Skylight Curtains 2024: 40 Trendy Options That Will Turn Any Interior

Curtains on the Skylights Choosing curtains on the ceiling windows is not easy, any model of the nearest shop will not work. Although it is not a necessity, the frameless textile design seems incomplete.

Curtains of linen on a skylightCurtains on the Skylights

Luxurious thick curtains of dark blue in the attic bedroomCurtains on the Skylights

Black and white curtains are light with a pattern on the skylightCurtains on the Skylights

Roman purple curtains in a small attic fusion-style bedroomCurtains on the Skylights

Roller blinds on the ceiling windows in a modern bedroomCurtains on the Skylights

Classic blinds and Roman blinds in a spacious bedroom of wooden house

What a niche

Maneuvers, like other windows – light source. Its specificity in a particular geometry of the walls in which it is erected. As such there are no window sills and flows. The opening system is different from the standard – between the panels is a pivotal connection which makes it easy to open the window.

It can be plastic or wood. The main criterion – high strength, sometimes arranged in a corner on the ground. A distinctive feature is the shape of windows, but they are not always square – can be round, oval, triangular, trapezoidal.Curtains on the Skylights

White Roman blinds small attic windowCurtains on the Skylights

Bedroom attic in the style of Provence with golden curtainsCurtains on the Skylights

Comfortable bedroom in rustic style with small light curtainsCurtains on the Skylights

Curtains on windows are model loft studio attic

Whatch out! Curtains for such windows are necessary, as they fall on a rooframp, which means that it receives 30-40% more sunlight than usual.

Given the nature of the windows, it should be noted that not all the cornices and curtains are suitable for its surroundings. Of course, there will be to forget the suges, complex combination. But despite this, there are a lot of design options.

Curtains on the Skylights Stylish and modern bathroom under a roof with large windows and 2-color curtains

Curtains on the Skylights Small curtains in the country style attic bathroom

Curtains on the Skylights A slanted ceiling window with olive curtains in a comfortable small bedroom

Curtains on the Skylights Roman blinds are black and rolled in a light attic room


  1. To create a frame for the original design you need to make an effort – you will have to be side by side, because the window and walls have a non-standard geometry.
  2. Curtains The attic design – the main decorative element that can transform the entire room and complement the overall design idea.
  3. If the frame on the slope, the traditional embodiment of curtains, even more than usual mount on the appropriate, functional additions are needed. In this case, it is installed from for 2 eaves: one at the top, on the second bend.
  4. When taking esthetics you must respect. Multi-layer drape is unlikely to be appropriate. After all, the task – to pick up accessories for windows, which will emphasize the beauty of the attic, not converted into a normal room.
  5. It should be light enough. Privacy of the attic – a lot of angles, they should be covered, and the curtains must not interfere with the penetration light.

Curtains on the Skylights Beautiful linen curtains hanging from the ceiling in the attic bedroom

Curtains on the Skylights Classic thick curtains in a small attic bedroom

Curtains on the Skylights Scandinavian-style bedroom with gray striped curtains

Curtains on the Skylights Roller blinds – ideal for baby room

Types of windows in the attic

Skiers require different designs for different options for blinds. Among them are the most famous:

  • Open the window on the basis of the ceiling. For such a comfortable solution would be curtains.
  • Corniche or facade – the usual rectangle box. The only difference – is the place of installation: the wall under the roof. Here is an area of imagination – you can choose any shade.
  • Windows transformers. Its design provides the ability to turn it into a balcony. It is not very common in that they have a high price.
  • Light Tunnel – This option is used if you can not make a normal window. Tunnel – a kind of pipe, one of the end that goes into the attic room, the second to the surface. The decor in the room – as an original pot.
  • Extension – Allow the window to perform any of the original form.
  • Less elements plus the main frame give more light to the room. They are the continuation of the attic.

When choosing a curtain design on the roof windows you need to take into account all the design features.

Curtains on the Skylights There are two windows in the classic attic roomCurtains on the Skylights

Curtains of bright light in the window facade in the wooden interiorCurtains on the Skylights

Windows transformer – is a suitable option for attic spaces

Curtains on the Skylights A curved window with corniche fitting and white curtains


Strict criteria for selecting a particular type of tissue are not. It all depends on which side of the windows is arranged, then what space is provided.

Whatch out! Maneuvers, regardless of their tendencies or move more light and heat.

For in sunny side you choose blackout curtains, they have good protection from sunlight. In such rooms will be excellent special foil reception using curtains that reflector element posted on the glass. This will provide the smallest heating space in the summer.

Curtains on the Skylights The dark curtains of taffeta on the window are front and windows are rolled in the opening of the roof

Curtains on the Skylights Curtains of bright linen in the Scandinavian bedroom

The texture also affects a variety of compositions that can be created on the window. Examples:

  1. Plain tulle and organza are easily fixed less cornish, with waves of flow making the room airy and light.
  2. Tight tissues need holes, which will secure them in the desired position.
  3. The cantilever curtains do not dispel decorative nails, because apart from the decor and create a coherent configuration they have a functional load – repair curtains at the desired location.

Hint! The solution in the spirit of the times provide electric curtains. This is especially useful if the curtains are on windows. Remote Control You can easily adjust the level of penetrating light in the room. Without these tricks is not necessary if you put windows on the ceiling.

Curtains on the Skylights The box is a very attractive option to pass smoothly from the upper wall, in conjunction with the blackout curtains, fixed by two eaves

Curtains on the Skylights Blue curtains on the grommet in the attic bedroom

Curtains and blinds

The optimal design for this window is open and in the attic blinds or shutters.


Curtains can be installed directly on the window frame or entrance. In order to prevent her dip bars being used. They are versatile, actually fit into any style. Fit them inward by choosing the optimal color or printing them.

Hint! The attraction is a combination of roller blinds in the attic window with a bevel of light air curtains or tulle. In addition to adjusting the flow of light this resolution can give the room warmth and elegance.

Curtains on the Skylights Sports and play area under the roof with roller blinds on the windows

The roller blinds can easily remove the dust. This will help vacuum cleaner and damp sponge. Longevity guarantee these curtains – care opening and closing mechanism, lubrication in time.


Blind help in protecting the room from intense light, if the window on the south side. They are dense and can completely block sunlight. Curtains can be as follows:

  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • cloth

The choice of options depends on the style of the room. Now manufacturers offer options with printed pattern or print.

Type of curtains – pleated blinds. These blinds are horizontal with a modulation, they are fixed folds before pleated of cloth. On the basis that they are fixed by ropes, which serve as a tool to open the closure. When you buy you should look for options specifically for the window ceiling. They have attachments, eagles controlled with a comfortable grip that simplifies the exploitation process. This incarnation has an attractive appearance.

Curtains on the Skylights Bright curtains in windows transformer in the interior attic

Curtains on the Skylights Pleated blinds with pattern on the ceiling windows

Ready – made garments

Textile curtains familiar, too, may be an option to decorate the window in the attic. This option is ideal if the opening is placed on the wall, although the suspension of these curtains if there is a little slope, is also possible.

Whatch out! Choose curtains for this room, so you should take materials that do not burn, as they will get the sun a lot.

To install these curtains you need 2 core, the best round, cornice. Decoration should not be limited – accurate brush picks up, the variety of stones will be appropriate.

In the usual window curtain decorations its advantages, which is:

  1. The opportunity to design all the windows in the house in the same style
  2. Elegance and diversity
  3. Large variety of colors and textures
  4. Minimum financial and time costs

Curtains on the Skylights Thick curtains of dark color on the panoramic windows in the interior of the bunk

Curtains on the Skylights Classic interiors with colorful curtains

Roman blinds

The thing is to put the ceiling windows, located in the corner. These curtains will bring authenticity and elegance to the room. Additional bars on the sides of the mounting eliminates the other cornice. Roman blinds seal tightly on the window.


  • Opening and closing blinds can be a single movement.
  • Take care of them easily.
  • The room ventilation is comfortable. These curtains are not so confused when the wind is strong.

Curtains on the Skylights The attic bathroom is bright with Roman blinds on the small screen

Curtains on the Skylights Roman blinds – a good choice for a small attic bedroom

Dedicated to lovers of simplicity

Whether the whole house or just a room for attic made in its simplicity style, you can dispense with curtains. Of course, the world will be very large, the bedroom there is unlikely to be processed, but formulated in the general style. Such a solution has its advantages. For example, you can enjoy the view of the window all the time. No dust on curtains and curtains, because they do not do it.

Necessary accessories

You will not be able to hang curtains in the loft without additional accessories. Buffers and friezes – this is the minimum required, especially if the window on the wall in the tilt. They need to look at the blinds organically. What exactly to choose depends on the type of fabric and stylistic interior fullness.

Curtains on the Skylights Blackout curtains with nails on the ceiling windows

Curtains on the Skylights Curtains light on the attic window in the ceiling fastened with two cornices

Curtains on the windows Roof: Window decoration irregular shaped

An unusual window shape in the attic seems appropriate, as elsewhere in another room. But when it comes to choosing curtains, the question of how to choose them, is puzzled. There are several options to make any shape.


This model of the rarest in the attic, although it is known since the Middle Ages. This window gives any room hill and grace. The best solution – blinds, which are connected in the middle of the opening, or with a slight “overlap” overlap. On both sides are necessarily the necessary catch-up. It seems unusual to arrange symmetrical and different style owners.

Curtains on the Skylights Children’s room in attic room with arched window and curtains with booty

Curtains on the Skylights A curved window with blackout curtains in the eastern interior


The most convenient is to hang the curtains on the sloping edge. In this case, the web is the most fixed, you can adjust the lighting, keep the suspension curtain or not. Very light in this room is not, and this design is not for all styles of the interior, because it contains large-scale fabrics.

Curtains on the Skylights Another option – some small eaves set “steps”. Each need a separate shade.

Angular window with Roman blinds embodies using 3 eaves set “Steps”

Curtains on the Skylights Interior wooden bedroom under the roof with sloping windows and classic curtains


The blinds on the triple roof windows (see picture) We can choose a variety of interest in particular unable to issue an opening if the frame – equilateral triangle. Options:

  1. Two symmetrical eaves. In the same fabric curtains when closed intersect, creating an interesting effect both at home and abroad.
  2. Cornices from a angle. If the frame is triangular, it is located next to a sloping wall. Then one corniche located in the familiar location of the mosque – under the roof, the second on the triangle bevel.
  3. A Corniche. It is mounted on one of the edges of the triangle. In order to fulfill its function curtains, on the other side of the opening mounted suspension. Attractive curtains will look attractive assembly, it is in a closed shape at the bottom.

Curtains on the Skylights A huge triangular window on the wall with classic curtains gives the interior a special luxury


Surprisingly, but to choose curtains for attic windows is easier, because it organically looks either of the two curtains standard options. The only thing that when closed they will not emphasize the original shape of the window.


The contents of the open ceiling window – the problem are not the easiest; it is up to the process with creativity and imagination, to make the unique decoration of windows is very real. The market is full of unusual variants of blinds.

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