Options For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Options For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022 We figure out which prints to choose and how to stick wallpaper on the wall if you are going to decorate a bedroom.

Today, paint is more common in wall decoration, and wood panels, plaster and other similar materials are used as accents. It seems that wallpaper has lost its former popularity. But it is not so. If you like the decorativeness that this coating creates, do not give up on it. We tell you what wallpaper will be fashionable for the bedroom in 2022.

All about the trendiest 2022 bedroom wallpaper

Actual drawings and plots

Print trends don’t really update that often. They gradually replace each other: some are found in one season a little more often, others less often. And there are those that are always relevant. As a rule, these are classic floral or animalistic patterns.

Such finishes can be found from leading manufacturers such as Cole and Son, Chesapeake or Chelsea Decor. The only question is the budget. But if you are designing one accent, it makes sense to purchase designer wallpapers. They differ in the quality of the pattern itself, and in the brightness of the color, and in style. In addition, you can choose the material: non-woven, vinyl or classic paper. The handcrafted accent can take the whole decor to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at fashionable wallpaper prints for the walls in the bedroom.

GeometryOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

This is just an example of a classic pattern. Geometry will never lose its relevance. The question is in the design of the print itself. Today, rather simple drawings are relevant, without intricate details. Designers choose patterns of two or three colors, no more.

Notice how cool a geometric pattern can correct the proportions of a room. Vertical – will increase the height of the ceiling, horizontal – will expand the walls.

If the room is narrow, try horizontal stripes as accents. By stripe we mean the direction of the pattern, it is not necessary to choose a striped print.

MuralsOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Used in almost all rooms, from guest bedrooms to children’s bedrooms. What can we say about master bedrooms.

To choose the current drawing, browse the selections of foreign manufacturers. It is from the panel that it is very easy to slip into bad taste if you choose an unsuccessful model. You should definitely not pay attention to city landscapes, photo wallpapers with types of tourist places, realistic images of flowers, plants and animals.

But you definitely can’t go wrong if you choose more decorative prints. These can be the same tropical plants, flowers, animals and even landscapes. The main difference is their graphic quality, let them be as if drawn, resemble a fresco. By the way, murals also have an optical illusion effect. They expand the space great. And designers often use them in small bedrooms as an accent at the head of the bed. If you have a Khrushchev, take a closer look at this particular coating option.

Decorative drawings

In this case, the print style is important. These are not realistic images, but very decorative. Most often in projects today there are three types of prints.

AnimalisticsOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Classics of the genre. Just don’t get carried away with photos of cats and tigers, let it be drawings that are repeated, even resembling kitsch. Do you want more serious? You can also find neat, sophisticated images. The main thing is the absence of monograms, gold and other paraphernalia of the 2000s.

Graphic artsOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

This is more about the style than the images themselves. It can be stylized graphics, toile, watercolors and just pretty printed pictures. The plots do not matter. The selection below contains plants, people, and objects.

FloristicsOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Plants never lose their relevance, only the form is transformed. Whereas before there were refined, royal flowers, today they are more decorative works. Note again: no realism.

Another classic of floristic patterns is chints. This is the most refined option, which will fit well in modern and neoclassical interiors. In addition, Western designers call such a coating an indispensable component of the new style – grandmillennial. In fact, this is a mixture of the traditional and the modern: there is a bit of shabby chic, American style, but always with modern forms. The Grandmillennial effortlessly blends slightly naive floral wallpapers and textiles, crisp vintage furniture and a soft palette of shades. And this style looks very nice in the rest room.

TexturedOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

The new wallpaper trends for 2022 is textured wallpaper for the bedroom. They quickly conquer the hearts of designers and customers. It can be either realistic wallpaper (with the effect of stone, streaks or even metal), or more decorative (such as plaster and abstraction). Among the textured coatings, it is easy to choose a print that suits the style. If you want a bright wall, choose a more aggressive pattern. In some designs, for example, in minimalism, such an accent is not needed, so you can choose a plaster-like coating in the color of the main finish.

How fashionable it is now to glue wallpaper in the bedroomOptions For Trendy Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Designers offer several ways to cover walls.

  • The traditional method is as the main finish, that is, completely all walls. Reception is infrequent. But, if you like dynamics and decorativeness, why not give it a try. In this case, it is better not to experiment with furniture and textiles, let them be simpler.
  • An accent wall is an equally popular way. Usually, in this way, the surface at the head of the bed is distinguished. But this is not the only option. You can also highlight the adjacent wall. There are no strict rules. Notice how the designers combine the wallpaper with other materials: slats, stucco and moldings. The combination allows you to enhance the accent.
  • Separate zones. This is a great solution for highlighting individual areas or combining materials. Who said you need to highlight the headboard? In the photo below there are interesting examples with a dressing table and a partial highlighting of the accent surface.
  • Niches. Not a bad idea for a niche bed. It can be created artificially by placing a system of built-in wardrobes around the bed. The accent in the niche will emphasize the geometry of the room and visually slightly increase the size of the recess itself.

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