Wallpaper Trends 2024: The only way to make walls

Wallpaper Trends 2024 2023 has been a great time for interior design, but we’re even more excited for wallpaper trends in 2024! Not only is wallpaper the reborn must-have decorative item for the home, now wallpaper murals are all the rage! Boring repeat patterns are no longer acceptable. Instead, landscapes, works of art and bold statements are the order of the day! It’s the only way to beautify walls these days…

Would you like to know which wallpapers are trending in 2024? Look forward to murals with beautiful green wallpaper – from dark forest tones to Mediterranean olive tones. Let yourself be warmed by bold orange tones with marble effects that you never thought possible! Or take yourself back to the 1960s with a retro wallpaper that could have been in John Lennon’s living room! And not only that, there are so many other wallpaper trends for 2024… just wait and see!

Green wallpaper that’s almost delicious (sage and olives)Wallpaper Trends 2024

All green wallpapers are welcome in 2024! From delicious olive and sage green wallpaper to earthy moss green tones that will bring you back to earth. It’s true: In ’22, green is the color to crave. These earthy tones not only reflect our natural surroundings but are also easy to decorate with. If you choose natural wooden furniture, such as B. the stylish dining table set above, you can complement green tones with sustainable, plant-based products. In addition to wood, you can also choose rattan, hemp and wicker.

In addition to earthy olive, moss and sage tones, richer nuances of this popular color are also popular in 2024. Dark green wallpaper like this Forest Glow artwork adds a dramatic vibe to the room. And since it’s a green and gold wallpaper, there’s a touch of luxury too. Even though the gold is printed and not shimmery, it still offers a touch of glamour. Plus, a beautiful green wallpaper is a great choice when you want a home that everyone will love: whether you’re entertaining friends and family in the spare room or trying to sell your home. It’s true, many of us love the color green! It brings us closer to nature, is good for our mental health and promotes concentration. What’s not to love?

Wallpaper trends 2024 is about warm orange wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2024

If your home is lacking in energy and you want to draw the attention of your family and friends to the design of your home, then an orange wallpaper is the answer! This shade isn’t just for fall anymore, it can be used all year round! Especially if you live in a colder climate! Orange is the same hue as fire and will bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space: perfect for a cozy bedroom or living room!

If you want to take it a step further with an orange wallpaper, why not choose something like this Acorns and Oak Leaves Wall Mural. As you can see, a squiggly orange wallpaper can really enhance a neutral setting. Although it evokes autumnal orange leaves and fallen acorns, it works just as well in the heat and makes you think of dramatic orange sunsets in midsummer… Believe us. Cheerful, warm and bold orange wallpaper can bring so much to a home.

A vintage wallpaper Queen Victoria would love!Wallpaper Trends 2024

Another big wallpaper trend for 2024 is vintage wallpaper – and we couldn’t be happier. Vintage designs not only suit a historic building or add charm to a new build, but also create a sense of familiar comfort. We don’t mean that they make your home look like your grandma’s house! The latest vintage wallpaper designs are putting a new spin on the old. Like this William Morris wallpaper called Larkspur Pattern. This enlarged version of one of his original works allows you to focus on the design instead of squinting at the small and intricate patterns. And if you’re a fan of the Victorian era, our William Morris range has got you covered. Did you know that Queen Victoria herself commissioned Morris & Company to design a special wallpaper for Balmoral Castle?

Another vintage wallpaper trend for 2024 that is still in demand is the chinoiserie design. Oriental-inspired chinoiserie wallpaper takes us a step back in time to the 17th and 18th centuries. Prepare to decorate walls or even entire rooms with Japanese gardens and beautiful birds. If you really want to be creative, you can divide and frame the wallpaper and mount it on the wall to make it look like antique art.

If you love Jane Austen and like to pretend you are a character from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ then a Chinoiserie wall mural is for you.

Rockin’ retro wallpapers that will take you back in time!Wallpaper Trends 2024

Did you know that retro wallpaper is trending because mid-century decor is back in style? It’s time to throw yourself back to the 70’s, 80’s and beyond to revive nostalgic old styles. And since most of us are familiar with these styles, whether it’s from our childhood house or from visiting grandma’s, they’re all very comforting! They basically make us feel like home!

Dare with a large-scale pattern wallpaper like this Diamonds Geometric mural wallpaper. Does it remind you of the disco diva years of the 70s or the colorful post-war design of the 1950s? Let’s face it: retro is definitely cool.

If you really want to impress your family and friends with a retro wallpaper, choose this Wow Pop Art design from our retro-tastic pop art collection ! This is the perfect mural wallpaper to bring a room to life! Marlowe Lade, home staging expert at Home Staging Canada Inc., explains why murals like this one are trending in 2024, not just patterned wallpaper.

“The trend now more than ever is to use a particular wall and not the whole room. Think modern colors and a bold character.”

It’s all about making a bold statement and that’s why pop art fits so well in a vintage mid-century home! Combined with colorful items like the teal couch and the pink and terracotta accessories, the pop art wall art is a perfect addition to the room.

Cottagecore wallpaper that shows your love for the simple lifeWallpaper Trends 2024

It’s true. Wallpaper trends for 2024 still can’t get enough of the cottagecore trend. A new take on shabby chic, Cottagecore isn’t just about pretty floral wallpaper, hanging dried flowers and homemade rag rugs: it’s a lifestyle choice. Do you know how it came about? It’s a response to our growing need for nature, an escape from the world of social media, and a return to the past for a simpler life. Many people style their home like a quaint cottage (even if they live in a city apartment), bake, grow their own food, and adopt a pet to ground themselves and slow things down.

For a country-style interior, choose furniture made from sustainable materials like wicker chairs, rattan rugs, and hemp baskets. And of course not to forget: pretty floral wallpaper. Delicate flowers painted with watercolors like those in this delicate flower meadow set against a cream background bring the simple beauty of nature into your home. It’s the perfect floral wallpaper to represent your beautiful, simple lifestyle.

One of our favorite wallpaper trends for 2024: blue wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2024

It’s true. Blue wallpaper is one of our favorite wallpaper trends for 2024. And when you see gorgeous navy blue wallpaper like this Underwater Dream VI, it’s not hard to see why. Blue wall art is a classic. Whether you go for a simple blue pattern or a navy blue and gold wallpaper like this one. Combined with natural woods and black and white tones or with gold accessories, the blue wallpaper suits a variety of color schemes, which is why many of us love it in our homes.

If navy blue is too dark for you, then wallpaper trends 2024 are geared towards light blue wallpaper. Much like Dulux’s light blue color of the year, Bright Skies, pastel blue wallpapers like this Blue Wild Meadow really capture the mood of the moment. We all need a fresh start and long for a sense of lightness and brightness in our lives! When choosing light blue wallpaper, think of cold and clear blue skies, pale blue duck eggs and summer flowers…

We’d love to know what you think are the wallpaper trends for 2024! Just leave us a comment below.

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