Lighting trends: What chandeliers to buy in 2024?

Lighting trends 2024 The main lighting trends 2024 will surprise you with their versatility. You can easily apply each of them, and it does not even require special courage. And all because the trends of 2024 are based on eternal interior values – functionality, elegance, simplicity and naturalness.

Contemporary lighting design blurs the lines between artful decoration and utilitarian objects. Craftsmen draw inspiration from the jewelry art, where glamor has long been the norm, and excessive pretentiousness is not an obstacle to functionality (for example, in the design of wristwatches). Very often, with its intricacy and fantasy, modern lighting creates a bewitching atmosphere and, in addition to functionality, becomes a kind of philosophical statement of the designer.

Here are the main key trends in lighting design:

  • use of links and chains in the design of lamps;
  • adaptation of the exquisite experience of past eras: rococo, baroque, empire, modern;
  • active use of geometry;
  • increasing the relevance of pendants. Using this technique expands the space;
  • flowing lines and smoky glass, creating a special mysterious atmosphere and alluring radiance;
  • unexpectedly decadent decoration techniques;
  • Luxurious decoration that adds dazzling brilliance to details and gives the impression of real jewels.

Let’s dwell on each trend in more detail and consider where it originates from, how it manifests itself in real objects, and for what purposes certain lamps can be used in the interior.

So, let’s see what kind of lighting is relevant in 2024, and which lamps you need to choose to give the interior a stylish modern look.

Art Deco LightsLighting trends 2024

Designers offer to return to the past, or rather to the 30s of the XX century – the heyday of the Art Deco style with its glossy sheen of metal and mirror surfaces. Plafonds of clear and frosted glass, an abundance of gold and brass, modernist shapes and unexpected design twists – this is what an average art deco lamp looks like, designed to give the space an unobtrusive chic of luxury and glamour.

Metal elements in the design of lamps have an interesting property to visually increase the cost of the interior. Hang a chandelier and a couple of art deco wall lights in the simplest and most uncluttered room, and an ordinary living room will instantly turn into a spectacular hall like from the Great Gatsby movie.

Black accentsLighting trends 2024

To add personality to the space, complement the interior of neutral basic shades (beige, gray, white) with elements of black light. Black can be both decor (paintings, vases, wall panels), and lamps – a floor lamp, table lamp, chandelier or wall lamps.

Black elements emphasize the contrast of colors and give the interior the necessary depth. By adding even a couple of black touches to the space, you will be surprised how much your room will be transformed.

Unusual lamps and floor lampsLighting trends 2024

In 2024, designers recommend using lighting devices not only for their intended purpose. Now lamps and floor lamps should not only carry out their main function and illuminate, but also surprise, because from now on they have a responsible mission – to arouse admiration – with their design and possibilities for distributing light fluxes. Therefore, feel free to buy unusually shaped lamps and watch the reaction of guests at the first glance at your personal home art objects.

Biophilic designLighting trends 2024

The main trend of recent years is the course towards environmental friendliness and the use of natural motifs in design. These are mainly lamps with plafonds, lampshades or elements made of natural materials (wood, paper, linen, rattan, cork), a natural palette of colors (all shades of earth, stone, greenery, sky), shapes imitating natural objects, and an abundance of greenery. One of the latest hits is pendant and wall lights with built-in planters that can accommodate live or artificial plants.

Spots instead of a chandelierLighting trends 2024

More and more designers and owners of studios with low ceilings and atypical layouts prefer spots that successfully replace chandeliers in modern apartments. Do not think that the spot is necessarily something simple and concise.

Trendy spot models look stylish and original and have a number of advantages. They do not burden the space, provide full lighting and are installed on any type of ceiling, including suspended and suspended structures.

Thanks to the movable bracket, the light flux is directed in any direction, which is very convenient. You can control the lighting in the room yourself, creating a suitable lighting design depending on your needs.

Also, an indisputable advantage of spots is their low cost compared to chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Links and chainsLighting trends 2024

  • Chains and links used in pendant lamps as a holding structure, of course, were spied on by jewelers. If you want to bring something new to your interior, but at the same time not go beyond the classic style, then pay attention to these lamps.
  • Transform everyday lighting with rugged, industrial-style fixtures featuring chainmail-like metal weaves, anchor chains, or lathe-cut details.

Circle geometryLighting trends 2024

  • Rings, rounds and ovals remain an important trend for Fall/Winter 2023/2024. Such a pattern in its original symbolism is associated with the target, and therefore with the goal, so it creates a feeling of rapid movement forward and adds dynamics to the interior.
  • In such objects, the minimalist aesthetic, combined with circular elements and any finish (both matte and glossy), creates a clean silhouette and a sophisticated look of the lamp.
  • Luminaires that use many rounded geometric shapes look very impressive, as, for example, in the Tina Turner lamp.

Jewelry pendantsLighting trends 2024

  • Ceiling lamps in the form of jewelry pendants or beads have recently become extremely popular. These lamps look like a necklace, the design of which plays with balance, adding lightness and playfulness to the interior.
  • Elongated proportions of hanging lamps will serve as a kind of decoration of the space and emphasize the vertical, visually increasing the height of the ceiling, like earrings, lengthening the neck.
  • By the way, placing such a multi-level lamp with many lamps in a public space would be a great option. In addition to functional power, it will create a unique lighting design and work to fill the space, or even become a central element around which the entire design will be built.

Smooth linesLighting trends 2024

Curvy lines and free flowing configurations add drama to the space. The relevance of such lamps has been preserved for several years, firstly, due to its simplicity and minimalism, and, secondly, due to its versatility: such lighting will be appropriate everywhere. Due to the unusual geometric shape and unevenly distributed light, the lamp will create a chamber and cozy atmosphere in your home. And smooth flowing silhouettes can be not only a utilitarian object in the interior, but also a stylish accessory.

Mysterious glassLighting trends 2024

  • Modern technological discoveries can turn ordinary glass objects into art objects. All kinds of lamps, from table lamps to ceiling lamps, can transform into ghostly, almost ethereal objects, illuminating a room with their magical light.
  • What tricks designers use to create something new and unusual out of trivial glass. So, for example, a method of processing glass appeared by implanting thin metal threads into it, playing the role of a kind of frame for the intricate shape of the ceiling. This principle was used in the manufacture of the Zeals lamp.
  • Designers actively use geometry when creating shapes: vertical or wavy lines, circles, thereby adding complexity to the design, which, in turn, creates a play of light and shadow when the lamp is on.

Lighting is the main point of attention in the interior, because it can either bring all the objects together and complete a single picture of your interior, or bring dissonance into it and break the harmony. As we can see, the main trend now is escapism and self-expression through the aesthetics of luxury or mystery. That is why unusual, slightly surreal or even inappropriate, at first glance, lamps in this interior are so relevant. It is easy to get lost in such a variety of options, however, do not despair. Self-expression is still a key factor when choosing a particular luminaire or lighting method.. Create your own style, using either rough functional industrial fixtures, or dramatic lighting items, or elegant and sophisticated designs. Think of lighting as room decoration and explore all its forms, from pendant necklace-like pendants to faceted sconces and ornate floor lamps.

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