Gothic bedroom decoration ideas: color and stylish furniture

Gothic bedroom decor uses dark colors to achieve a Gothic atmosphere and make a bold statement that reflects the Middle Ages. Your bedroom is your personal space and should reflect your personality and style in features such as paint colors, bed frames, table lamps, rugs and even wall lights. A Gothic bedroom uses black walls, dark woods for antique furniture, different shades of dark colors like dark blue, large beds more suited to the Victorian era, and in some cases original paintings.

The best way to get the Gothic bedroom style right is to use the different features of the bedroom to create the Gothic atmosphere you want to achieve. While the main color for a Gothic bedroom style may be black or other dark colors, you may be surprised to know that a bit of white isn’t out of place.

Gothic bedroom idea

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This article will help you with some Gothic style bedroom decorating ideas by using the different bedroom features that belong to Gothic design. We will show what these bedroom features look like and how their combination achieves the unique style that Gothic interior decoration offers.

Features of the Gothic bedroom

Your Gothic bedroom design includes some obvious Gothic features: color, artwork, lighting and furniture. Since it is a look that is known to have existed several centuries ago, it favors the style of the Victorian era, but can also be adapted to modern gothic fashion.


The hallmark of Gothic bedroom decor is the dark color of almost everything in the bedroom, from the walls to the furniture, lamps and carpets. Typically, the most commonly used background color for a Gothic-style bedroom is black; However, it is not uncommon to find other dark colors such as dark blue as part of the shades.

Features of the Gothic bedroom - color


Accent walls, sconces, and other furniture with various shades of dark but bold colors are also an effective way to make the Gothic style stand out more. The deeper the colors, the more contrast they create with the complementary colors you choose.


Every bedroom needs furniture. However, the furniture is characteristically reminiscent of the Victorian period in a bedroom with Gothic interior decoration. Additionally, the furniture uses dark woods that add a spookier atmosphere to the already dark walls. The most striking piece of furniture in a Gothic bedroom is the bed, and it usually has a headboard as this makes it appear massive and imposing.

Features of Gothic Bedroom – Furniture

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Other furniture such as chairs, stools, dressers and mirrors should have the same color quality. However, a mix of deep colors can be used on dressers, while stools and vanities can have a deep hue of light colors.


One of the hallmarks of a Gothic bedroom design is the artwork. Home art is usually reserved for the study and living room; However, your gothic bedroom may be incomplete without the right artwork. The artworks can show works of nature, but mainly in dark colors that convey a strong message.

Features of the Gothic Bedroom - Works of Art

It can be hung on the wall or, in some cases, mounted on the ceiling.

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Lighting is an important part that brings in all the work you have put into creating a Gothic bedroom design. Certain lighting fixtures, such as black sconces and sconces, work perfectly in a Gothic-style bedroom. The right lighting makes the most prominent part of your bedroom the focal point.

Gothic Bedroom Features: Lighting


Gothic bedroom ideas

Contrary to what many people think, Gothic bedroom decorations or designs do not only use dark colors to make a good impression. Instead, as you’ll see in this piece’s Gothic bedroom decorating ideas, light colors create interesting contrasts against dark background colors in Gothic rooms. This list includes rooms in modern Gothic and Victorian styles.

Victorian gothic bedroom

Gothic Victorian style bedroom


The Victorian Gothic bedroom uses hanging sconces and bedside lamps that flatter the expansive dark colors in the room. The Victorian style is evident in the bed as it is made of dark wood and the black bedding uses other dark and seemingly less dark colors to create an interesting effect.

The blinds match the bedspread and are the same color as the tufted headboard. The white ceiling in the bedroom creates a strong contrast to the contrasting colors. Excess linens give the final elegant impression, in keeping with the Victorian era.

Gothic bedroom with light colors

Gothic bedroom with light colors

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Gothic rooms are usually dark and spooky; However, mixing dark colors with light colors can create interesting effects. A Gothic room with light colors can use light colors in certain features of the room, such as: B. the antique furniture, the accent wall or the ceiling. The dark wood of the queen bed in this Gothic bedroom idea is contrasted by the red color of the bedding.

The Gothic bedroom comes to life with a black curtain over the window, a black headboard and red pillows. However, it is incomplete without the dark red walls and ceiling and the floor a different shade of brown than the bed’s wood.

Gothic bedroom idea with antique furniture

Gothic bedroom idea with antique furniture

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The type of furniture you use in your bedroom will affect how far you can go in your Gothic bedroom design. A bedroom with antique furniture quickly becomes a Gothic bedroom when compared to one without such furniture. From the bedside table to the dressers, chairs and mirrors, the dark colors of a Gothic bedroom should be evident in it. Some of these furniture pieces also have carvings.

You can get some antique furniture with a free shipping offer at many furniture stores in the United States of America.

Dark red gothic bedroom

Dark red gothic bedroom

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The focal point of this Gothic bedroom decor is the red curtains that draw attention away from the regular black and white wallpaper. Usually the bed is the focal point of a Gothic bedroom. Although the bed in this bedroom idea is quite large to catch the eye, the dark red curtains give it more attention.

The dark background of the ceiling and the black patterns on the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling make the dark red curtains clearly visible. Plus, the red tufted headboard stands out against the black bedding and white pillows. Finally, the decorative elements, such as the chandeliers of the bedside lamps, provide some effects, especially in chromatic contrast.

Gothic bedroom with purple furniture

Gothic bedroom with purple furniture

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To shift the focus away from the ceiling and walls of your rooms, you need to have unique furniture. Many bedrooms have furniture colors that match their walls; They can be a shade above or below the colors of the wall. However, you can have a different color for your furniture with your gothic bedroom. For example, a black and red gothic bedroom can easily incorporate purple furniture that blends in perfectly.

Purple furniture usually has a distinctly regal appeal, further enhancing the classic, romantic feel of your Gothic bedroom. Spray paint the right way: You can better integrate your chosen color scheme on the dresser, the foot of the bed and the blanket.

Modern gothic room

Modern gothic bedroom

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To achieve a distinctive look, away from the usual Victorian era gothic bedroom, you can make your bedroom look modern yet gothic. Dark colors are also not neglected. However, there is more natural light in the bedroom than a Victorian Gothic bedroom would allow.

The walls, doors and ceiling are completely covered in dark colors of your choice, while the chandelier behind the bed, the pot and the bed use different colors for contrast. Some of the bed linen, the stool and the chest of drawers are black. The whitish floor creates an interesting background on which the dark colors play.

Contrast of black bed linen and white wall

Black bedding and white wall contrast

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It may seem unusual to have the walls of a Gothic bedroom painted white; however, it creates an excellent background in which the dark colors stand out more. Using a white wall for your Gothic bedroom means that the floor should be a dark color. You can also play around with other dark colors like purple, brown, dark red and many more to see what effect they have.

The selection of furniture is also large, as white goes well with many colors. You should choose furniture in really dark colors or romantic colors like purple if it suits your goal.

final thought

A Gothic bedroom includes dark colors, classically designed furniture and some bright contrasting colors to create a unique style that can make your room a spectacular sight. Its uniqueness can be enhanced by your choice of lighting, artwork and furniture. Choose any Gothic bedroom decoration idea in this piece and give your room a new look.

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