12 new trends for sofas in 2025


Are you thinking of changing the sofa? These are the sofa trends for 2025; Leather, velvet, curved, modular…

A good sofa must above all be comfortable, but also adapt to the space available, respond to your needs, think about bed models and create a living room like something out of a magazine. Since they are usually a large investment and last (almost) a lifetime, it is necessary that the “chosen one” is your ideal design. If you are thinking of renewing yours, find out about the trends for 2025. There are models for every taste and style.

1. VelvetNew trends for sofas 2025

Although it is not the best option for a home with children, velvet is still the king of current homes that embrace it without prejudice and integrate it into both modern and classic environments. Pleasant to the touch, appetizing and elegant, it is worn primarily in colors such as pink, plum or green (one of the trend colors). Swyft’s Model 02 (in Cuckooland) is also eco-friendly inside, as it is made from materials from well-managed forests or recycled sources and has a near-zero carbon footprint.

2. Very, very comfortableNew trends for sofas 2025

We’ve said it before. We want a nice sofa, but also a model where we can spend Sunday afternoon sitting or lying down and watching the afternoon. Morten Georgsen’s Bergamo (BoConcept) is perfect for this purpose, combining exceptional comfort with elegant aesthetics. In addition, its Nordic style never goes out of style and goes well with different styles, even in “cocooning” mode if you accompany it well.

3. Modular and versatileNew trends for sofas 2025

Modular models are as functional as they are timeless, with the ability to respond to your needs and adapt to the available space. Think of them like a puzzle and create the combination you like best. The Savoye (in Cult) is as comfortable as it gets. Spacious and generous, it’s perfect for watching TV, reading or napping on the weekend. Don’t be put off by its white color, it has removable covers so it can be easily washed.

4. Bold and originalNew trends for sofas 2025

The interior design of this 2025 needs a certain amount of courage to help us create optimistic spaces where we can recharge our batteries. The Cocoon sofa designed by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois fits very well into this current that, without losing elegance, believes that a piece of furniture can contribute to our happiness. Its combination of velvet (another must-have of the season) with Kenzo Takada fabric with yellow accents immediately wins us over, as do its feather and foam cushions or its pine and fir structure.

5. LeatherNew trends for sofas 2025

Leather sofas are a real decoration rollercoaster, once they become the favorites of designers and decorators, they become dethroned kings of the living room and fade into the background. The passion for the natural has meant that they have all the voices for success this year and that the brands have not forgotten them. Of course we are talking about natural leather, artificial leather is not an option, and in bright colors, like Fritz Hansen’s Lissoni. By the way, even though we are fans, we don’t think of a “Chester” guy.

6. CornerSofa trends 2025

It is one of the classics that continues to hold a place of honor in living room decoration season after season. Suitable for both XL and XS rooms, it favors social life and is perfect for a large family as it has plenty of seating (there are models with seven seats). The Banak Importa Delta stands out for its comfort as its seats are made of highly resistant foam. In addition, since it is completely removable, it is very easy to always have it like new. Remember that due to its dimensions, it is better to choose it in a neutral color that does not attract too much attention. If you were convinced straight away, there is now a 50% discount.

7. With a nomadic spiritSofa trends 2025

Ideal for second homes or houses for young couples without children. Click by Sancal is the sofa that you always want to have close at hand, even in the corner of an XL living room, because it is as versatile as it is attractive and, despite its lightness, it is extremely comfortable. Modular, as the name suggests, it is assembled with a simple “click” and is “flat-pack”, which reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

8. In size XLSofa trends 2025

The perfect option for living rooms without space problems, where the sofa is undoubtedly the king of the house. With generously proportioned seats offering a high level of comfort, Gregory, designed by Antonio Citterio for Flexform, features an original metal frame with elastic leather straps and soft cushions. An aesthetic solution that you can have in leather or fabric in a variety of colors. In gray it will always be a perfect joker.

9. Flirty and XSSofa trends 2025

Small but strong. Designed by Space Copenhagen, the &Tradition loafer has everything you need to succeed in the modern home. It has an ideal size (150 x 75 cm) that allows it to fit in spaces of a few meters and other spaces, its wood comes from sustainable forestry and its red color gives it a touch of vitality without losing elegance . An option that is difficult to resist.

10. With relaxation systemSofa trends 2025

The time we have spent at home has made us aware, if we have not already thought about it, of the importance of the sofa in our daily well-being. For this reason, the designs for this 2025 are committed to comfort and incorporate relaxation systems that make us not want to leave them, not even go to bed. This is done with the Natuzzi Amorevole, whose technology has three independent electrical mechanisms that allow you to adjust the position of the seat, backrest, footrest and headrest to your liking. In addition, it has a built-in USB port so you can charge your phone without leaving the sofa.

11. With curved shapesSofa trends 2025

The curved lines are the great protagonists of the decoration of 2025. They soften the environment and reduce symmetry. The “daring” trend prevails in both main pieces and accessories, creating relaxed and charming environments. The Paula sofa from Sofa Company is a real joy. A good option in living rooms of a few meters or in large bedrooms, its voluminous style and color invite you to rest.

12. ImagesSofa trends 2025

The tyranny of plain upholstery is over. Due to the dimensions, fabrics without motifs are usually chosen, which are visually lighter, and pillows or blankets are used to add color accents and “decoration”. This year, however, stripes, checks and even flowers are taking over the fabrics of these pieces, showing that when used well they can be a great option. The Parker Knoll Canterbury in Ecru Check is equal parts warmth and style. We see it in a country house but also gives a “British” touch to a modern living room.

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