Kitchen design 6 sq.m. – new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

Kitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator Hello dear readers of the blog ! Can’t decide what your six-meter kitchen should be like? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! In this article, we will tell you how to make the right choice, discuss the most common options, features and subtleties of decoration, and also consider great ideas for the design of such rooms in multiple real photos. Let’s start in order.

Kitchen design novelties 6 sq.m. with refrigerator and bar counter 2021-2022Kitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

The kitchen is a space that reflects the tastes and preferences of the homeowners. Therefore, you should be very careful to develop the design of this room so that it is beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Since food is prepared in this room, it must be finished with special materials, among which the most popular today are plastic panels.

Kitchen trends in 2021-2022, it is fashionable to use corner interiors. They are very comfortable. If earlier there were almost no bar counters, now it is the main piece of furniture in small kitchens. Racks are able to visually expand the space. They free up space for installing the refrigerator.

In addition, there is no need for a dining table. You can install a bar counter anywhere. It is compact and does not take up much space. This piece of furniture by the window looks perfect. In this case, the stand can be combined with the windowsill.

An important value in arranging a small kitchen is the choice of colors. The most popular today are light colors and shades. They visually expand the space, make the room more spacious and brighter. Light tones include milky, light beige and light gray shades.

Design with refrigerator and balconyKitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

The most convenient kitchens are those that have a balcony or loggia. In this case, the design of the room can be very diverse. A balcony can be a great place to relax if you equip it with a coffee table with two or three wicker chairs.

It can also function as a pantry if you place several cabinets on it, which can store various useful things, including kitchen utensils and hygiene products.

It will easily fit on the balcony and a bar counter used instead of a dining table. In this case, a dining room will appear, where there will be a convenient place for a refrigerator. Thanks to this, free space will appear in the kitchen.

If the freezer is left in the eating room, it is advisable not to be too bulky. In order for the unit to take up less space, you can build it into a kitchen set. It is most convenient to install the equipment by the window, near the exit or opposite it.

To visually expand the room, it is enough to know some secrets. You can not decorate the window and door, or hang the balcony door with a long curtain, and hang white roller blinds on the window.

Earlier, in one of the articles, we already once examined in detail what curtains you can choose for the kitchen, and what they are generally, if you are interested – follow the link and get acquainted!

If possible, install the kitchen set on the balcony, or combine the balcony with the dining area.

Kitchen interior in United StatesKitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

Kitchen 6 sq. meters in United States can be turned into a beautiful and multifunctional room, fortunately, there are now many opportunities for this. It is difficult to imagine it without a refrigerator, since this unit is very necessary and important for people.

But since there is not much space in a small room, you need to think carefully about how to install the device so that it does not seem superfluous, looks original, corresponds to the general style. In 2021-2022, it has become a fashionable trend to hide this household appliance in a kitchen set.

Such a disguise allows you to make the room organic and harmoniously arrange the rest of the furniture and appliances. Today, home appliance manufacturers have begun to produce models that do not stand out against the background of the surrounding space.

They can be hidden in a closet, closet, or placed under a countertop. If the room has a niche, it is perfect for installing a refrigerator.

Do not forget that household appliances should have colors that are harmoniously combined with other colors and shades used in the interior arrangement, as well as corresponding to the chosen style. Only in this case it is possible to make the room seem cozier and to be comfortable in it.

Interior design room 6 squares with gas stove (column)Kitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

If the kitchen area is only 6 sq. meters, this does not mean that the premises cannot be beautiful, comfortable and functional. With the careful selection of furniture, color palette, household appliances, as well as their correct installation in place, you can turn a tiny room into your dream zone.

There are many interesting solutions and design novelties for its arrangement. There is room for a small table, a couple of chairs and all the necessary household appliances.

To accommodate the necessary little things and dishes, it will be enough to install several cabinets. Hanging closed and open shelves are perfect for this purpose, the main thing is to hang them so that it is convenient to get the items stored in them.

You can always find a place for a small refrigerator: put it against the wall, behind the door, or under the countertop.

If the eating area is equipped with a gas boiler or a water heater, then even these not very small objects can perfectly fit into the design, giving the room a modern look. The main thing is to correctly approach their installation, because it is known that the column should recede from the wall or cabinet by at least 3 cm.

There are different options for what can be done so that the column does not catch the eye and spoil the interior. You can close it with a kitchen set, use a plastic box to disguise it, or make it fit into the interior of the room (for which it is necessary that the color of the column matches the colors used to decorate the entire room).

Washing machine indoorsKitchen design 6 sq.m. - new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator

A small kitchen is not yet a reason to be upset, since there are many interesting and relevant design solutions in order to make it cozy and functional. It is impossible to imagine a modern eating area without a refrigerator. It is also very convenient when the washing machine is installed in it.

To save as much space as possible, you need to think about where the washing machine will be located. There are several options – under the worktop next to the gas stove, near the sink (built into the headset). To install a freezer or washing machine, you can also use a niche, which is sometimes found in the room.

What color scheme the small kitchen is made in is very important. Classic colors (black and white) are often used to decorate this room. But recently, other, more saturated and cheerful colors and shades have been increasingly used.

Green tones add freshness to the room. It is natural strength and harmony that energizes a person. The use of red tones awakens from sleep, stimulates mental activity and attention, stimulates appetite.

The kitchen looks perfect in light pastel colors, which can be diluted with some bright accents.

Well that’s all – it’s time to finish. We hope that after reading this article, you have finally decided what your six-meter beauty should be. It remains only to implement the ideas. Great luck!

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