8 New Decoration Trends That Will Be In Your House In 2025

New trends house decoration 2020 When it comes to creating a mobile or accessory, everything counts: the material, the color, the function, the texture… and all these elements are driven by human behavior. This is how the new decorating trends are born: one particular behavior leads to another as an answer. In the show that gives the theme of this edition of Maison & Objet Paris, which takes place between 8 and 12 September, called Comfort Zone, for example, we can see how the moment that the world today lives directs creativity to more rounded forms with more tactile materials… In this regard, we have tried to identify the other trends that will remain or will strengthen in the coming months. Some of them you have already seen here on the website of Casa Vogue. Others arise for the first time. In one way or another, the ideas that follow are pure inspiration!

Pillows with embossingNew trends house decoration 2020

When it comes to creating a piece, it’s not just the look that counts. It must be remembered that touch is one of the most powerful senses in our relationship with the world. Therefore, fabrics appear that, in addition to leaving the house more beautiful, surprise with delicacy when betting on textures and reliefs, like the technique of the matelassĂȘ.

Iridescent ShineNew trends house decoration 2020

It has been a while since the magic of the iridescent glow has been taking on the world of design, so much so that we have even made a selection with our favorites and show that this is a decisive factor to adopt the trend of the Sereism. But what was seen at the Maison & Objet Paris 2024 brings a different character to the holographic look. In addition to appearing in materials that use current technologies – oxidized metals to present various colors were everywhere – he starts to appropriate traditional techniques and gains a craft aura. No matter whether it’s in plastic, glass or metal, designers are not afraid to shine!

Private GardenNew trends house decoration 2020

It is no mystery to anyone that plants have once again become the protagonists of home. The moment is of peace with nature and brought the concept of urban forest to our lives and took the green to the decoration of everyone, whether large or small – so much so that the color chosen by Pantone for 2024 was Greenery. To make the city gardener’s life easier and more cool, designers think of a multitude of elements full of charm and functionality. There are even those who can not have plants at home: they come as inspiration for shapes and motives.

Millennial PinkNew trends house decoration 2020

Pink, pink, pink! He emerged as Rose Quartz in 2016, was transmuted to Millennial Pink in 2024, gaining political status, and aims to push through the boundaries of the year by 2025 as the creative’s favorite color. Although many say that yellow is the new rose – and, in fact, the sun’s most prismatic color is springing up here and there – the reddish hue was a favorite among the exhibitors at Maison & Objet Paris. In addition to being current and cool, it works great with the palette of the time: the earthy tones.

Precious DishesNew trends house decoration 2020

As the theme of Maison & Objet Paris indicates, comfort is the ball of the time. Expressions like wellness and Hygge arise to try to explain our need for rituals that do well for our routine. The small actions of day to day, therefore, become very important, while people seek to have more manual contact with different elements and to create objects in the real sphere, not only in the virtual one. It is in the union of these two movements that arise collections of extremely elaborate, handcrafted tableware, valuing the beauty of wabi-sabi imperfection, with unexpected materials and daring shapes. The mealtime becomes ritual to maintain sanity in a world that brings such rapid change!

Rugs StatementNew trends house decoration 2020

The moment is not of the smooth, discreet carpets that use only one color or material. The evolution of the textile technology combined with the return of the valorization of manual techniques makes appear carpets that more resemble works of art than a decoration accessory. The wefts extrapolate the 2D dimension to create pieces with different volumes, heights and textures. The visual joins the tactile to bring a new experience.

Human framesNew trends house decoration 2020

You have seen in Casa Vogue that the natural and handcrafted wefts, like the use of rattan and wicker, are absolute trend in decoration. Revisiting traditional techniques is a strategy that many exhibitors at Maison & Objet Paris have adopted. Whether it’s rustic materials or a hi-tech look, you have to create it with your hands.

Velvet backNew trends house decoration 2020

The fabric that has been synonymous with exaggeration for a long time has returned to the limelight with its soft, luxurious visual touch. Velvet is a trend in decoration and has become Maison & Objet’s favorite floor covering for sofas and armchairs. Here, we show the most relevant ones.

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