Bedroom Design 2025

Modern bedroom design 2025 requires attention to all elements, as they must be concisely interconnected. Fashion trends may change, but at the heart of any project there is always a bed. In 2025, the main rule in the organization of the bedroom space remains the emphasis on harmony and creating a place for relaxation and peace.

Bedroom Design 2025

Important in creating a trendy bedroom in 2025 is to mix different styles. Such a design is more difficult to create than strict adherence to one canon. It is necessary to follow the chosen form, combine textures and skillfully combine different colors.

Bedroom colors 2025

Bedroom colors 2025

Today, the trend is naturalness and naturalness, the absence of any flashy shades. One bright accent is acceptable, as long as it is small and does not draw too much attention. The color scheme of such a bright spot should be of natural origin:

  • sea;
  • sky;
  • trees;
  • sand.

Bright bedroom

If we talk about the main color in the design of the bedroom in light colors, the mint shade is at the peak of fashion trends. It has a natural origin, but at the same time creates a feeling of connection with something futuristic or fantasy. Modern designers often use the design of two walls in different colors. This option looks especially good with a mint tint. With this approach, it is possible to put geometric accents in the same tone on another wall.

If you are more attracted to warm colors, take a closer look at pastel pink. Ideal for the bedroom of a young girl or a home where a small child has just appeared.

Among other things, white, gray colors and shades of beige have been popular for the second year already.

Dark bedroom

In 2025, shades of blue from dark to gray-blue, as well as cooler petrol shades, remain popular. Smoky, ocher and woody also do not lose their positions. These shades are mesmerizing and intriguing.

The dark colors of the bedroom are good in design in the styles of minimalism, loft and hi-tech.


When decorating a bedroom in a dark color, designers often offer to dilute a single canvas with bright or light accents. A similar contrast is possible in the design of a bright room.

Double beds

Especially popular is the use of two contrasting or similar colors in the coloring of the walls. As a rule, one wall has a brighter shade, others are calmer. Thus, the effect of attractive audacity is achieved, but not tacky.

Also, if you use two close shades, for example, light and dark beige or two variants of dark blue, a feeling of depth and volume is created.

Bedroom design 2025: Materials and textures

Bedroom design 2025

In 2025, the general direction of design will be characterized by the use of natural materials and textures that are close to natural, natural.

Bedroom flooring

In the new season, designers recommend not to overdo it with geometric ornaments as decoration for flooring. Stick to natural forms that have natural motifs. So, the ornament looks good in the form of a natural structure of a cut of a tree or a coating in a greenish tint that imitates tropical leaves or grass.

As a finishing material, natural wood or wood-effect laminate is best suited. Even when designing in a loft style, it is better to abandon the concrete floor. It does not bring coziness and makes the bedroom uncomfortable, especially in winter and autumn.

As an alternative interesting solution, designers are advised to consider the option in which one wall, parts of the ceiling and floor are designed in the same way. For example, you can trim them with a material with a soft fleecy texture.

Bedroom wall decoration

Various textures can be used as a wall covering. Many designers refuse to design all four walls in one color scheme. It is also possible to combine different types of ornament and painting. For example, urban, natural or abstract painting as a decor on one wall and a coating that differs in texture on others. It is important that the overall color scheme is harmonious.

In the design of the walls of the bedroom, any modern materials can be used, the main requirement for which is expressed in creating comfort. In a high-tech bedroom, technical elements of decor are possible. Light shades of wood on the floor and natural fabrics as accents look great against the background of gray walls.

For wall decoration in the new season, wood panels are also a good option. Cork and bamboo are considered very fashionable. Cork, a natural and environmentally friendly material, looks fresh and natural. And bamboo wallpapers are produced using a special technology from the natural stems of the plant and have an interesting texture. Textile trim made of natural linen and silk is also popular. And a slight addition of wallpaper made from natural materials with metal, glass and even concrete is a trendy solution in the coming season.

Finishing furniture

In 2025, the overall bedroom furniture design trend favors textures and materials of natural origin:

  • wood, facades with drawings and shades of natural wood;
  • textiles with a large weave of fibers: linen bedspreads, curtains;
  • wicker furniture: rattan, bamboo;
  • stone, especially marble: consoles, countertops, table lamps or sconces.

Bedroom ideas 2025: drawings, patterns

Bedroom ideas 2025

In 2025, the fashion for bedroom decor returns, mainly geometric and floral ornaments:

  • small flower pattern;
  • abstraction in the style of the 60s;
  • eco-constructivism in the Scandinavian style (drawings of natural motifs of simple forms);
  • graphic experiments of the 30s.

Now the whole decor is united by a tendency towards moderation, restraint, and neatness of patterns. Especially due to the fact that the bedroom is a place of rest, and you should not overload your visual perception.

One of the design directions in the coming season will be drawing, including photographs. It can be mountains, forests, desert or urban landscape. The main thing is that the effect of appeasement is created for the owners.

Bedroom styles 2025

Bedroom styles 2025


Minimalism involves the use of the bedroom specifically for relaxation. Lack of extra furniture, a small amount of decor. The main subject in the room is the bed, which is always comfortable. Lighting – multi-level: general light, separately – for reading, backlighting is possible. Storage is supposed to be hidden, for example, a mini-wardrobe.


The loft in the bedroom will be characterized by empty space, rough finishes and the presence of elegant elements. It can be a combination of concrete wall decoration with velvet curtains or brickwork with silk bedding. Metal elements are needed: decorative lamps, panels.


The Scandinavian style implies the functionality and comfort of the bedroom and its furnishings, light shades, coziness. This is a calm color combination, white, beige, blue and gray tint palette with possible bright accents. The abundance of wooden elements, natural textiles, decor made of clay, wood, rattan. Simple ergonomic furniture with neutral color finishes.


Eco-style implies closeness to nature, its materials: wood, bamboo, stone, clay. Relevant are green, blue, brown palettes of shades, floral patterns, landscapes and photo wallpapers with them. The presence of living plants is appropriate, but it is important to remember that the interior of the bedroom should not be overloaded.

High tech

In many ways, hi-tech, which has something in common with minimalism, is characterized by restraint, manufacturability and functionality. The interior uses cold colors, blinds, spotlights. From materials it is glass, stone, metal.

Bedroom decor 2025: How to arrange lighting

Bedroom decor 2025

In the interior of the bedroom in 2025, lighting plays an important role. The light in the bedroom should be soft, unobtrusive and conducive to relaxation. If you organize the lighting correctly, the room will be fashionable and pleasant. An unusually shaped lamp is one of the main decorative elements. Additional lighting can be arranged in the form of a thin elegant lamp located at the head.

Comfort in the bedroom will help create local sources of lighting: sconces, floor lamps. If necessary, zone a large bedroom into several areas of different functionality, it is convenient to use light.

In the upcoming season, the trend will be a variety of bedroom lighting, including paintings and mirrors. Decorative lighting and nightlights are designed not only to decorate the room, but also to help navigate it in the dark.

Bedroom layout and furniture in 2025

Bedroom layout and furniture in 2025

Bedroom decorating trends 2025 tend to create design integrity. An interior is considered fashionable, in which the flooring is similar in pattern and color to the furniture. Wood paneling on the wall at the head of the bed will create the same effect. But it is important not to overdo it so as not to get a country-style bedroom.

The design is designed to create the most functional environment in the premises. But in the bedroom, this is a trend that will continue to take hold in years to come. Not only interior design is of great importance, but also the comfort of using each item. This layout is displayed as follows:

  • Ergonomics, quality furniture.
  • Convenience of bed linen, mattress, pillow fillers and blankets.
  • A well-chosen lighting system that allows you to use the right source in each specific case.
  • Appropriate window textiles. If it’s hard to wake up, it will be transparent curtains or remote-controlled curtains. If the light bothers you in the morning – blackout.


Enlarged, accent headboards will be in fashion. This headboard provides the bed with attention. Accentuation can be done in a variety of ways, but scaling up or to the side is the most popular in the new season. The headboard can continue the bed frame or form part of the wall, blurring the boundaries between decoration or furniture.

Actual beds with additional storage space . Such places, drawers or the lifting mechanism of the bed, are hidden from view, but very convenient.

Soft beds are also in trend, giving the bedroom comfort and style. The variety of design allows you to include them in many interior styles, for example, minimalist, Scandinavian. They can be both neat with smoothed backs, and large, with a full-wall soft panel headboard.


The minimalist design of the bedroom in 2025 will fit wardrobes that merge with the walls as much as possible. Such models do not have handles and mirror elements. Sliding wardrobes in graphite shade with a matte surface and low gloss look modern and beautiful.

The trends of the new season also speak of the relevance of individual wardrobes. This applies not only to spacious bedrooms, but also to small ones. Territorially, a mini-wardrobe takes up almost the same amount of space as a built-in wardrobe. Under the wardrobe it is possible to convert the pantry, if it is adjacent to the bedroom. Or separate the corner of the room with sliding screens. Models made of translucent textured glass look very attractive. It will be convenient to place such a wardrobe also in a long narrow room, in particular, behind the headboard. Visually, this technique will adjust the size of the room.

Dressers and bedside tables

Bedside tables should be chosen in the same style as the bed: you need to pay attention to materials, style similarities and decorative elements. Also, the cabinets should match the height of the mattress in order to avoid overloading the bedroom with furniture. If the design of the room allows, you can replace the cabinets with hanging shelves or store the necessary things in a mini chest of drawers built into the headboard.

Armchairs, soft banquettes

Armchairs upholstered with natural textured fabrics, rounded shapes and smooth lines are popular. Style variety allows you to choose the right option, allows for a wooden and metal frame.

For banquettes in 2025, natural materials for upholstery and legs, as well as multifunctionality, are relevant. Banquets with comfortable armrests are often chosen, they are used as an additional resting place. Benches with backs look good, placed along the window. And with drawers for storage – save usable space.


Console tables, attached to the walls, will help save the area of the bedroom. Built-in drawers are large enough to hold small items and cosmetics. Such a table is conveniently complemented by a rounded illuminated mirror and an armchair or ottoman.

Small and large bedrooms

If the area of the room allows, it is recommended to purchase a bedroom set. Such a set of furniture creates a single style of the room, but is not suitable for small bedrooms. Then it is more convenient to choose all the furnishings separately.

A small bedroom can be enlarged by adding a loggia or organize the space by placing built-in furniture. It is convenient to use transforming furniture and furniture with a built-in storage space. As a decoration, the overall design and furnishings in light shades that expand the space are recommended. Photo wallpapers with landscapes and mirrors will visually enlarge the space.

Large bedrooms can be zoned to increase the functionality of the room. To do this, use furniture, partitions, color scheme of decoration, lighting. Various parts of the bedroom can be used as an office, a cozy corner for relaxing and reading, a dressing room, a winter garden. In such cases, it is important to maintain a single style of the room. For example, by repeating textures, decorative elements, similarity of shapes and shades. In this case, the sleeping area should not be a walk-through.

Bedroom Design Trends 2025

Bedroom Design Trends 2025

The general natural orientation of the trends in 2025 also affects the design of the bedroom. With all the stylistic diversity, this is the naturalness of the materials and color scheme of the room, natural motifs in patterns, textures and decor, the smoothness of the lines. As well as the functionality of objects and the comfort of using the bedroom, relating to all elements of the environment: from furniture to lighting.

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