New Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

New Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021The bedroom has to be an intimate place of relaxation, so some color palettes that keep us with one eye open all night are not recommended. It is better to opt for a decoration not too heavy and, finally, move towards a range of calming colors. Whatever your choice, keep in mind that neutral paint is most suitable for the walls of a bedroom, as it provides a cozy atmosphere, and, as an additional benefit, mitigates the small defects of the walls. We will show you below, a selection of colors for bedrooms, which will be a trend in this 2021.

Neutral colors such as gray, white, beige, nudes, and some touches of vibrant and striking color will be booming.

Pastel colors for bedrooms

Pastel tones are soft and bright colors that invite relaxation and lift the mood. The old pink, soft yellow, lavender blue, water green, instantly bring a touch of femininity to the bedroom that is usually very nice.

Pastel pinkNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Pastel blueNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Pastel greenNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

The color combinations of the 80s, optimistic, of orange and purple sunsets, green palm trees, blue water pools and pink flamingos. It is a palette that can be vitalized with neon discharges.

A very youthful color, perfect for nurseries or teenagers.


Sage or greyish mintNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

One of the colors for bedrooms of the moment is bluish mint green, fresh, calm, inspired by nature. It is a calming coalescence, composed of blue, gray and green. This color evokes a feeling of sanctuary and relaxation in the middle of our busy lives.

The different versions of the classic sage or mint have a bold and fresh appearance. They are perfect shades for the bedrooms.

In name and color, this nuance speaks of our desire to take a break and recharge. It is versatile and perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor projects. It can also be applied in various styles, be it a traditional, modern, coastal or city decoration.

Bluish greenNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Dark bluish greens convey an air of mystery and drama, while light tones create a sense of spaciousness. Each imparts its own unique feeling to create the perfect environment for your space.

Bluish greens will be popular this year, the tone is fresh, organic and neutral so it blends perfectly with almost any other color.

Blue color trends

Blue is one of the favorite colors to decorate the bedrooms, since it conveys a lot of peace. It can be used in all its nuances and tones, such as indigo, sky, sea, night, oil or cyan, and all are perfect for rest and calm. It also stimulates the imagination.

Light blueNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

As we mentioned before, light blue cake is one of the possibilities. There are several shades that can be chosen. Check out.

Dark blue and marineNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

A lot of deep rich azures combined with pure whites are being seen. If you remain skeptical and have trouble imagining total blue on the walls, it can be adopted in small touches on a wall or a piece of furniture, combined with light and bright colors.

A deep blue brings an extra note of tranquility to a bedroom. Hints of orange, white and wooden elements help to heat and balance the bedroom.

RedNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

The blues and greens calm down, while oranges, yellows and reds are energizing and optimistic. If you find yourself bored by the monotony of neutral colors, it might be time to think about a change, and the color red may be one of the many possibilities.

But, according to this year’s trends, the color red is only used as a decorative shade on a wall, or on a carpet or cushions. It is usually found accompanying a bedroom in neutral tones.

There are many combinations to give life to the bedroom, simply by incorporating colors. These can come by means of painting for the walls or in furniture and accessories.

The reds throwing the strawberry begin to be fashionable again. It is the palette of the year 2021 according to Pantone.

YellowNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Mustard yellow is fashionable, especially in furniture or decorative objects. Infuse an atmosphere of fun and free spirit.

Pink bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

If one uses the bedroom simply to rest, then the soft colors that are filled with light by a large window can be ideal. Also a bedroom can be dominated by a single color, which varies its tones subtly between the different elements of the furniture. We do not recommend this case, but it exists and it is good to take it into account.

Old pinkNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Have you ever noticed how color immediately sets the mood in a bedroom? Take advantage of the positive effects of pastel tones, they are very soothing.

This shade of pink has a calming but also very positive effect.


The strong and intense roses generate constant shock with whoever is in the bedroom; They are not good for relaxing or for relaxation. They are recommended only for those who have fanaticism for a particular color.

It is best to apply it on a single wall or an object in the bedroom, so as not to saturate.

Purple bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Creating contrasts between the color of the furniture and that of the walls is also a highly recommended option, such as purples and greenish shades of gray.

Orange bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Accessories such as headboards in bright colors such as orange, can be a wise choice, as well as cushions and quilts can make an important contribution in the decoration of the bedroom.

As with red or yellow, the color orange is used to complement a neutral bedroom. It mainly complements the dark gray.

Gray bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Gray is one of those colors that are overlooked when decorating. However, this neutral color can contribute to giving a true feeling of home, as well as achieving a good mood.

Gray is halfway between white and black, and its qualities can be exploited using it as a backdrop for bright splashes of color in ornaments and accessories.

Similarly, gray can be a medium tone to accentuate dark and light colors. For example, dark gray cushions stand out in a bedroom where light gray predominates.

Set the perfect neutral backdrop. The combination with carbon-colored elements looks very elegant.

As you can see in the images, this color is ideal to highlight some color splashed in the bedroom, as well as to enhance the shapes, volumes and textures, since being neutral, the visual attention does not focus on the color, but on the objects . It is an excellent option when decorating minimalist environments.

White bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

While we usually like a dose of color, immaculate whites are very attractive. These bedrooms are neutral but not boring, since they use the texture of carpets, pillows and blankets, and the brightness of lamps or fabrics wisely.

White on white is simply quiet, with a bit of character thanks to vintage illustrations.

In a white bedroom, textures such as skins and wood are enhanced.

The white color enhances the wooden furniture and ornaments on the wall.

Cream bedroom colorsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

The master bedroom is first and foremost a resting place that should be quiet and cozy. Therefore, banishing bright colors and opting for neutral colors is a wise decision. Cream color is one of those choices that can give us fabulous bedrooms.

Brown and beige bedroomsNew Trend Colors for Modern Bedrooms 2021

Often, the color brown is related to negative things such as dirt or bitterness. However it doesn’t have to be negative, but quite the opposite. It is a color that if we combine it correctly can achieve positive energy in a bedroom, be it joy, harmony or elegance.

To avoid mistakes, you must first choose the style of decoration you want in your bedroom and then focus on it by integrating the brown. For example, if you want a cheerful, tidy and harmonious bedroom, you can choose white or cream to accompany brown. These colors, in addition to contrasting the brown color, make the bedroom light and not dark.

Dark colors combined with bright neutrals in furniture, floors or other decorative accessories, create a pleasant balance for both interior and exterior bedrooms.

You can play with different shades of brown on walls, furniture and accessories and choose the golden color to complement the brown. The golden color always adds luxury and more if combined with a dramatic color like brown.

Color scheme for bedrooms

When we are planning the remodeling of the bedroom, many times we want to make drastic changes, with intense and bright colors, forgetting that this space, just must be harmonious enough to rest peacefully. That is why we will see some combination of harmonious colors for the bedrooms.

And we begin precisely, by two gray palettes, which are very fashionable today. The first is complemented by the natural color of the concrete, while the second, introduces the wood, to generate greater contrast.

Nature always gives us the most harmonious colors for the bedroom, as in the case of light green, brown, and white to complement.

If you want something modern, darker, but distinguished, then yours can be a subtle combination of purples, which in turn are adorned, with luminaries in bright silver, which add the glamorous touch.

But, as we always say, for the bedroom, the best colors are those almost imperceptible by themselves, but that together they achieve great results. Within this set all soft shades of brown, nude, pink, and of course, white, which despite being classic, never disappoint in the results.

The colors in the bedroom are an element of great importance; one must consider for what purposes the bedroom is used and from there select the most appropriate colors.

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