Most Popular Wallpapers for 2022

Most Popular Wallpapers for 2022 Chinz, engraving, animalism and abstraction – we list the current plots on the wallpaper trends that you should take a closer look at in the next season.

Wallpaper is one of the most convenient wall decoration options. Affected by the choice of prints, ease of use and the availability of materials for any budget. However, designers today look at working with them differently. We will tell you how to choose trendy wallpapers in 2022 for the living room and not only.

Popular Wallpaper 2022

The main trends in decorationMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

It may seem that this coating is not relevant, and designers often prefer paint as the main wall decoration. This is partly true. Paint is really one of the favorites, but wallpaper linens do not lose their positions, they are still in fashion. To create an actual interior, take note of several features of working with this material.

  • They are less and less used to decorate all the walls in a room; fashionable wallpapers in 2022 are glued to only one wall or even a section of it. This solution can help in adjusting the proportions of the room and its size: it will look deeper. If you are attracted to the idea of an accent wall, look for beautiful, expensive handicrafts. Moreover, a couple of rolls will be enough – for example, if you glue them inside the molding.
  • In domestic projects, bright, saturated prints are often used as an accent. This principle can be traced in the design of common areas: entrance hall, kitchen, living room. Fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom today is not too flashy, neat and calm.
  • Today, wallpaper is also suitable for damp rooms such as toilet and bathroom.

Trendy wallpaper for walls in 2022

It is difficult to work with prints in the interior. Every detail counts. Monograms, neon paints, silk-screen printing – all this was popular in the early 2000s. Today they are replaced by natural materials, eco and design from the 70s. And that’s just part of it. We will tell you which wallpapers are the most fashionable now.

Toile de Jouy and engravingMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

The type of fabric with a printed pattern is called toile. The prints are pastoral, neoclassical and animalistic. However, designers are not limited to them, they are happy to stylize prints like a printed drawing. Toile gained particular popularity thanks to the 2019 Dior collection.

Toile is easy to combine with almost any scale: graphic quality affects. And the simplicity and decorativeness of the pattern make it universal for any interior. But such patterns are especially good in modern and neoclassical interiors. Engraving patterns can be an alternative to toiley.

ChintzMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

Another pattern that has appeared in the interior thanks to the fashion world. Chints is an Indian linen and cotton fabric decorated with flowers. Chinz has been popular for several years and is unlikely to give up positions in the next few years. Floral patterns are classics that are with us forever.

Chinz is an unobtrusive and neat print that fans of calm interiors will appreciate. Subtle motives are suitable for any room.

GreensMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

The topic of ecology is one of the most important today. It affects all aspects of life, including the interior. Eco-style finishes are natural prints. Green motifs and tropical graphics are especially popular among designers. And not necessarily on a light background, the most spectacular – with a black background.

You can safely try them to decorate different rooms. If a green theme is close to you, but in general you prefer quieter motives, try to imagine such a trendy wallpaper in the hallway. We don’t spend much time here, so we can afford brighter solutions. Moreover, interior spaces, often devoid of natural light, are not the most convenient place for potted plants. It is possible to green this area of the apartment just with the help of wall decoration.

TexturedMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

Textures have taken over the market. If you can’t surprise anyone with a stone countertop or a wooden panel, then paper or vinyl rolls are easy. Moreover, the companies offer the most non-standard solutions in the form of metallized shiny patterns.

Textured finishes will play in a minimalist interior, where the main emphasis is on materials. But be careful with their combination. The easiest way is to choose them by color, let the patterns have one tone that unites them.

At the same time, we do not recommend using two identical patterns on different surfaces: you should not place a stone table next to a textured marble finish. They will clearly not match, and walls next to natural material will look cheap.

AbstractionMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

This includes color spots of any size that are found in design projects today.

At the peak of popularity – drawings in the Memphis style. This trend is experiencing a renaissance, so all aspects of design associated with it are very popular among interior fashionistas. Distinguish modern abstraction bright colors and complex patterns vague, similar to the geometry.

GeometryMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

Not a bad solution for a small room or for a non-standard layout. Geometry today is not just slurred printed rectangles, circles or lines. Modern geometry is an abstraction with a bias towards art. Companies offer designs with metallic accents and bold color combinations. Perhaps such a coating will look too bright and intrusive if used for a monotonous design. However, it is ideal for a bright accent.

Original drawingsMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

It is not easy to choose them. Take inspiration from iconic manufacturers such as Cole & Son, Borastapeter and EcoWallpaper to find out which designs to look out for.

There is no single trend, the selection is made for a specific room and style. Finishing material “with a chink” looks great in catchy kitsch decorations, in the bedroom at the head of the bed or as an accent in the living room. And in this way, you can decorate a room for a teenager, with a high probability the owner or hostess will appreciate the non-standard choice of print.

AnimalisticsMost Popular Wallpapers for 2022

This is not new, but animals are becoming more decorative. Repeating motifs and combinations with animal patterns are found in kitsch-style designs and translate into real projects.

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