Meaningful wall design: Decorating walls individually with photo wallpapers

Whether it’s a romantic sunset, the New York skyline or modern graphic decor – photo wallpapers can be used to create walls that are particularly meaningful and individual. Each of us has our own passions, which can be perfectly brought to the walls with photo wallpaper. Nowadays, the special wall clothes impress with their high-resolution look, brilliant color and image quality as well as a wide range of multi-faceted themes and subjects, with the right motif for everyone. The higher the quality of the picture wallpaper, the better the chosen motif comes into its own, allowing insights into a wide variety of areas around the world.

Photo wallpaper turns your home into an individual oasis of well-being

Photo wallpaper mountains and sunset in the living room

Right now we are spending a lot of time at home. It is therefore all the more important that we feel particularly comfortable in our four walls and make them particularly attractive. Photo wallpapers are a great way to express our individuality and, if necessary, to simply enjoy the places we long for at home. With a photo wallpaper with your own motif, you can even top off your individualism and capture the most beautiful snapshots of your own life on your walls.

Wall Mural Mountains fog with sepia filter

However, numerous manufacturers already offer a range of high-quality photo wallpapers in extensive collections that can be used to create particularly individual walls. The high quality of the 3D wallpapers often makes the motifs appear close enough to touch and very realistic, while the landscape photos in particular create a spacious impression and convey openness. The right wall dress is perfect right now to enjoy a little freedom!

Photo wallpapers with a nature motif: the classic among photo wallpapers

Photo wallpaper nature grasses green for hallway

Enjoying nature within your own four walls – that’s no problem with a photo wallpaper with a nature motif. Each of us longs for a time out to breathe deeply and relax. Whether it’s a romantic landscape, close-up of flowers and leaves or a photo wallpaper with an animal motif – the natural wall coverings exude a certain harmony and ensure contemplative moments. Thanks to the wide variety of motifs, the picture wallpapers can be combined in a modern and trendy as well as classic or unusual way and can be used for a wide variety of living concepts. The renowned wallpaper manufacturer AS Création, for example, offers high-quality photo wallpapers with breathtakingly beautiful motifs to dream away and feel good in the multi-faceted Designwalls collection.

Aim high with living trends: photo wallpapers with mountains

Wall Mural Mountains Alps and snow

When it comes to photo wallpaper with a landscape, alpine designs are becoming increasingly popular. The often very idyllic motifs seem almost euphoric due to the monumental charm of the rock giants and convey a certain significance and sensitivity. The spectacular mountain backdrops often only form the background of romantic natural scenes. From lakes in which the last evening is reflected, to mountain peaks that seem to be packed in cotton wool, to the fiery red canyon in the American national park, we find breathtaking photographs in the gigantic photo wallpapers with mountains. If you like it a little more homely, photo wallpapers with Alps exude an idyllic and rustic charm, which the designers also like to interpret in a very modern way.

Experience the botanical living trend in a new way with photo wallpapers

Photo wallpaper banana leaves tropical jungle feeling

In our own four walls we are proving our green fingers more and more. Especially in trendy living styles such as boho or ethnic chic, the natural materials and exotic home accessories that dominate here are often combined with green palm trees and plants such as monsteras, large cacti or banana palms. If you want to perfect the exotic jungle look, you can use a photo wallpaper with a rainforest motif or palm trees and create a botanical feel-good atmosphere. Of course, in the rich world of botanical photo wallpapers, not only photo wallpapers with a jungle motif await us, but also summer flower meadows, close-ups of water lilies, carnations and tulips as well as numerous tree designs for a harmonious ambience. The nature photo wallpapers provide a natural finish, but still set modern accents thanks to the often very strong color palette.

Maritime photo wallpapers for the sea in your own four walls!

Photo wallpaper maritime with lighthouse and sunset

The maritime furnishing style is also very popular thanks to the delicate nuances, the use of natural materials and the association of summer, sea and beach. A photo wallpaper with a beach, lighthouse or gently sloping dunes conveys a feeling of calm and balance. The sound of the waves, the sand between your toes, a fresh sea breeze around your nose and sea salt on your tongue – thanks to the realistic designs, you will feel like you’ve been transported back to your last summer holiday on the Baltic or North Sea. Those who prefer warmer climes are of course more likely to opt for a photo wallpaper with crystal-clear, turquoise water, white sandy beaches, hammocks and palm trees. Paradise flair guaranteed!

Photo wallpapers with animal motifs for an individual animal wall design

Photo wallpaper black and white elephant for the modern living room

If you like it a little more lively, a photo wallpaper with an animal motif is perfect for a few wild, playful or majestic accents. Because we all know that animals like to be given human attributes and therefore convey a special symbolism on a picture wallpaper. From the inhabitants of the savannah to friends from colder climes, the animals like to present themselves in front of breathtaking backdrops and natural spectacles, thus combining two motifs at the same time. If you want something a little more meaningful, you’ll get your money’s worth with a high-quality photo wallpaper that, for example, captures animals during fights or races. These snapshots allow us to experience the beauty of Mother Earth anew every day.

Live wild: majestic photo wallpapers with animal motifs

Wall Mural Beach with grasses and a white horse

Majestic animals such as elephants, lions or giraffes are particularly popular with photo wallpapers with animal motifs. With these special wall outfits you can easily bring your favorite animal home and at the same time benefit from the breathtaking effect of the majestic animals. Freedom and autonomy – that’s what photo wallpapers with horses galloping on the beach with their manes blowing promise, for example. Power and strength – that’s what a photo wallpaper with a lion stands for. And if you lack a certain amount of imagination here, you will be thrilled by a photo wallpaper with a unicorn, which is, after all, an animal – albeit an imaginary one.

With these photo wallpapers you can experience the urban jungle at home

photo wallpaper skyline new york colorful

In addition to the numerous picture wallpapers with motifs from nature, urban motifs also often find a place in our four walls. The absolute classic here is of course the photo wallpaper with a skyline, which is ideal for modern interiors and a few youthful and fresh accents. The trendy wall clothes are also very popular in the kitchen and convey a feeling of space and openness. In addition, the modern wall outfits often depict the places we long for. Many of us have always wanted to experience the “Big Apple” live. With a photo wallpaper with New York and other places you long for, the dream is kept active and you can enjoy a piece of New York in your own four walls.

Explore the world’s metropolises with photo wallpapers

Photo wallpaper Eiffel Tower pink perfect for Parisian vintage style

No matter whether Milan, Paris or New York – with a photo wallpaper with a city motif you can bring your absolute dream place straight into your home. You always want exactly what you don’t have right now. That’s why we like to dream of going to other places to simply take a break from the hectic everyday life. Nevertheless, home is usually the nicest place. Therefore, with a photo wallpaper featuring the world’s greatest metropolises, you can skillfully combine your home with your dream cities. Every city has its own flair and pace, which is also reflected in the 3D wallpapers. Enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower with a fresh croissant, discover the historic streets of Madrid or let yourself be captivated by the hustle and bustle of rush hour in New York. Fans of Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg can also bring their favorite city home with a photo wallpaper.

The photo wallpaper trend 2020: material looks & graphic designs

Photo wallpaper concrete look gray for the modern living room combined with accessories in rose gold

With the photo wallpapers you will not only find high-resolution photos of spectacular natural spectacles as well as urban sceneries. Graphic designs and material looks in particular are becoming increasingly popular, as they are particularly suitable for very contemporary room concepts and individual living styles. To create a natural ambience, perhaps in a country house style or shabby chic, a photo wallpaper with a wood look or natural stone look is suitable. With picture wallpapers you can recreate the atmosphere of a mountain hut or a farmhouse very authentically. What shouldn’t be missing here, of course, is the concrete look. This has become an integral part of interior design and should not be missing, especially in the trendy industrial style or minimalist, Nordic interior.

Graphic photo wallpapers: the design highlight for your four walls

photo wallpaper graphic pattern zigzag gray white youth room

Additional graphic patterns are also often used, especially with photo wallpapers with a concrete look. In particular, unusual 3D designs in urban style, pixel optics and textile interpretations are suitable for a very special spatial experience. So it’s no surprise that seemingly contradictory designs are often brought together in an unusually aesthetic way, as in the Atelier 47 collection by AS Création. Floral wallpapers in digital form, geometric designs of colorful animals on a concrete background, humorous interpretations of animals, comic-like designs, hatched sketches and caricatures as well as a number of geometric and three-dimensional decors are just some of the diverse photo wallpapers in a graphic style that can be used individually.

Photo wallpapers: artistic wall design made easy

photo wallpaper old paintings

At the moment we are spending more time at home. Therefore, our four walls at home should be designed particularly tastefully and comfortably so that we feel completely comfortable. In addition to wallpapering feel-good places and dream landscapes, there are also very artistic photo wallpapers that invite you to dream away and sometimes score points with their surreality. An impressionistic style in the style of Monet or Desgas conveys an airy, light and relaxed image, while photo wallpapers reminiscent of oil paintings promise a certain sensuality and sophistication. The special picture wallpapers are ideal for creating neo-baroque living styles and give every room that certain something extra. The designer duo Walls by Patel, for example, impresses with their numerous artistic and modernly interpreted photo wallpapers in the style of old oil paintings and still lifes.

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