Modern Curtains Trends 2025

modern curtain trends 2020

Any hostess knows that you can drastically change interior simply by changing curtains. Like other home textiles, they are responsible for providing comfort and, at the same time, they are an important component of room decoration. About 2025 modern curtains in future season, read this magazine issue.

Modern curtains 2025: main trends

Main trend, which must meet modern 2025 curtains? Ensure maximum comfort. This means that simple designs are in fashion, which do not need to be done for hours, and then afraid to move, so as not to break curtain symmetry. Several flyers and fliers have disappeared.

These options are appropriate only if you have chosen a Chebbi-chic or Provence style bedroom or living room design. However, even in this case, decoration should be quite modest. You must choose design that does not make windows heavier and provide sufficient room lighting.modern curtain trends 2020

Modern curtains 2025: color

Experts point out that in the next season minimalism will be in trend. This means that top colors in which fashionable curtains can be made 2025 will be headed by white. It can be present in different shades, from white like snow to cream and pearl.

By the way, curtains for Scandinavian super-vintage design must be made in white.

White translucent cotton curtains are also the only possible solution for Loft design. This style does not imply the use of window textiles. However, in some cases, completely abandoning curtains is not possible.modern curtain trends 2020

For state interiors in historical styles, it is recommended to choose modern 2025 curtains in beige tones and in light brown tones.

Pay attention to green and, above all, to its aqua color tone. In future season, it will be in peak demand.modern curtain trends 2020

Modern curtains 2025: Styles

These cyan curtains are suitable for interiors with more different style. In particular, they are allowed to dilute strict austerity of the minimalist design. They are also suitable for fashionable neoclassical style. In addition, in this last case, translucent tulle can be used for its confection, as well as expensive velvet or satin with pattern in the form of floral ornament.

In terms of high-tech design, these 2025 modern curtains are better for ordering cloth with metallic luster of damp asphalt color.modern curtain trends 2020

Modern curtains 2025: types

Those who are interested in which 2025 modern curtains will be more relevant, it will be useful to know that in the future season there is no need to limit only to classic sliding or stationary options. In trend there are more original designs that will be the highlight of any interior. Invented many centuries ago, they have not lost their relevance on this day.

By the way, classic can sound a new way. In particular, some designers offer to change the order of hanging curtains.

This means that you can hang thick fabric curtains and cover them with translucent tulle curtains.

What is the trick of this option? Fact is, in this case, simpler fabrics can be used as curtains. Decorative function will be fully covered curtains. They must be extremely elegant, with embroidery or beautiful drawing.modern curtain trends 2020

Japanese curtains

It can be recommended to fans of minimalism who pay attention to modern Japanese type 2025 curtains.

They are canvas on a rigid frame with a width of no more than 1 meter. They look like light screens and move in a horizontal direction, opening or closing the window, like closet doors.

These curtains are ideal choice for ethnic Japanese style interiors. Usually, they are sewn from lightweight natural fabrics without a pattern. However, it is acceptable to use variants with image of cranes, sakura branches and other symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun.modern curtain trends 2020

Roman curtains

This window design, invented by inhabitants of ancient Rome, falls into the category of flat curtains. Modern curtains 2025 with this design, according to fabric design, can be used to create interior in variety of styles. They are suitable for minimalism, for Mediterranean and for loft design.

These curtains are made of dense, monophonic cloth or with a pattern doubled in width (fold is on top). At equal distances, Roman blinds canvas is sewn to the full width. As a result, narrow horizontal bags are formed for special slats. Curtain top with curve is fixed in special eave with lifting mechanism.

Originally look Roman shades with triangle on bottom. If we are talking about interior in one of historical styles, then you can sew exuberant brush.modern curtain trends 2020


Modern 2025 curtains can be decorated in other ways. For example, next season will be extremely relevant options with hourglass silhouette. They are recommended to hang in quantity of several pieces (depending on the window size) on top of light colored curtains. When using design of this type, tackle plays important role. They can be not only woven, but also metal. For example, for interior in neoclassical style with ancient features, perfect solution would be to decorate elements with raised panels.modern curtain trends 2020

Italian curtains

Among new solutions can be attributed, and 2025 stationary modern curtains Italian style. Such curtains do not move. In order to let more sunlight into the room, they grow left and right and are fixed with claws. At the same time, unlike the design in other styles, they are placed closer to the track. Curtains of the Italian type are ideal for arched windows. In addition, sometimes, grip curtains are mechanism that consists of braids and rings, which is mounted on wrong side of fabric curtains.modern curtain trends 2020

Curtain Cafe

Cafe curtains design is far from new. However, as is known, everything new is well forgotten. Modern 2025 curtains with such a cut are suitable for kitchen or bathroom design. They come in several forms. In the future season, again, preference should be given to models in the form of an hourglass. They can be fixed only on top, or both from above and from below.modern curtain trends 2020

In the latter case, a cord is created in the center of the curtain, in which the bar is fastened, which is fixed to the frame. If curtains are smoothed, they become kind of screens that reliably protect those in the room from prying eyes.

Curtain Trends 2025

Curtain Trends 2020

Curtains and blinds can change the face of an environment – a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, or a bathroom. Regardless, these elements not only bring more beauty to the space, but are also viewed as decorative objects.

Curtains or blinds can offer more comfort and charm to the room, especially due to the variety of styles and fabrics available. But what are the trends for these items in 2025? Are there forecasts for next year?

Decoration with Curtains and Blinds 2025

Undoubtedly, the choice of curtains and blinds for a given environment must take into consideration the interior style, that is, the decoration of the space as a whole. Because they have the ability to “shake” the room and reinvent it, you need to have common sense before opting for a curtain and / or blind.

It is easier to highlight how the curtains and blinds will look according to the type of environment rather than focusing on their own style, as each environment ends up requiring some different aspect of curtain and / or blind! Thus, it is recommended to research the curtains in the room, checking which one is good to put, whether in your small room, that matches the environment.

Kitchen Curtains Ideas

For kitchens, the trend will be in the lightest possible shades so that the material allows the best possible entry of natural light.

When the space does not have a defined style orientation, the most suitable curtains are light translucent curtains that do not have decorative details and complex shapes.

Anyway, the trends for 2025 for the kitchen are silk curtains, velvet, brocade and muslin.

Living Room Curtains

For the living room, the trend will be divided into two strands: the first is through wide curtains of translucent fabric of different shades, while the other will be with denser curtains that may have decorative elements.

The interweaving of various shades and textures of fabrics will offer a range of curtains and blinds for 2025. The most sought after styles next year will be classic, Roman, French, Japanese and Austrian.

Bedroom Curtain Designs

For the bedroom, the trend is likely to be dense curtains in combination with weightless tulle, as the focus here is to focus on the best fabric and color.

The greatest care in this case is to avoid bright colors as they cause restlessness. In a sleep-friendly environment, cool colors are ideal.

Of styles, the most sought after for the rooms will be the Japanese blinds, the Roman and the roller blinds. Everything should be thought of according to the decoration of the room, as well as the very color scheme that the environment contains.

Another model that can match is a voile curtain, especially if the right foot matches the commonly used curtain models. You can keep track of those that are best for the environment at the time of purchase.

Color Trends For Curtains & Blinds 2025

Neutral colors do not lose their popularity in 2025. Beige, sand, cream and gray, for example, will still remain in their high positions and will take their prominent place in curtains and various other interior decoration elements.

However, what can be confirmed for next year is the glory of blue. Whatever its variation, blue will be present in the curtains and blinds and may be the favorite tone of many people when decorating the home, after all this color conveys nothing more than the tranquility and well-being we seek so much when we are at home, isn’t it?

But of course it cannot be said that by 2025 the curtains will also acquire those curious shades of green, violet, red and earthy tones. They all match their own color trend for interior decoration next year, so whatever you choose: know it’s all right!

See color tips and prints to get you right in 2025:

  • Green patterned curtains for rustic environments;
  • Blue, brown and white striped curtains;
  • Curtains with gradient effect of white, burgundy and dark blue;
  • Orange curtains;
  • Wide striped curtains in ivory and blue;
  • Graphite curtains;
  • Curtains with vertical stripes (type of curtain that causes the sensation of amplitude and can be excellent option for small environments);
  • Floral pattern curtains;
  • Neutral shades like gray for environments that already have bright colors on other items.

Remember that it is your room, the curtain is chosen according to your personality, be it a Roman curtain, which is a great request for the room curtain to be highlighted, if you wish.

The curtain rod itself (which is responsible for supporting the fabric) can be a highlight in the decoration. This item can be found in various materials, such as solid wood, aluminum, steel, among others. Looking for the one that suits a similar room and its curtain, it’s a good way to tidy up your dining room.

It is also worth mentioning the banana straw shutter that will bring a natural touch to a contemporary style environment, mainly for 2025 to strongly embrace nature. Another example is the wooden blind with a combination of silk curtains to give the room a cozy feel without losing its natural light.

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