Popular Kitchen Curtains 2025

kitchen curtain trends 2020 The kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers, but the woman spends most of her time. Often, its fragile shoulders bear the task of arranging a cozy and beautiful kitchen so that each family member feels comfortable here. Curtains in the kitchen are not the last element of the decor, able to bring something new or completely change the space.

What fashionable curtains designers offer us in the next, year 2025 – we will examine the fabric, pattern, styles in this article.

Features of the choice of curtains on the kitchen in 2025

Fashion is a capricious lady. What was popular last year often loses its relevance in the new season. And given that the interior design does not change so often, the choice of each element must be approached deliberately.kitchen curtain trends 2020

Eminent designers recommend adhering to the following rules that will apply in any situation, taking into account:

  • Dimensions of the room. As usual, in the kitchen of a small size light curtains will become relevant, in more spacious rooms you can use bright and dark colors.
  • Illumination – take into account both natural and artificial lighting.
  • The style of the room. Do not neglect this rule. For example, Roman curtains in a classic kitchen would be out of place, just like curtains with frills in a loft interior.
  • Take into account the color of the walls and kitchen fronts.
  • When decorating a window that opens onto a balcony, do not use heavy multi-level curtains, which will take even lighter.
  • In small kitchens, the most current models will be short curtains or Roman curtains up to the window sill, leaving the possibility of using the maximum space under the window.kitchen curtain trends 2020

Fashionable curtains in 2025

Classic drapes, falling and flowing, will always be out of competition. In this case, you have to think only about the color and type of fabric.

But still, designers recommend not to be limited to simple models, but to decorate the window with the following types suitable for the kitchen:

  • They represent straight canvases, when opened, they fold up like an accordion. Suitable for interiors in the style of a loft, Scandinavian minimalism or any modern.
  • Japanese panels. Straight fabric cloths of the same width, moving apart to the sides, not gathering in the folds. Also a great option for modern styles. It is possible to use both light, translucent materials, and more dense ones, as well as to combine fabrics of different texture, density and pattern.
  • French Cascading canvases gathering across the entire width, with an abundance of ruffles and quilling. Most often, such models are chosen for classic interiors or Provence style, as they create a romantic atmosphere.
  • They combine Roman and French – in the closed state these are direct canvases, in the open – luxurious textured curtains that will adorn the classical interior.
  • Yarn (kiseya). Hanging flowing threads are suitable mainly for the kitchen, as they do not close the room from the eyes of the street. But in the kitchen, the Kissey creates a light and relaxed interior. And in 2025 decorators recommend decorating cotton curtains with rhinestones, beads and ribbons.kitchen curtain trends 2020

What fabrics are recommended for curtains in 2025

In the fashion for several years in a row natural finishing materials, allowing to create interiors in eco-style. Textiles also do not stand aside.

Designers in one voice say – synthetics in a modern interior is not the place! What then fabrics to choose for kitchen curtains next year?kitchen curtain trends 2020

  • Cotton and linen. These materials are unpretentious in the care, easy to wash and clean, which is especially important for kitchens and living rooms. For balcony doors adjacent to the kitchen, fabrics treated with dirt-repellent compositions are suitable.
  • Bamboo cloth. Naturalness and environmental friendliness are the main advantages of bamboo fiber. Bamboo blades are used to make Roman, Japanese and roller blinds.
  • Synthetic fabrics with imitation of natural texture – only in this case synthetics is welcomed. Such materials are low cost and ease of maintenance. However, when choosing portieres from synthetic fabrics it is worth remembering – they lose their shape faster than natural ones and serve less, especially in the kitchen, since they will have to be washed more often.kitchen curtain trends 2020

What curtain colors will be relevant in 2025

In the new season, designers do not emit any particular color, it all depends on the style and furniture of the room. However, there are several combinations that will be relevant in the new interior of the kitchen:

  • Neutral gray and beige shades will be relevant in any interior;
  • Vintage style allows you to use bright colors: berry, wine, purple and red;
  • In the classical style preferably golden, sand, coffee, burgundy tones. And you can combine them with each other.
  • If the facades on the kitchen furniture are light, then natural, natural shades will become relevant: the color of young green, dark blue, light blue, brown.
  • If the curtains are the accent of the whole room, then yellow, orange, red and green are acceptable.

kitchen curtain trends 2020 To amaze the guests and make the kitchen more functional will help radio-controlled curtain rods with electric and unusual prints on the curtains. But remember: too large a pattern in a small room will seem out of place.

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