Latest Bedroom Beds Trends 2024

Bedroom Beds Trends 2024 With a large headboard, floating in the air, multifunctional – we tell you which beds are in trend in 2024 and will definitely decorate the interior of a bedroom or nursery.

In the adult and children’s bedroom, the bed takes center stage. Often the whole design is built around it, and bedding or a bright headboard can play the role of a full-fledged decor and accent elements. In this article, we will show current photos of beautiful beds 2024, and also tell you which models and colors are currently in trend.

The most fashionable beds for bedroom trends 2024

There are several hot trends for the next few years. Consider them and show the current photos of the beds in the interior.

Soft bedBedroom Beds Trends 2024

A bed with a soft frame and a headboard is now one of the most trendy models.There are several reasons for this popularity.:

  • The design looks impressive and at the same time elegant, and also fits into any style, whether it be minimalism, loft or classic.
  • Soft textures make the room more comfortable, create a relaxed atmosphere for sleeping and relaxing.
  • A layer of filler will protect against injury in case of accidental impact on the bed. This is especially true for a child’s room.
  • You can find relatively inexpensive models.

The main disadvantage of soft beds is impracticality. Fabric surfaces collect dust and are more difficult to clean. The right materials help solve this problem. Choose fabrics with special dirt and dust repellent impregnations, also pay attention to eco-leather.

Rounded shapesBedroom Beds Trends 2024

Smooth, rounded silhouettes are one of the main trends of 2024. Design strives for softness, the environment should be comfortable, especially where we sleep.

First of all, this applies to furniture, since usually it is she who creates straight lines and sharp corners in space. The new opposite trend can be in two variations:

  • Round bed. A bold, spectacular and even extravagant solution, which, however, has a significant drawback – it is more difficult to fit such a form into the interior, it will not be possible to fit it into a very small room because you need a supply of free space. You will also need a round mattress, which is not as easy to find as a standard one.
  • Rounded corners classic rectangular shape. Enhance the effect of a soft headboard or the entire frame. This bed can be either double or single.

If you want to make a round bed, pay attention to models without a headboard. They will give additional freedom: you can arrange in space as you like. Children will especially like this opportunity.

Large headboardBedroom Beds Trends 2024

One of the most striking visual trends is large, sometimes even grotesque forms, deliberately out of proportion to the overall scale.

Hence the popularity of beds with an enlarged headboard.It may be:

  • Stretched up, reach the ceiling. In this case, as a rule, soft models are used.
  • The entire length of the wall – if the headboard is made of wood or MDF, shelves are equipped in it to replace the bedside tables.
  • Just enlarged. Soft or hard, smooth or decorated – depending on the overall style.

If you like not only to sleep, but also to read or work in bed, choose a high back with soft filler and fabric upholstery. Also remember that a large headboard, even if it is made in a neutral color and laconic design, will already attract attention. Emphasize this accent and do not interrupt with other bright or curly details – let the eye naturally be drawn to an unusual sleeping place.

MultifunctionalityBedroom Beds Trends 2024

Modern design should be, first of all, functional. And even better, if one piece of furniture can solve several problems at once.

In the wake of this trend furniture brands are creating more and more multifunctional models:

  • With built-in bedside shelves, drawers, consoles.
  • With independent halves that can be adjusted back (for example, one person sleeps while the other reads or works while sitting).
  • Full-fledged transformers with a lifting mechanism – when the bed turns into a wardrobe, sofa, rack, workplace, couch, etc.
  • With drawers, shoe racks and other storage systems underneath.

Transformable furniture costs more than standard furniture, but in small apartments such an investment definitely makes sense, as it saves space and allows you to use the usable area much more efficiently.

Levitation effectBedroom Beds Trends 2024

Now the effect of a floating bed is very popular, when the bed does not seem to be on the floor, but is in the air.

The secret is simple: instead of standard legs at the corners, the frame is attached to the base, which, as a rule, is located in the middle of the base. Due to the fact that it is not visible, it seems that the whole product is suspended in the air. Often, LED lighting is made around the perimeter: these can be recessed lamps or ordinary self-adhesive LED tape.

There is another approach, when the structure is suspended from the ceiling on strong ropes or chains. But in this case, it is important to make sure that the floors are strong enough to support the weight of the furniture along with the people.

In the photo, such a modern bed looks very impressive, but this is not the only plus. Any suspended structures simplify cleaning  – washing floors or vacuuming will be much more convenient. But storage under a floating bed is usually not equipped, and such models cost more than standard ones.

MinimalismBedroom Beds Trends 2024

Another sustainable trend is comfortable minimalism. It is expressed both in everyday habits and in the design itself, which strives for simplicity and purity of lines.

In the bedroom, a minimalist interior helps to relax, calm thoughts and not be distracted by a large number of details. To support this style choose a bed:

  • Laconic form, with a straight or rounded headboard in one line.
  • Without decorative elements, carvings, carriage ties on the back.
  • Made from high quality environmentally friendly materials.
  • With a soft or hard frame – in this case, it can be anything.

Complement your bed with tactilely pleasant linen made of natural fabrics in soothing natural tones, the same simple furniture and local lighting.

Bed-podiumBedroom Beds Trends 2024

A sleeping place on a hill not only looks unusual, but also convenient from a functional point of view.

First of all, placement on the podium helps to zone the space without vertical partitions or piers. This is especially true if the bedroom is not isolated, but located in a studio, combined with a living room or office. But even in a separate room, in this way you can distinguish between a place to sleep and, for example, a recreation area, a sports area or a workplace. The same is in the nursery: a child’s room always combines several functions, so zoning is very important here.

Another advantage of this design is additional storage space. In the cavity under the podium, you can organize drawers and put bedding, textiles, out-of-season clothes, shoes, etc. there.

Trendy bed colors 2024

The color of the bed depends on many factors: the size of the room, the overall palette, the preferences of the residents, the style. There are two main approaches to choosing a shade.

Neutral paletteBedroom Beds Trends 2024

Now the trend is neutral interiors in calm natural colors. Most often – monochrome or built on a combination of 2-3 colors close to each other. Furniture in this case is selected to match the finish. In order not to merge with the walls, it should be a little darker or lighter. Neutral colors  are a safe choice as they will definitely not go out of style. It remains only to choose the one that fits into the overall palette.

Suitable for bed:

  • Any shades of gray – warm and cold, light and dark.
  • Beige, especially in combination with the natural texture of wood.
  • Coffee, chocolate, wood brown, mahogany, wenge.
  • Black or white.

Bed as an accentBedroom Beds Trends 2024

In the rest room, most often they make a discreet, calm finish and complement it with bright accents.

One of them can be a sleeping place – the central element of the interior, and this can be safely emphasized. Among the rich colors pay attention to fashionable colors this year:

  • Any deep variations of blue – indigo, stormy skies, ocean water.
  • Wine, pomegranate, raspberry, brick.
  • Natural shades of green – from emerald to olive.
  • Bold and showy periwinkle.
  • Mango, lemon, sunny yellow.

If you are not sure that you will not get bored with large bright furniture, choose a cabinet in a neutral shade of gray, beige or brown. And add color with the help of bed linen and decorative textiles : bedspreads, blankets, pillows. It can be updated at any time, and changing pillowcases and sheets is much easier than the upholstery of an entire bed.

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