Kids Bedroom Wallpaper 2025: Newest Trend and Bright Ideas for Your Child

Kids bedroom wallpaper trends mural superhero comic book in combination with solid light blue wallpaper – wall design for children’s room for a child

Wallpaper in the nursery for children should be chosen, focusing on the age, character and interests of the child. What types of wallpapers are the most preferred and what to look for, first of all, the design of the children was interesting, creating an atmosphere of comfort.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Fashion solution for modern children: one wall is decorated with wallpaper with vertical white and red stripes, and the second – wallpaper with a blue background and a discreet white print


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Wallpapers with your favorite cartoon characters, and put yourself in the general category of children’s design for a child


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Mural for this traveler with a world map

Choosing the right wallpaper in the kindergarten for children is often difficult even for professionals, to say nothing of ordinary parents. The design of the direct impact of children on the child’s mood, to the harmonious development of their personality, so that the record must be addressed with great responsibility. The walls set the tone throughout the room, serving as the context for the situation, creating a welcoming atmosphere. For the child was very comfortable in my room, it is not just about choosing the right color and style wallpaper, based on the recommendations of the designers, but also taking into account their personal desires to the inside caused only positive emotions.

How to choose the wallpaper for the boys’ room

When choosing wallpaper for a child’s room, parents should not forget that this room is a private area of ​​the child when he is resting, playing, learning, going out with friends. In relative terms, children spend a great part of their lives without children’s worries, so the rules are not dictated, and reparation is conceived. That the child was comfortable at home, he himself must take part in the selection of wallpaper and decoration.

Boys – Nature is very emotional and impressionable, so the design of the needs of children to be exposed in detail, so as not to cause feelings of anxiety, so as not to irritate the baby.

Tip! If after the repair of the child joyfully suddenly, carefree become a sullen, nervous, irritable, then it is likely that the impact on the mood wallpapers and better to change selected properly, taking into account the wishes of your child .

It is worth asking the child to choose a picture of the interior of the taste, and on the basis of the nice design to make repairs in his room. Repetitions should not be to remain a space for the expression of the child personality.

Types and characteristics of a nursery wallpaper

Before starting the repair, decide what wallpaper in the nursery suits best. Above all, they must be safe, do not emit harmful substances allow the walls to breathe. Optimally suitable for the child’s room the following types:

Wallpaper is the absolutely harmless coating, the environment of these souls and the material is cheap. Wallpaper can not be washed off paper, but for children can choose washable variants, traces of active play on the surface that can be easily removed with a damp sponge.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends wallpaper of paper for bright teenage room


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends There are two types of wallpaper for children of preschool age. This type of wallpaper is the most common for children because of the environmental and accessibility

  • Non-woven wallpaper for painting are very suitable for children, as they are long-lasting, resistant and moisture-resistant composite can be painted in absolutely any color. By the way, to change the latter does not require glue wallpaper
  • Vinyl should be chosen carefully, so that they are not made of a material releasing harmful substances. With these wallpapers you can not paste over the entire room, and a portion, for example, a play area or the bottom of the walls. In addition, brightly colored vinyl paper quickly lose its shape because there are scratches.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Bright vinyl paper for children’s room play area of ​​child

  • Liquid in the environmental wallpaper is not inferior to paper, but it is more practical because they can be repainted several times and form a seamless surface. Such coverage is quite expensive, but they last longer without the need of the expense and effort to repair.

Children are very active, so the coating of the walls should be not only safe, but also durable. Often play with a ball to leave visible traces on the screen, so you must choose a coating that is easy to wash and clean, and there will be no dents.

Tip! Do not rush to buy the most expensive wallpaper for the nursery. Not only do you have to make a repair, so leave an economical option in an active child’s room.

The color of the wallpaper

The color of the background image has a direct impact on the psycho-emotional state of the child, so when performing a child’s temperament he is sure to be guided by the child.

Tip! Choose a warm environment, rich tones, activity behaved child. Hyperactive child room is better to emit with cold water.

On the other hand, by using color you can make the room more comfortable, for example by adding bright colors under light in a room or to correct excessive lighting due to saturated cold or tones.

Designers recommend for the boys in the room to give priority to the following colors:

  • Gamma blue – traditional for boys. Such colors are soothing effect on the mind, so they are recommended for hyperactive children lactation rooms. The blue color is not a distraction, it helps to concentrate on the lessons. And so the interior was not boring, you can use various wallpaper tones, creating a dynamic zoning nursery. It is recommended to choose the wallpaper with warm blue gamma, cold colors can cause discomfort, especially in a small area. If the child is large and faces the sunny part, you can choose the background image, and cold blue gamma.

Kids bedroom wallpaper trends theme of the marine interior children’s room for the boy, blue wallpaper with white print in the form of ships, ropes, white and blue clothes, the bed in the shape of a boat

  • Purple tones as a soothing effect, but can depress, so you must choose the right color or dilute its bright yellow, white, beige color. Do not choose the purple wallpaper in the guy in the room, prone to frequent mood swings.
  • The red and bright orange wallpaper stimulate activity and have a stimulating effect on the psyche. Fully in these colors for a boy child is better not to do, leaving to select only one area, such as a game.

Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Red wallpaper to highlight two symmetrical areas combined corner room with a relaxing color wallpaper

  • Versatile green, energizing and relaxing at the same time. For the children’s room it is better to choose warm shades of green – herbs, mint, olive oil, apple. The cold can act oppressive.

Kids bedroom wallpaper trends The warm tone of the side wall of the green wallpaper


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Intense olive green wallpaper for energy charging

  • The yellow wallpaper will not only make the room more spacious and sunny, but help you learn better. This color helps to concentrate and activates the brain.

Tip! The child needs to be thought of zoning, which is easier to emphasize the use that differ in shade or ornament wallpaper.

The room of the child boy wallpaper can be painted in calm muted colors range: beige, gray, olive green. Although these shades may seem bleak, it is not, but you need to choose only one warm and luminous. Be sure to dilute such walls with bright spots, for example, orange, blue, lemon, inside does not get dark and depressing. Bright colors can be painted furniture, ceiling or wall elements, it is appropriate to use photo wallpapers a spectacular color image with.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Neutral bright wallpaper combined with bright and original interior design elements: the yellow bed on wheels, red table, hanging various models of aircraft, textiles, lots of toys, etc.

Tip! It is not necessary to paste too bright or dark whole nursery wallpaper. They are the most used to highlight a wall or a part of it, such as the bedroom area or the game, and the rest of the room in the same number, but the lighter tone.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Zoning of the room using the background color: wallpapers with imitation wood to the recreation area and a light blue tint wallpaper for public spaces

Wallpaper images

The best solution for a child’s room to the boys will use plain wallpaper. Drawing will be appropriate only for children up to 3-5 years old, it can be all kinds of cars, airplanes, toys and so on. For older boys-colored walls they adapt optimally.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Black and white graphic environment of a child of preschool age. black stars on a white background one of the walls of the room combined with a blackboard on the other wall – an original and functional design of the walls of the children’s decade


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Modern children’s room for children and original elements, in the design and decoration. Small owner’s painting of the room – a highlight of the interior

If you still want to present ornament, it is better to give preference to bands. This pattern looks neutral, so it is versatile for all ages. Striped wallpaper can be combined with solid colors should be repeated or combined perfectly with each other.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Striped wallpaper for a teenager’s room on a cool beach style. Surfboards, aircraft models and other items of interest, confidently take their places inside

Tip! Striped wallpaper helps correct visual proportions of the room. vertical and horizontal pripodnimut ceiling of the walls are separated.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends horizontal stripes in the background image visually expand the room

Another preferred ornament for the child’s room is a geometric abstract drawing. It should be a great contrast, but discreet. Too big to be a distraction.

You can pick up that option for the children’s room for kids as a luminous wallpaper. In the light of day, which are not different from the usual, but in the dark with a lit lamp, they show a variety of drawings and silhouettes (stars, planes, etc.). These patterns apply special, harmless phosphorescent colors, but the ability to cause a true youthful delight.

Wallpaper in the nursery for children: Mural

For the spectacular decoration for the walls, you can use wallpapers of civilian. The plots can be very different:

  • Landscapes, as in fantasy style, and more realistic, for example, views of cities, sea, jungle. Such images help to stylize the child’s room in his favor. In particular, wallpapers, with a view to deep-water sharks, the reef can be complemented with gray-scale walls with artificial portholes, creating an atmosphere of a submarine. A young and visionary traveler like views of the mountains, the forests and the sky, which make the harmony and the peaceful environment in the nursery.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Image of trunks and tree branches on the mural in the children’s room for the boy. Wooden furniture and accessories complement the interior style in general


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Mural with a realistic image of the jungle and is suitable for the general theme bed of the interior of the wood with the stylized dream

  • The space and the futuristic image as children, whose soul is already awakening the spirit of the researcher. These funds can be pasted into the bedroom or work area by issuing a bed or desk in the style of a control panel of the spacecraft.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends The central wall of the room for the kids with the space of the image, complemented by thematic elements: pillow with a picture of a rocket, balloon, star shadow lamp

  • Pirate or a military vessel, the speed of the boat or sailing yacht in the mural in combination with blue-blue walls help create an atmosphere of adventure in the nursery. In a room without any problem, you can install wall bars with a rope so that the child could play sports games in the pirate format, and stylize the room itself under the cabin of the ship.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends blue-green color scheme with brown and beige spots to design a child’s room in pirate style. Rudder and treasure map represented on the walls – hand painted


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Marina theme in the design of a child’s room for children. Weathered blue and white color gamut with splashes of red and brown

  • Cars, missile planes, engines traditionally loved by children, so, if your child is interested in them, you should add the wallpaper with the relevant images in your room.
  • Sports theme images like guys who like soccer, hockey, car racing, etc.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Mural with a theme of modern child’s room sports


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Modern site by a teenager with a recurring theme: Mural with a realistic representation of the climber and climbing wall of his own formation


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Modern American children’s room for a child with wallpaper depicting the famous Wrigley Field ballpark in conjunction with interesting information about him

Photo catalog wallpapers can be found at any hardware store, as a rule, it is easy to find the appropriate category and size of the image.

Tip! If the medium is prepared Photowall could not find anything suitable, then they can be made to measure in virtually any print.

Wallpaper of children’s room for two

If you live in the same room at the same time two children, the design must take into account the characteristics and preferences of each one.

The best solution – to paste baby wallpaper Uni neutral tone, and for each child to identify the “area of ​​individuality”, after having issued in the best interests of the child. For example, a child may like cars, and a second space, let’s each sleep or workplace will be present with wallpapers with appropriate themes.

You can use wallpapers of neutral themes such as landscape or abstract.

If the heterosexual children live in the room, the color of the walls should be suitable for both, it is necessary to stop the yellow, beige, green, white. Boy in the room of the boys and girls of the wallpaper should not exceed the side of one of the children, so it is best to make it clear that all children could express themselves with confidence.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Children’s room for two boys with the same interests. Striped wallpaper, and print them in the form of the famous basketball player – wall decoration


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Children room of two boys with wallpaper graphic on one wall and on the other monophonic. shiny night table in a minimalist style, pouf superhero point images on the walls – interior details


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Green dye wallpaper, half-tone floors, bunk beds, khaki bedding and other themed interior elements convey military style

Wallpaper of room for teenagers


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends The predominant colors calm restricted range combined with graphics photo wallpapers more than the living area with a large image. The interior is designed in a harmonious Scandinavian style


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends realistic wallpaper for the teenager room with the image of riding a surfboard

Children grow very quickly and like the baby can cause completely opposite emotions in adolescence. For children of school age secondary room is no longer a place just for games and recreation, in which you start a long way to adulthood, teaching lessons, meet friends. The main task of parents – to create a comfortable environment in your home, guided by the interests of your child, and not in your preferences.

The space for teenagers should choose the wallpaper, which will emphasize its character and individuality, self-expression and help the development of a harmonious personality.

The best solution – the wallpaper for painting, the color of which is easy to change, because the mood and character of the teenager change rapidly. Even when the child became the big ones it will be enough to repaint the walls in accordance with their new interests.

But the walls do not have to be completely color alone. Therefore, it is necessary to combine different colors wallpaper, creating a dynamic wall. Even if the discrete selected beige-brown, white, gray or blue primary color, create bright, juicy, saturated accents that are repeated on furniture, textiles, luminaries and so on. A perfect solution is to use Photowall caution model, for example, natural or urban landscape photos, sports or musical idol photos, as well as graffiti or spectacular painted on a wall.

Tip! With the help of the walls of your room a teenager can express himself, to collect these wallpapers, which is easy to draw, hang posters.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Room in muted colors for a teenager. Make the central wall above the bed – the original function of the interior

Many parents mistakenly believe that the room is a teenage son to be a blue-gray color, lacking in spectacular details. This is not so, the child should have the opportunity to come to registration, and their home is simply forced to be bright and individual, even when sober colors are used.

Styles for a teenager’s room

In 16-17 years, the youngster may well begin to become familiar with the design, by leaving his room in an appropriate style:

  • Lovers of minimalist base suit of smooth wallpaper of shades of gray, white and beige.


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Boy in the room in the brightly colored minimalism style. vivid detail sets the mood: the inscription on the wallpaper, yellow bedside table, blue alarm clock, a lot of stuffed toys


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Wallpapers with simulated masonry – a great idea for the kid’s room design of children

  • If a child is interested in the computer, then it pays to dwell on the high-tech style theme, or in the attic, the avant-garde. Help wallpapers with imitation masonry, white-gray friction scales, and abstract geometric pattern or contrasting combinations (a white wall, second black, third brick, and D.).

Kids bedroom wallpaper trends Masonry, wood and monotonous white wall – a characteristic design of the wall of a teenager’s room


Kids bedroom wallpaper trends The interior in the high-tech room style for a teenager in the gray-white outline,

  • For having the propensity to travel teenager fit ethnic styles (Africa, East), as well as the sea. For the first time you need to select the wallpaper of natural colors (terracotta, beige and brown, olive), complementing your thematic drawings or photo wallpapers. For a room in a nautical theme you should choose blue and white wallpaper, as the appropriate accents of red or beige tones.

Regardless of the style of the room for a teen wallpaper should match your tastes and interests to remain in your shelter, felt safe, comfortable.

Doing daycare for a child, try to avoid common mistakes. First of all do not try to buy the fashion design with photos only online, and you let your child to decide what color and pattern would be on the walls of your house, not only will it help save psychological comfort, but also to teach a child responsibility for decisions.

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