Most Popular Interior Decoration Trends for Winter 2025

Interior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019 With the new year and the arrival of winter come new trends in decoration so you can equip your home with the latest, to match this season. In the new trends, the cold and soft colors that bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the home and that you can use on floors, textiles, furniture and details to make your home a more welcoming place than ever will be unchecked. In this article of decor trends we are going to discover the trends of winter interior decoration 2025 so that, so, you can equip your house with the latest news.

Trendy colors 2025

This season they will take the light blue ranges indoors (although with some dark contrast), the bright grays and the earth tones will continue to rise, inspired by the clay, which you can also use on the details. In addition, a color that was already a trend in the autumn of the previous year is rescued: the wine tone or marsala color.

Finally, we should not ignore the green dyes, even those that mix blues and greens, those that remember the depths of the ocean, without discarding the natural colors that evoke open and leafy forests.

Popular Materials for 2025Interior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

Another trend of interior decoration winter has to do with the materials used. We would highlight, above all others, natural wood. It is a perfect material for winter, for the warmth it brings, its resistance and its possibilities of combination with the colors that are trend, and that also follows the path of that evocation to the forest that decorators are looking for this season. Similarly, the furniture and details with aged effect or wood close to gray will be a success.

Steel, glass and silver tones are still carried on chairs and various furniture. Another material that is on the rise is granite, which will combine and complement the grays. As for the floors, will return to be the trend of stone in brown or gray.

Tonal combinations in interior decoration

The decoration proposed by the black-white or black and red binomial gradually leaves the bet to decorate bedrooms, living rooms and living rooms in three tones. For example, two shades of blue and one of green and vice versa, that remember the sea and keep a harmony and balance, without renouncing elegance and warmth.

Another winning bet is the combination of a gray tone, a light brown and a more vivid color that tends to red, such as garnet, marsala or even burgundy red in small details. The white should not be discarded, since it is perfect for the winter in walls, textiles and large furniture, because it suggests purity and makes the spaces appear more luminous, rescuing the usual lack of winter light.

Decorative styles 2025Interior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

The decorators are still betting on vintage type details, such as telephones, tableware, chandeliers or small furniture. In addition, the natural decoration will be strengthened to follow the suggestion of recreating an aspect of forest or jungle in our interiors. A good idea, will be the paintings of plants or vertical natural compositions.

In addition, in this new year are the geometric sets, both in furniture, blankets and other textiles, as complements or hexagonal mirrors.

Copper in interior decorationInterior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

A fashionable decorative style that we propose is the one that makes its particular tribute to metals, especially copper. It will give a particular vividness and elegance to the interiors and a much needed brightness for the times of less light.

Incorporate it in furniture, in lamps and vases, in paintings or decorative objects or on shelves. You can even paint one of the walls of this texture and upholster one or several cushions with copper tone. The results will be wonderful and the space will take on a look of luxury and glamor! Combine it with white, with soft tones and with materials such as glass, leather and silver.

Scandinavian style, very fashionable!Interior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

Another trend of winter interior decoration is to emulate some styles that are triumphing this year. The Scandinavian style will take this autumn winter and is a very tempting trend for the colder seasons because it recovers the brightness of very pure white and makes the spaces appear more luminous and large .

The main keys of the Nordic or Scandinavian style is to combine light wood furniture with lacquered white. Although we can incorporate small details of color, these two tones will be the main protagonists and will monopolize almost all the visual space.

We must also remember that it is a style of minimalist trend, so we recreate open spaces, fleeing from everything baroque or ornate and fabrics or furniture of various colors, while the spheres and straight lines will be the style queens.

Natural style for interior decorationInterior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

As we have previously explained throughout the article, nature again breaks into our houseduring this winter. To recreate it, we will use wood (light colored, although it is enough to be a natural and untreated tone), plants, neutral tones or colors that remind us of the forest or nature in general.

We will use natural fibers such as bamboo (bamboo floors are trend this season), or wicker furniture and small accessories, as well as fabrics such as skin, cotton, linen and, above all, wool, recovering a little the decoration typical of past eras.

This season, cork is also important in furniture, details or occupying a whole wall. Besides that it is a very natural material, it is 100% sustainable and it will be very practical to not lose any note or accessory.

Industrial styleInterior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

If it was already in the last season, this year will continue to be a successful option to decorate living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. It is a modern style that tends to minimalism, but recovers retro tones.

The main materials are iron and steel, but if you find it too cold for winter, you can counteract its effect with wooden furniture, rugs or headboards and light-colored upholstery. In addition, the brick walls will help bring warmth to the home and are part of this particular style of New York inspiration.

Eclectic spacesInterior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

It is not easy to successfully combine a space following the maxims of the eclectic style, but it is a challenge that can give delicious -and original- results during this winter.

In this style, we will mix furniture and details from different eras and decorative styles. Everything must be decorated with harmony, but we must ensure that each of the furniture has a specific function in a precise space.

We will mix, for this, furniture from different periods, but trying that the palette of colors is not very different, so that the contrast does not give us an effect of disorder in the visual space.

For the most cheerful: the Shabby Chic styleInterior Decoration Trends for Winter 2019

This style that continues to set the trend is perhaps the most appropriate for people who seek to provide their interiors with joy during the winter months, recalling the mood of summer and spring. It is a decorative movement that uses floral prints, a decoration reminiscent of spring and different shades of varied colors, mostly in pastel.

For example, a light green, turquoise blue, beige so as not to recharge or pink, although without belittling white, which often serves as a base also in Shabby Chic. Perfect for women and for those who want to open the door of their house to an atmosphere of romance.

Other elements of the Shabby Chic are the prints of various colors, the blankets with circles or borders, the quilts or curtains with the pachwork technique, as well as floral patterns, in curtains, bedspreads, blankets and cushions, without forgetting the presence of vases with flowers or natural plants.

Tribute to ecology

In addition, the sustainable and the “green” continues to be fashionable, so decorating according to this trend will be the latest and show your family and visitors your commitment to the Planet.

In this style, the most beneficial materials for the environment predominate, such as bamboo or wicker, and in textiles we flee from the synthetic and opt for materials such as cotton. This trend creates from recycled raw materials and reuses old or used furniture to give them a second life.

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