter and lighter. Since beige goes well with any style except hi-tech, its use will be justified in any trendy kitchen in 2024.

The advantage of a beige kitchen is the comfortable and cozy atmosphere created by this color. In combination with diffused light, such a room evokes a feeling of peace and is well suited not only for cooking, but also for pleasant family gatherings at dinner.

 WoodyKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

Another trend this year is woody colors and wood imitation in kitchen furniture. Such elements are especially relevant for Scandinavian-style kitchens, where they are considered a standard addition to the interior. No less stylish details of the wood-colored facade look in strict minimalism, including as dominant colors.

Wood and its imitation in the interior of the kitchen supports the long-standing trend for natural materials and motifs in the manufacture of furniture. Therefore, adding such a countertop or part of the facade will not be superfluous when designing a fashionable modern kitchen. Eco-friendly decor, such as live plants, will help to beat it even more.

Black and WhiteKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

Black and white facades are a timeless solution. Such furniture looks spectacular in any interior and in any style, from minimalism to modern. By changing the ratios of these two colors, you can get completely different cuisines. With an increase in the number of white elements, the room becomes more spacious and light, and with an increase in the dark part of the facade, it becomes more strict and solid. Even a combination of white and black in equal proportions allows you to develop an original kitchen, including creating the desired space zoning.

Pastel shadesKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

The choice of kitchen colors in 2024 is not limited to gray and beige: fashionable furniture may well turn green, blue or pink. It is only important to choose muted pastel shades of these colors – they are at the peak of modern trends. Such furniture goes well with light walls, without overloading the space and visually leaving the kitchen spacious.

Headsets in pastel colors look good under both natural and artificial lighting. Well emphasizes their appearance diffused white light and additional LED lighting of individual areas.

Kitchen designs 2024: Materials and texturesKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

The choice of kitchen materials in 2024 is practically unlimited. Matte cabinet surfaces will look more preferable in a fashionable interior, so acrylic temporarily fades into the background. When choosing a material for a neoclassical kitchen, you will also have to abandon MDF, pasted over with plastic, in favor of other embossed ones characteristic of the neoclassical style. Among the trendy textures for kitchen cabinets in 2024, there are imitations of wood with straight fibers, both in natural colors and painted in non-standard shades.

When choosing a fashionable kitchen apron in 2024, you should pay attention to plain tiles without patterns. This kitchen detail can either emphasize the overall color scheme or become a bright contrasting accent that sets off the overall style. In addition, a stylish addition to countertops made of artificial and natural stone will be an apron made of the same material, which harmoniously complements the overall design and gives the kitchen an expensive, solid appearance. The uniformity of the backsplash and countertop is one of the trends that are gaining popularity in 2024.

2024 kitchen trends: Decor and detailsKitchen Design 2024: Newest Styles, Colors and trends for 2024

As a decor, transparent glass inserts illuminated from the inside will be a stylish solution. Large stained-glass surfaces can become a bright accent. Also in the trends of 2024 are matte gold fittings, which can be replaced with standard chrome to give the kitchen a special style.

As additional accents, you can use live indoor plants that will look appropriate in both modern or Scandinavian, and neoclassical styles. Chlorophytum will look interesting in modern interiors. In addition to a stylish appearance that complements the interior, the plant is unpretentious and has the ability to purify the air, which is useful in a room with a gas stove. A bright accent can be a decorative pepper, especially during the fruiting period, or sansevieria, which fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style.

When choosing a lighting option for the kitchen, it is worth considering that the trend in 2024 is its dispersal. The lonely central chandelier is a thing of the past, and additional spotlights, LED lighting for individual surfaces, decorative and functional lighting in storage areas have come into fashion. At the same time, it is very important that the central lighting is slightly diffused, but at the same time sufficient. Otherwise, in the evening, the kitchen will look dull and uncomfortable. The appearance of lighting fixtures is chosen depending on the overall style of the kitchen. Among the popular options are bar lamps and strict geometric shapes.

When choosing kitchen curtains, you should give preference to monochrome options that are close in color to the overall composition. For minimalistic designs, roll-on or roman pastel shades are suitable. It is better to refuse heavy dark canvases, with the exception of large rooms with bright artificial lighting.

In 2024, calm interiors with strict lines and low-key muted colors have gained popularity among designers. The trends include modern and Scandinavian styles, complemented by natural and artificial wood. It can be quite difficult to develop an actual design of kitchen furniture, taking into account the peculiarities of manufacturing, materials and fittings, so it is better to seek advice from professionals. Experts will help not only to choose fashionable solutions, but also help with their implementation in practice.

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