Interior Door Trends 2025

As in interior design in general, in 2025 the emphasis is on practicality, emphasized simplicity and minimalism, elegance and environmental friendliness.

Interior Door Trends 2025

Interior doors, in addition to their direct functional purpose, play a significant role in interior design, complementing the style and adding to the missing elements. An interior door completes the decor of a particular room, like the last piece of a puzzle. Therefore, the right choice should perfectly match your style and complement the integrity of each room.

We offer you the most popular trends in 2025 in the design of interior doors. We hope they will impress you, be successfully implemented and create a spectacular interior in your home.

Door design 2025: wide doors add uniqueness

Door design 2025

Width doors are considered one of the main trends of 2025. Such a door will visually increase the space and will surely attract attention, enriching the interior with a noticeable splash of color and texture. The material in this decision is quite secondary, and even the most modest and common colors and textures will look advantageous – only the width of the door can make itself known.

Another advantage of this solution is that it is quite simple to implement. We have ready-made doors up to 90 cm wide in our warehouse, and individual models up to 95 cm wide can be produced on order. Imagine how great these doors will look in luxury configurations: double hinged, double coupe.

Interior door 2025: high doors for high standards

Interior door 2025

The door, in which the emphasis is on increased height, will bring an element of prestige to your apartment, creating a special atmosphere and mood in it. This option is best suited for rooms with low ceilings, since the higher the height of the doors, the higher the walls and ceiling will appear. However, tall doors will suit any room if you choose the color and material that matches the style of the room. Our company manufactures custom-made doors up to 2400 mm high. Some models may be even higher.

Interior door trends 2025: invisible doors – for connoisseurs of style

Interior Door Trends 2025

The popularity of invisible doors has been growing for several years, and at first glance it becomes immediately clear why. This is a refined example of minimalism, exciting with its elegance. Invisible doors visually lack the usual platbands, and the canvas is in the same plane with the wall.

As a rule, this door model is painted in the same color as the walls. This option becomes an indispensable solution for rooms where you need to save space or hide the entrance to utility rooms or a bathroom. But taking into account the original design of invisible doors, they can be a full-fledged element of the interior or a special accent in the design. You will make absolutely the right decision if you highlight such a door with a contrasting color and draw additional attention to it.

Invisible doors are supplied primed to finish to give customers the freedom to implement ideas, but can be factory painted with Italian RAL enamel on request.

Door trends 2025: timeless minimalism

Interior Door Trends 2025

The purity of the lines of modern interiors puts forward special requirements for doors. The minimalist style involves a flat and even surface of the doors, consisting of one continuous panel. These doors look great both in neutral colors that match the color of the walls, and in bright accent colors.

They differ from invisible ones in that they are installed with platbands, and are not necessarily flush with the wall. And it is already clear that they make up a delightful ensemble with invisible doors that will make the room modern and stylish. In addition, minimalistic doors are easy to maintain, have a long service life, and have increased strength.

Trends in interior doors 2025: glazed double doors “in the top”

Trends in interior doors 2025

Glass is the leading door material in 2025. Whereas in the past doors were primarily designed to isolate spaces in a home, today the most successful design projects aim to unify spaces and make the most of natural light.

An important element in such projects are glazed doors, especially sliding ones. They can serve both as an undoubted decoration of the interior, and as a means of functional zoning – for example, to separate the living room from the hall. It is clear that the unification of space works within reasonable limits and privacy is also needed. To do this, we offer doors with tinted tempered glass, which gives the perfect combination of aesthetics, privacy and security.

Door trends 2025: sliding doors – use space efficiently

Interior Door Trends 2025

This particular type of door was previously used mainly in bathrooms and kitchens. The high practicality of this configuration has made the pencil case doors popular in other rooms. The canvas sliding inside the wall saves space and emphasizes the simplicity of the style. This is a great solution for small spaces where there is not enough space for a swing door.

We remind you that on entrance doors, on request, you can also install an inner lining of the same door model as the interior doors.

Interior door color trends 2025

Interior door color trends 2025

The color of the door plays an important role in the design and can greatly enhance the interior and create a comfortable environment. In 2025, there will be a trend towards the use of concise, soothing colors to create an atmosphere of safety and security.

For many years, neutral colors have remained popular: beige, milky, ivory, light gray. They fit perfectly with any style and color combination, but are best suited for classic looks. In addition, these colors perfectly complement other decorative elements, ensuring the integrity of the interior design.

Wenge color models

Consider choosing darker shades for your interior doors. They can be in classic wenge, and in modern graphite or dark gray colors. The first option will balance the contrasts in the room and create a warm homely atmosphere. This is a classic that goes with any style.

Graphite and deep gray color will be a great note in an urban high-tech interior. Gray shades can be effectively complemented by an unusual coating structure – for example, imitate plaster or concrete. These doors are guaranteed to impress!


In 2025, the undisputed leader is black or white enameled fittings. We especially recommend looking at the black fittings. Adding a black handle to light-colored doors gives the design a deep, rich contrast, creating a simple elegance.

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