New Beach House Decor Trends 2025

Talking about decor is more than just furniture and renovations, it’s talking about making the luxury home that has our face to it. And just as we are constantly changing, the styles and trends of decorating are also. Because of this, there are professionals who specialize in keeping up with the latest in the decoration market, which has pleased the public in recent years and the least pleased.

In today’s post we seek to compile some of the trends observed by the most diverse experts for the summer of 2025. To arrive at these results, mainly translated patterns of consumer behavior that are associated to what he will look for next year. Check out!

1. Bulky furnitureNew Decorating Trends for 2020

It’s not just the square thoughts that are getting out of fashion, but the furniture as well. If you want to bring a more fun to the holiday season, look for differentiated designs, but get away from rigid geometric shapes. The bulky furniture is a great request for anyone who wants to create a relaxed space, ideal for beach houses and families with children. And, in addition to being welcoming, they are very accommodating!

The colors can be the most varied, adapting to the style of your house and your personality. They can be more basic, in shades of cream and variations of black or grayish, or they can be more extravagant, in flashy colors like yellow, green, blue among others.

2. Green and Dark BlueNew Decorating Trends for 2020

It’s amazing how colors bring us back to everyday elements. When we are on vacation, for example, in a house in Cabo Frio, a paradisiacal coastal city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by the green of nature, we associate this color with health and vitality. When we are in the big city, in an office or company with blue walls, we see this color linked to professionalism and seriousness. And in fact, blue brings tranquility and facilitates intellectual exercise.

The union of these two colors brings a very cool result: it unites the natural essence of man to the evolution of technology. In addition, they are great choices for those who live in warmer regions. Houses in coastal cities, with constant hot temperature all year round, can use and abuse blue and green walls, as they both cause a sense of refreshment for those in the environment. This is the tip for anyone who is looking for houses in places that have this type of weather!

The use of these colors can take various forms, just use creativity to create different combinations. You can either paint a wall or a room in the house in dark blue with furniture and elements in green, such as plants, as the reverse, with the green coat and the furniture in shades of blue.

3. Boho StyleNew Decorating Trends for 2020

It is in the context of the frenetic times we live, with long working days and agendas filled until the last minutes of the day, that the slow movement has added several supporters. Its ideology is basic: it invites the human being to slow down his daily life, taking advantage of every second of the day as a precious moment.

Its origins are from the 80’s, from the slope of slow food, contrary to fast food restaurants and that appreciates the good use of mealtime. Today, the movement extends in all spheres of daily life, influencing even the decoration.

When dealing with slow movement in the decor, the association with the boho style is almost automatic. This style brings much of the nomadic life and the free mind, valuing the use of natural materials and the artisan’s work. To have a boho house, invest in strong colors and enchanting details. Furniture and accessories with well-crafted textures, designs and shapes, which seem to have come straight from a 70’s bazaar, make up great elements for those looking for this kind of atmosphere.

4. WoodNew Decorating Trends for 2020

The use of natural materials is not limited to the boho style. After a period where the floors and ceramic tiles have taken care of the houses, the wood returns as the option of the time. Besides being found in several varieties, it can be polished, rustic, demolition wood, with creases marked or not, it is a great alternative for cold regions, like Teresópolis and Petrópolis, as it serves as thermal insulation.

However, the use of wood returns to fashion in the summer of 2025 not only as part of the house’s coat, but also as an element of decoration. Wooden furniture has been gaining more and more space, and “in natura” use has also attracted attention from decorators, be it as a shelf or table.

5. Terracotta and indigenous referencesNew Decorating Trends for 2020

Through technology, we are connected to anyone in the world. That is why we form the largest global community ever seen in history. At the same time, we see that not all have embraced this cause and cases of boastfulness and xenophobia have become commonplace. In order to counter this kind of thinking, more and more people join in initiatives that seek to awaken in us a sense of belonging to a world without borders.

The rescue of nature in ourselves, crossing borders and identifying us as a community refers to the principles of various indigenous tribes. This brought the indigenous reference to the pop scene, highlighting some interesting elements.

Within the decorations, this is given through the use of terracotta color, which is known as earth color is often assimilated to indigenous culture. Its brownish orange hue is the result of cooking the clay on fire. Tribal prints are also an important part of the influence of this culture on the decoration.

6. Leaked elementsNew Decorating Trends for 2020

Details, details and more details! Really, the focus of summer 2025 are these little (or big!) Quirks that bare our eyes. What could only be achieved after long hours of meticulous work today can be done in a few seconds if allied to new technologies.

The use of leaked elements, whether in furniture, partitions or even in stairs and windows, can be a result of the technology for creating details. Thanks to the laser cuts, it is possible to obtain the most diverse design patterns under metal plates, wood or whatever the material.

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