7 Kitchen Design Trends In 2024

Kitchen Design Trends In 2024

To figure out which kitchens will be trendy in the near future, the Indecortrends team studied new projects for kitchen trends 2024. Despite their amazing variety, we managed to track down 7 obvious trends in the design of modern kitchens. We are pleased to bring to your attention modern trends in kitchen design! For clarity, … Read more

Popular Kitchen Design 2024 – Main Trends And Colors

Kitchen Design 2024

The kitchen in the apartment is a symbolic place. The atmosphere of the whole dwelling depends on how it will be framed. When choosing a fashionable kitchen design 2024, it is worth remembering that conciseness, functionality and environmental friendliness are in trend in 2023-2024. Natural colors, simple lines and shapes, naturalness are what should be … Read more

White Kitchen Color Trends 2024

White Kitchen Color Schemes 2019

The all-white kitchen was among the most sought-after models in 2023 thanks to its clean, light and bright appearance. There are, however, many trendy options regarding the contemporary kitchen color and the right combination of shades adding a pinch of personality and a lot of freshness to your purist interior. Take advantage of the some … Read more

Kitchen Design 2024 – Emerging Trends Mix Sobriety, Comfort and Colors

Trendy Kitchen 2019

In terms of emerging trends, the kitchen of the year 2024 is a special place, combining sobriety, comfort and natural colors. The trendy kitchen plunges into an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality and combines the ergonomics of the storage space and the sobriety of the lines. Its interior favors colors and materials that breathe nature. … Read more