Interior Color Trends 2019 – Decorative Inspirations and Beautiful Staging

Interior Color Trend 2019As usual, at the beginning of the year we examine the major trends in interior design and decoration of the contemporary house. In this article, we will therefore pay particular attention to the aesthetic nuances that are supposed to stay in the wind. Examine all the proposals to follow and decide for yourself what your favorite 2019 interior color trends is!


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Interior color trends 2019 – the best palettes in pictures!

Interior Color Trend 2019In the following paragraphs and the photos that accompany them, we will examine some current color charts as sources of decorative ideas. First, we will observe the objects that inspired the color palette and its specific realization in interior decoration.

Trendy interior color 2019 – Himalayan salt, beige and earth tones

Interior Color Trend 2019The first interior color trend 2019 that we would like to introduce and inspired by spices and earth. It includes Himalayan salt-themed roses, timeless beiges and all the pigments found in different soils.

Natural orange-reds act like a cozy sweater and warm up the space immediately

Interior Color Trend 2019It is a natural and warm color scheme that can be interpreted in many different ways in successful home decorating. Anyway, the final result is super cozy, which makes it indispensable during the coldest months of the year.

A nice trend color interior 2019 is bet on the warm textures

Interior Color Trend 2019Tiles, brick, wicker, reddish woods, clay and terra-cotta are just some of the admirable representatives of the palette in terms of textures not to be missed, especially if you bet on a decor Mediterranean or rustic.

Wall painting influenced by clay pigments that adapts to any style of decoration

Interior Color Trend 2019If, on the other hand, these textures are not completely adapted to your style of decoration, you can take advantage of the alternatives. A wall painting influenced by clay pigments is an excellent choice that can be adapted to any specific d├ęcor.

2019 interior color trend – greens and blues for spring and summer

Interior Color Trend 2019Then we continue with a 2019 trend color palette that is perfectly suitable for spring and summer. These are natural green and blue shades inspired by green plants and the sea respectively.

Celadon green, turquoise and sage- inspiration and decorative realization in the living room

Interior Color Trend 2019Among the most aesthetic green complexions in 2019 are celadon, turquoise, water green (or aqua), sage, apple, anise, almond and our absolute favorite. -great simply wonderful!

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A trend color interior 2019 not to be missed is opt for blue-gray

Interior Color Trend 2019The blues on their part, apart from being inspired by water, are more or less dominated by gray sub-tones. Blue horizon, pigeon blue, denim, blueberry, but also aquamarine and azure are just some of the cool summer options.

Teal mural and stunning frames add chic to the contemporary living room

Interior Color Trend 2019In addition, the shades that combine and the blues, and the greens are also a very good choice. For example, the color teal, become super popular in decoration lately, will continue to be in the wind in 2019.

Interior color trends 2019 – noble dark shades combined with mauves

Interior Color Trend 2019Subsequently, we discover a 2019 interior color trend that is able to add nobility to any space. These are dark shades of blue, green and purple, combined with tobacco and marsala tones and crowned with mauve touches.

The purple bishop, the purple and the columbine bring an aristocratic atmosphere with oneself

Interior Color Trend 2019This colorful palette is dark enough, but the aristocratic look it will bring to your home is worth the risk. We recommend deep tones such as bishop purple, purple, pigeon and aubergine.

An inescapable 2019 interior color trend is risking with dark shades

Interior Color Trend 2019The good news is that dark taupe-based shades, being neither hot nor cold, can be harmoniously associated with both the nuances of the cool spectrum and the colors of the warm palette.

Bedroom with exotic touches with anthracite wall moldings and warm decorative objects

Interior Color Trend 2019For example, a living room in taupe, blueberry and pearl gray of contemporary design is just as aesthetic as an exotic bedroom with anthracite wall moldings and decorative objects in amber, ocher and gold.

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2019 interior color trend – the marriage of broken bench and “mature” yellow

Interior Color Trend 2019Being on the subject of decorations of the house in golden tones, the last trendy palette that we will present in this article is inspired by the “mature” yellow shades, including the ocher and mustard.

The imperial yellow, orpiment, mustard, ocher and amber are just some of the golden tones at the top

Interior Color Trend 2019The other fabulous shades that complete the majestic pattern are wheat, imperial yellow, orpiment and amber. They were given the yellow name “mature” because their sub-tones are not very bright, even deaf.

Interior color trend 2019 – pastel yellow and sunflower yellow

Interior Color Trend 2019Of course, there are other paths to follow. Who does not like the folded shades can quietly choose the pastel yellow, as well as the super fresh canary yellow. The yellow sunflower is also super charming, especially in the decoration of the chic adult bedroom.

Combine yellow, white and light blue to evoke the sun and the sea

Interior Color Trend 2019People who find that marriage of white and yellow is too boring, can energize it with a few blue touches. This combination is super cheerful and creates a lot of good mood, especially in summer, as it evokes the sun and the sea.

Modern design studio decorated in white with several yellow and blue keys

Interior Color Trend 2019Depending on the style of the furniture and other decorations, you can succeed in this palette and in the retro chic house, and in the ultra-modern design apartments. Finally, whatever your favorite 2019 color trend, stay creative and do not be afraid to experiment!