Popular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Color in the interior of any room is an important criterion that creates an atmosphere. The trend palettes of 2024 are strikingly different from what has been suggested before. Pastel, soft shades were supplanted by a combination of warm, scorching tones and cold colors. This material contains the main color trends proposed by popular trendsetters. Each company has a huge impact on the aesthetic preferences of the masses and determines the main paint color trends 2024.


WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) is considered one of the world leaders in forecasting popular trends and trends. The company’s recent release is its own Color color scheme, which is already recognized as a worthy competitor to the legendary Pantone. The Color palette consists of an impressive list of colors with unique seven-digit numerical codes. In 2024, WGSN considers the following colors to be the most trendy.

BUTTER CREAMPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

A versatile soft cream shade with subtle sun-yellow blotches that perfectly accompanies cold and warm tones.

ORCHIDPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

The magenta tone has some property with the color already present in the Behr palette in 2021 called “Fuchsia”. A distinctive feature is glimpses of a soft pink hue. Color has a strong energy in combination with sensuality and tenderness. It is positive, bright and looks great on any textures.

OLIVE OILPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

A soothing and relaxing pale green tone with a silvery yellowish undertone, especially favored by designers. This shade is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms.

MANGO SORBETPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Despite the juicy, warming brightness, this yellow-orange shade does not cause irritation. Color experts recommend accenting with mango sorbet for an extra boost of energy and strength. It is good to use it in offices, living rooms and kitchens.

ATLANTIC BLUEPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

The color of the Atlantic is a very deep, watery and serene shade that perfectly combines light and dark blue. Designers use it in high-tech, loft and neoclassical styles. The tone perfectly conveys the depth of space, is combined with different textures and can be an excellent background for using other combinations.

NATURAL BROWNPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

The tone perfectly conveys the warmth of tree bark, earthy coolness and confident notes of dark chocolate. It is used as a base color for flooring, textile accessories and furniture. Pairs well with buttercream, olive oil and atlantic blue.

GREEN QUARTZPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Green quartz has become a trendy shade for ECO style lovers and those who appreciate the coolness of tropical forests. The dark green tone shimmers, conveying the depth and energy of nature. It can be used as a background, diluted with decorative and interior elements made of natural materials.

ORANGE DAHLIAPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

The orange dahlia is slightly milder than the mango sorbet, but that doesn’t diminish its intensity. The shade harmoniously conveys the flames in the splendor of the August sunset, soft tones and diffused color overflows. It is very positive and energetic, can be used as an accent or main tone in rooms where any work is being done.

MILITARY GOLDPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Military gold is an interesting shade with a harmonious combination of darkened precious metal and khaki notes. The color is great for accessories. Easily used as a basis for creating compositional accents. It harmonizes well with olive oil, natural brown and Atlantic blue.

PINK CHARLOTTEPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Previously considered too naive and childish, a rich and chilly pink shade is now at the peak of popularity. It is used by designers around the world, looks great on expressive textures, is present as accents in the interiors of bedrooms and living rooms. Help: The Color palette is universal to use. With it, you can update your wardrobe, accessories, interior and furniture. Trendy solutions will help create a bright, fashionable image of a person and a house.


The company has been supplying the American and world construction market with interior and exterior paints for over 70 years. The brand has great authority and can create its own color trends, which are very popular with designers in 2024.

According to Behr, the main color of 2024 is Breezeway (“transition”) or Sea Glass Green (“sea glass”), combining pale bluish-green hues with ringing crystal blotches. It feels like a breath of fresh sea air, a constant unobtrusive breeze, symbolizing the transition from the physical to the higher. Designers advise to combine the shade with gray, white and natural wood color. In addition to sea glass, the company’s experts have identified 19 more shades that can be divided into groups.

NEUTRALPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Neutrals are great as primary colors that evenly fill a space. The Behr fashion palette is represented by:

  • white whisper – a soft, relaxing shade of white, allowing you to get rid of problems and enjoy peace;
  • lunar surface – cold gray with silvery tints, perfectly frames the spaces of offices and living rooms;
  • nightingale – similar to the wing of a bird of prey, soft and deep gray;
  • the perfect penny is a bright brown that fades into ceramic;
  • wild mustang – a harmonious combination of brown and cold gray;
  • ground pepper – black with an unexpressed gray undertone.

LIGHTPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Light shades are able to create smooth contrast in the interior, without sharp transitions and attacks. Harmoniously combined with brighter shades. The Behr palette is represented by the following colors:

  • burnt brick – fits perfectly into the country and farmhouse interior, is an unsaturated combination of brown and orange shades;
  • etched glass – gray with blue made in a watercolor manner;
  • processed clay – dried in the sun, clay of a natural light brown tone;
  • corn stalk – light yellow shade of low saturation;
  • wave crest – cold blue, diluted with a green undertone;
  • after the rain – dusty – blue without additional accents;
  • linden – harmonious and natural brown;
  • laurel – a calm combination of gray and green shades;
  • persistent – a cross between khaki and traditional olive.

SATURATEDPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Saturated and deep tones are used to create an accent, attract the eye of the observer, become a point of attraction in the interior. The Behr palette includes:

  • shade explorer – bright color of the sea wave, illuminated by the sun;
  • dark cobalt – blue smoothly turning into purple;
  • lingonberry punch – the tone of a berry drink, bright and appetizing;
  • abyss – deep blue combined with green, absorbing attention and bewitching look.

Reference: The Behr palette reflects the idea: My home is my castle. Each shade creates a sense of security and comfort. Natural natural accents make you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of serenity, envelop in a haze of calm and warmth.


Pantone is considered to be the leader in fashion transsets. The company’s palettes never disappoint and are a go-to dessert for designers all over the world. In 2024, the company presented a range of 19 shades that are already used for interior design. The most important and harmonious palettes are presented below.

NOSTALGIAPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: The company’s experts were inspired by the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s when creating this color scheme. All shades have absorbed the rebellious spirit of that time, perfectly convey the optimism and energy of the era. Mostly warm earthy tones modernized by blending with beiges, natural greens, soft whites and hints of burnt orange.

The palette is presented:

  • the shade of the baby’s breath is soft and innocent white;
  • sheepskin – harmonious brown;
  • olive branch – natural green with a pastel shade;
  • orange ocher – positive brick orange.

Y2KPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: The abbreviation reflects the whole era of the 1990s and early 2000s with a sharp explosion in the popularity of the Internet, globalization and the availability of information.

The concept of the Y2K palette is based on a mixture of technical innovations from the beginning of the millennium and current pop culture trends. Primary colors include:

  • purple rose – pale fuchsia, balancing between coldness, neutrality and brightness;
  • pink aurora – a shade that accurately conveys the color of chewing gum;
  • ibiza – technological blue, clean and energetic;
  • after midnight black – the most immersive black.

ZENPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: The concept of the palette was a reliable reflection of the culture of the East – minimalism and attention to detail, simplicity, relevance of each item. The color scheme is dominated by natural shades, spiced with imperfections, like the handicrafts of ancient masters. The Pantone palette includes the following natural and neutral color combinations:

  • green lily – a watercolor mixture of green and air blue;
  • olive branch – a shade borrowed from the nostalgia palette;
  • pale perfection – a color that reflects the grandeur of ancient sculptures;
  • the inkwell is a velvety black, great for framing details and geometry.

SOUTHWESTERN DESERTPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: The conceptual feature of the palette is the transfer of the warmth of the desert, the magic of orange, which encourages you to create, enjoy life, and enjoy heartfelt experiences. A harmonious combination of the magic of natural desert landscapes, ethnic patterns, textures of leather and wood, heavy fabrics and white accents created a new unique color scheme from Pantone. Among the main shades can be distinguished:

  • tomato paste – terracotta orange, reminiscent of desert ridges at sunset;
  • winery – burgundy color of old wine;
  • radiant yellow – a warm shade that warms at midday;
  • soybeans – a color that harmoniously combines gray and beige, plunging into peace and bliss.

MEDITERRANEAN HOLIDAYSPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: The main task of the company’s experts when creating this palette was the embodiment of the warm, southern atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast. Cool Scandinavian minimalism has been replaced with an affectionate and catchy spirit of Italy. An abundance of light and air, natural fabrics, traditional ornaments, tiles, handmade tiles were combined to create a new and cozy color scheme. Its main shades are:

  • daylily – a combination of warm yellow with orange;
  • olive branch;
  • clear sky – cloudless and bright blue;
  • sea glass – a watercolor mix of green and matte blue.

IN A COCOONPopular Paint Colors In Interior Decoration 2024

Reference: A new positive understanding of life in a cocoon was embodied by specialists with the help of light, warm and feminine shades. The atmosphere of maternal care, the use of curved lines, tactile materials, combined in the interiors of safe and autonomous homes. The dwellings of the future have become like an ecosystem, where each component functions in harmony with the whole. To express this idea, the following shades were used, partly taken from previous color schemes:

  • child’s breathing
  • purple rose;
  • pale perfection;
  • perfect gray – stable gray, without overflows.

Every company that introduced their palette trends in 2024 is an expert in the field. Professionals should be trusted, because the color in the interior is not only a way to convey an idea, visualize the mood, but also a solid guideline that determines our well-being at a particular moment. A harmonious combination of the previously indicated shades gives a wide scope for creativity, allows you to create an interior that conveys a new time, in which it is comfortable to be.

2024 interior color trends2024 interior color trends

The new year brings new color trends. In the color trends of the new season, designers and architects will discover many opportunities for implementation. 2024 interior color trends are not only neutral and calm shades, but also rich energetic solutions. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Mint color

To some, this shade may resemble the Tiffani color and they are indeed similar, but not identical. Tiffani is blue with green added. It is compared with cold shades of ice and rock crystal. Mint is a shade of green bordering on blue, it is a spring morning coolness or a summer refreshing Mojito cocktail. In the interior, the mint color may seem too bright and not everyone is ready for such bold experiments. However, it is pleasing to the eye, so the interior will not press, but rather give a sense of security and soothe.

Mint will be appropriate in the nursery. A gentle and feminine room will be for a girl, but for a boy it will be fresh and soothing. Mint color can be combined with peach, apricot, lemon, pink, shades of blue. Increasingly, mint is used as a bright accent for the kitchen. Harmonizes with white and gray. Mint-colored decor and furniture will give the design softness and cheerfulness, and will also look advantageous against the backdrop of minimalism.


Waterspout (waterspout) – refreshing blue characterizing the refreshing weather of the autumn-winter season. This color is quite close to pastel shades, so it can be used both as the basis for a design solution and for placing accents. Waterspout in the living room and bedroom will fill the space with romance. Another useful ability of blue is to visually enlarge the space, so choose this color for small rooms. It goes well with neutral colors of gray, white, black, as well as with different shades of blue and green.

Polar night

Another shade of blue has taken its place in the top colors 2023 – this is Polar Night (polar night). Dark blue is inspired by space, mysticism and mystery.

In general, shades of blue are constantly used in the interior, because many pleasant associations are associated with it: sky, sea wave, water. Psychologists also note the positive effect of color on the nervous system – blue gives a feeling of inner balance.

You need to use the Polar Night shade in a dosed way, then it will look elegant and unobtrusive. A win-win combination of Polar Night with white, it will emphasize the full depth of dark blue. This classic combination is perfect for the bedroom.

A living room or dining room in a combination of dark blue and calm gray will set you up for relaxation, and in combination with warm, light brown shades, it will give a feeling of comfort. A bright explosion is guaranteed if you combine warm yellows with blue. For example, Samoan Sun and Polar Night are an energizing duo.

Samoan Sun

By the way, Samoan Sun (Samoan sun) is another trendy color of the year. From the very name already breathes warmth. A gentle, soft, sunny shade can be the main one in the interior, because it balances on the verge of saturated and pastel.

If the goal is to create a discreet interior with bright accents, then we combine white and Samoan Sun. The harmony of these color solutions will be emphasized by pieces of furniture made of wood or glass.

Paired with Samoan Sun “works” gray and black. The yellow and black combination is a popular idea for the kitchen or bathroom.

Chiseled Stone

As for neutral colors, an unbreakable and cold gray called Chiseled Stone (chiseled stone) will be popular. Not too bright and not too light. The perfect background color that doesn’t draw attention.

Gray has two poles of perception. The first is harmony and peace. The second is depression and cold. Luckily, pairing gray with other colors can create the mood you need. Traditional trio: gray + white + black = reserved mood. The use of such colors is inherent in the creation of a minimalist interior. This combination is often found in the design solutions of the bathroom, kitchen and teenager’s room.

The interior looks more “alive” when gray is mixed with rich colors.

Bright accents in the form of curtains, textiles and decorative elements add warmth and good mood to the space.

The shade of Chiseled Stone can be combined with almost any texture. Metal and glass details, accessories made of mirrors or crystal will literally make the room shine. An interesting combination of Chiseled Stone with rough and unfinished materials such as wood, stone or brick.

Caramel Cafe

Intense brown is associated with confectionery, so Caramel Cafe is an interesting solution not only for private interiors, but also a useful find for cafe design.

Caramel Cafe is paired with grey, white, khaki and blue. Combines well with wood and metal. Caramel is a rather expressive color in itself, so it looks more advantageous on individual interior items.

Follow the trends, experiment and create your perfect color schemes.

2024 paint colors2024 paint colors

Although there are a few weeks left for the beginning of next year, we are ahead of ourselves and we present to you what are the 2024 trends in paint colors for walls.

Warm neutral tones and earth tones are one of them. So are bold, sunny hues and bright colors. Whether you’re looking for a new painting project or not, open the doors of your home and renew your walls with these 2024 paint color trends recommended by professional painters.


Very bold, this color leaves you out of the comfort zone. Its vibrant red-orange hue can add a burst of energy to the walls of a living room or dining room, or basically anywhere you need a funky color.

Ideal for walls is one of the favorite trends for this 2024.


Yellow is another 2024 color trend. Vibrant, Fun is a great option for anyone looking to break tradition with their design choices. Ideal for a living room or kitchen, it includes small orange ones that make it much more attractive. It can be included in a kitchen, dining room and even in a bedroom.


Another 2024 color for walls is green. This tone is inspired by nature. Designed to be energizing yet grounded, its impact on a space depends entirely on how the room is designed.

Opt for more neutral and natural textures, and the color becomes a serene background, like a calming body of water. You can also enhance the richness of this color with some luxurious elements, such as gold accents.


Inspired by the continuing trend towards warmer neutrals, the earth color is also known for being a perfect balance between bright white and soft white. Without a doubt, it creates great versatility of use.

If you’re looking for a more toned-down approach, try neutralizing the tone with earthy tones, like soft browns and natural materials. Ideal for all types of rooms.


Blue is another of the 2024 paint color trends. It is an elegant, sober color. Imagine the walls of a bathroom painted with this color. It would be like having an ocean inside your bathroom.

Blue gets along very well with white and with another range of neutrals, so it is very easy to combine it.


Deep black with purple undertones is another of the 2024 wall colors. Nostalgic, cinematic, it blends perfectly with ultra-modern interiors. Use this color on the walls of a room and the result will be incredible.

You can also introduce it as an accent on a door or in an important design piece of furniture.


Ivory color never goes out of style. It goes with everything, is elegant and illuminates spaces very well. This 2024, ivory is presented in a softer and more neutral version. It is inspired by nature and turns the rooms into remarkable sources of relaxation, do you like it?

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