Best Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2025

Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019 For all those who look for an attractive and functional bathroom decoration, we show you several creative proposals that can be of great inspiration, which are based on very varied styles but are not less beautiful than others.

Mirrors in bathroom decorationDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

The only key to achieve this goal is to have a little ingenuity and the incorporation of accessories that can perfectly be forgotten in a corner of our homes and that, however, if they are recycled, can have a lot of charm to offer. Standing out among the objects that have more to offer us in the decoration of bathrooms, are the decorative mirrors.

Mirrors also play an important role, since brightness is very important in bathrooms. The best thing anyway, is to have good windows and openings that allow the entry of natural light.

WashbasinsDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

Beautiful and original sinks are one of the best ways to add interest to the bathroom.

Bathroom LampsDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

The lighting should not be left in the background either. Through the use of lamps, we can achieve the decorative style that we like the most.

Walls in bathroom decorationDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

The treatment of the walls can also be an excellent ally, since with a little good taste and originality we can achieve beautiful graphic designs on walls, ceilings and even floors, which can really steal all the looks of our family or visitors.

There are also many tiles for bathrooms of the most diverse designs, like the one we see below.

The texture of the pattern is a kind of interpretation of the streets, houses and buildings of a city seen from above. They are ideal for decorating a loft or urban style floor.

Bathroom AccessoriesDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

The bathroom is one of the main rooms of our home, since it is one of the most intimate spaces, so to take care of its decoration is of vital importance, to achieve a harmonious and comfortable home. Details in wood, stone, ceramic or metal can also allow us a huge variety of benefits in these spaces, as they can provide a lot of charm and personality.

The ways to get a harmonious and warm bath are endless, since as always the only limit in decoration is the imagination of each one.

Flowers, candles, soap dishes, colorful soaps with interesting shapes, beautiful towels are some of the simplest and cheapest ways that can be used to give the desired look to our bathroom.

For example, if you want to achieve a nautical look you can give a curtain for the shower striped white and blue, or decorations like small wooden boats, glass bottles with letters inside, or any type of snail, rock or star, collected on the beach.

The nautical style is a decorative model that we can all those who are characterized by being lovers of life near the sea. Any expression that can remember moments, images or anything lived on a beach or offshore, are undoubtedly reasons for good years lived.

Mosaics bathroomDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

The construction of the bathroom is a laborious process and it is usually recommended to think many times about its design and also its decoration, since any change that you want to make in it, can entail a waste of time, money and many headaches, which is worth avoiding.

It is for this reason that we want to propose an option that you may not have taken into account, as is the case of decorating the bathroom with mosaics. Let’s see some photos.

Generally for these magnificent creations, we usually use colored glasses, silicates, ceramics, amorphous solids and many other materials, which help to create different atmospheres, with a touch of distinction, rusticity and often also, a magic difficult to match.

There are designs that are classic such as blue and white mosaics, well defined, but there are also others in those colors, which seek to simulate, as if we were under the sea.

Others, with much finer works, bet to create figures of flowers, fish or other things, in small miniature designs of stained glass, transparent, distributed along entire walls.

In addition, it is such a noble material, which can perfectly be used in walls and ceilings, but also in floors and countertops, achieving extraordinary results.

Shower curtainsDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

A beautiful shower curtain will also help the bathroom look more elegant.

Bathroom ScreensDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

If you plan to renovate the bathroom, do not settle for a bathroom decoration only daily and functional. You can also use screens with great decorative power.

Beautiful screens for bathrooms with very attractive designs, which can be adapted to your environment, whether it is a lot or a little space. In wonderful colors like orange or purple, they are designed to be functional and attractive, so that water does not come out, so you can use them in maximum comfort.

With fixed doors and sliding glass doors, with tiles full of attractiveness, with profiles to prevent water from escaping and becoming a problem to clean, what is called luxury screens to decorate the bathroom.

How to tiling the walls of the bathroomDecoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Ideas 2019

Normally this task is usually left for a specialist in the task, but perhaps you feel prepared to face this challenge, and at the same time save you a money of labor. For this reason we propose you how to tile a bathroom following a few simple steps.

You will need to:

  • Flower pot.
  • Escarpment.
  • Tiles
  • Grip paste
  • Water.
  • Hammer.
  • Bubble level.
  • Rope.


The first thing you have to do, if you want to change the old tiles for the new ones, is to remove the old ones. To do this, go removing these with the pot and scarp, go stacking these in bags or buckets to remove the debris.

The next step is to moisten the wall and the new tiles that will be used. In the meantime, they can help you by preparing the paste, as this will make the work easier and the pasta will grip better.

To go placing the tiles, go putting one by one, placing the paste on the back of the tile, you have to squeeze a little and go giving thuds to avoid damaging the tile and that is well attached. A trick is to start putting them around a corner, to be tiling from there.

To know if you are going in a straight line, especially when you go through the upper rows, a trick is to place a rope at the height of the first tile and go leveling with a spirit level, to go in a straight direction.

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