Rattan chairs in the dining room: How to bring holiday flair into your own four walls!

Rattan chairs for dining room colonial style furnishing ideas

Bring holiday flair into your own four walls – rattan chairs in the dining room create a relaxed and comfortable ambience. The material is extremely durable, easy to care for and can easily be used in both modern and vintage interiors. Its appealing, warm look and pleasant feel are very similar to the natural material wood. But rattan has a decisive advantage – the material can be woven. This creates charming motifs that decorate the backrests and seats of the chairs. Whether made entirely of rattan or in combination with wood and metal – the dining room furniture scores with a timelessly elegant look.

Rattan chairs in the dining room – an overview of the material

Rattan chairs for dining room wooden table solid pendant lights rope

The term “rattan” is derived from the Malay word “rotan”. This refers to the reed palm that grows in the rainforests of South Asia and can reach a maximum height of an astonishing 100 meters. Although parts of the tree resemble bamboo, the rattan wood is not hollow, but solid – and yet it still scores points with its low weight. Originally the wood was obtained from the forests, today the material is supplied from plantations. The different tree parts can be made into furniture, baskets and carpet coasters. In particular, the precious wood Manau with its diameter of 6cm and a consistent thickness is used. A stable furniture frame is usually built from its trunk parts; long strips or tubes are cut out from the sprout surface, which can later be interwoven into chair seats, backrests and lampshades.

Rattan chairs for dining room black tropical wood frame

Depending on the processing technique, the braided material is divided into two groups: the shell is removed or retained. Wicker cane belongs to the first group; it is processed and braided by machines. This creates uniform weaves that are used for the mass production of furniture. Its advantages – it is easy to work with and can be given a variety of glazes. The second group consists of unpeeled material. It is particularly valued for its natural look. Since the shell is water-repellent, such pieces of furniture are well suited for outdoor use. If untreated, they can only withstand rain and snow to a limited extent – to prevent discoloration, they are provided with a protective layer of special glazes.

Rattan chairs in the dining room – an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the material

Rattan chairs for dining room yellow dining table top ideas

Rattan furniture has been enjoying growing popularity recently – it is not only a beautiful addition to the garden, but is also increasingly being used as an accent in the interior. Anyone who decides to use natural material should find out about its advantages and disadvantages in advance. We have summarized the most important pros and cons for you. Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • The material comes from plantations where it grows back in just 5 years – this is practically the most environmentally friendly alternative to both exotic and native woods.
  • Rattan furniture is light in weight – very practical if you are about to renovate, move or want to redesign the room.
  • At the same time, they impress with their robustness and, if cared for properly, have a long shelf life.
  • Using various weaving techniques, numerous patterns are created that transform every piece of furniture into a real work of art.
  • Rattan with a shell can only be processed by hand – this means that every chair, armchair and basket is unique.

Rattan chairs for dining room solid table wood handwoven carpet modern country house style

However, the natural material also has some significant disadvantages:

  • If left untreated, it is extremely sensitive – the strong rays of the sun can make it brittle, and water leaves dark brown or gray spots. In addition, you cannot treat the furniture yourself – it is made weatherproof by the manufacturer.
  • Rattan furniture can be dyed, but buyers cannot do this themselves at home. That’s why when buying, always make sure that the color of the chairs matches the furnishings.
  • Rattan can be combined with metal if the two materials are separated by wooden details.
  • Rattan chairs cost more on average than some wooden alternatives. The reasons for this are due to the complex manual work and the laborious processing process.

Rattan dining chairs – what do you need to consider when buying?

Rattan chairs for dining room maritime living style furnishings white blue

High-quality rattan furniture can be recognized primarily by its manufacturing – it is tightly woven and there are hardly any cracks on the surface. The protective varnish is made from natural raw materials and is applied evenly to the surface. There are no discolorations or stains that indicate poor storage. All edges are rounded. The wood does not look brittle upon closer inspection. And the seller is well versed in the origins of his goods and can provide detailed advice about production, glazes and further care.

Small differences in the color nuances, as well as individual hairline cracks on the surface, are not flaws, but simply contribute to the undisputed charm of the furniture.

rattan chairs dining room industrial living style

At the same time, you should adhere to other basic rules when purchasing. Carefully measure the available space in advance and ask the shop for advice on the number of chairs. Use an online planner to get a better idea of ​​how much space the furniture will take up. If the dining table has metal legs, they should not touch the chairs.

When buying the rattan chairs, don’t forget to choose suitable seat cushions – otherwise they will sit quite uncomfortable on the hard chair.

Rattan chairs in the dining room: proper care guarantees their longevity

Rattan chairs dining room wooden table colonial style

As with all natural materials, the rule of thumb applies to rattan – proper care is important. You should take the manufacturer’s instructions into account. Unless otherwise noted, you can wipe the chairs with a soft cloth. Stains can be cleaned with soapy water – after that you need to rinse the surface thoroughly and do not allow it to dry in direct sunlight. Do not use wax or care oils unless specified by the manufacturer – these can damage the protective layer.

Buying chairs made of real or PE rattan: the comparison

Rattan chairs dining room wood table top metal frame

Not only chairs made of real rattan are sold on the market. The PE alternative is made from plastic. Here are the differences between the two materials:

  • PE rattan furniture can be visually distinguished from real rattan.
  • PE rattan furniture is exclusively mass produced, therefore cheaper. Real rattan furniture is handmade and costs more.
  • Artificial rattan is extremely easy to care for, does not discolor and can easily withstand wind, rain and frost.
  • Real rattan furniture is sensitive to water and must also be sealed with a protective varnish.
  • Areas of use for artificial rattan – the material looks particularly good on the balcony and in the garden.
  • Areas of use for real rattan – in the interior.

Rattan chairs in the dining room – a nice addition to any dining area

Rattan chairs dining room corner sofa white table

Rattan chairs can be presented in many different ways – their attractive wicker work automatically attracts attention. Both as statement pieces and as part of the ensemble, they quickly become a real highlight in the room. The all-rounder simply fits harmoniously into any living style.

Exotic touch: rattan chairs as an accent in the Scandinavian interior

Rattan chairs dining room corner sofa green sky blue Hamptons style

The Scandinavian dining room presents itself with simple shapes and a subtle, reserved color concept. But what looks elegant at first glance can quickly seem boring. This is where the rattan chairs come to the rescue – they set accents at the table and add an exotic touch to the interior.

Rural charm: French country house style furnishings 

Rattan chairs dining room round table dark mahogany wood sky blue chest of drawers

Four rattan chairs together with a wooden table in French country house style form a charming ensemble. The dining area creates a transition between the adjacent country kitchen and the terrace.

Simple but chic: create a purist dining room

Rattan chairs dining room dining table metal legs paintings vases

Rattan chairs in the dining room have a new, simple look – clear lines, sculptural design and an attractive dark color transform the pieces of furniture into real works of art.

Minimalism redefined: rattan chairs in the dining room

Rattan chairs dining room dark wooden frame wickerwork backrest

A sophisticated version of the rattan chair can also be found in minimalist rooms – the combination between the woven backrests and the solid wooden frame adds the finishing touch to the dining room.

Hamptons living style made easy

Rattan chairs dining room modern country house style dining table linen fabric chair cover

The maritime living style brings a holiday flair into the apartment or house. But the trendy Hamptons living style takes the concept to a higher level – the armchairs made of rattan and the table made of recycled wood form an attractive material duo. At the same time, the neutral color scheme looks homely and inviting. So nothing stands in the way of pleasant evenings with friends!

Rattan chairs dining room wooden table glass lamp bench

Rattan furniture is very popular – its attractive look, easy care and pleasant feel are just some of the reasons why the pieces of furniture always find their place in the interior. Anyone who chooses this can look forward to an environmentally friendly alternative to other local and exotic types of wood. Braiders in Asia specialize in producing elaborate models – unlike other materials, real rattan can only be worked by hand. This means that practically all chairs made from natural material are unique. High-quality manufacturing can be recognized by the rounded edges, dense weave and color without discoloration. As far as care is concerned, the rattan chairs in the dining room are undemanding – dust can be wiped off with a cloth, stains can be removed with soapy water. They are particularly valued for their long durability and robustness. A major disadvantage is the fact that the furniture can only be coated with special glazes.

Rattan chairs dining room pendant light large white parquet

Real rattan and PE rattan are very similar; the materials have nothing in common. The plastic alternative is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use, while the exotic wood is only partially weatherproof and is therefore more suitable for indoor use.

rattan chairs dining room pendant lights carpet

Rattan chairs are real all-round talents – in the USA they particularly cut a fine figure in charming country house interiors. In South America, interior designers are presenting an exciting mix of minimalism and a country house look. In Asia, purist interiors are being spiced up. And in Europe, the all-rounders decorate French country kitchens or Mediterranean furnishings.

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