Decorating New Year’s Table: 18 incredible photos to inspire

Learn how to decorate a perfect New Year’s table full of symbolism.

Are you thinking of organizing a New Year’s Eve party? Then check out amazing and inspiring ideas for setting up a perfect New Year’s table. Use your creativity and good taste to create an appropriate decoration for this holiday.

2020 is heading towards the final stretch. At that time, people like to remember good events and lessons learned. To welcome 2021 in style, it is worth organizing a very lively party decorating in the smallest details.

The New Year’s table is one of the main elements of the New Year’s Eve party, just like Christmas. It must be adorned with items that refer to the climate of the turn, such as candles, flowers, watches, fruits and many other elements.

Inspiring ideas for decorating New Year’s table

Indecortrends selected some ideas to decorate the new year table. Check out:

1. Clock as centerpieceDecorating New Year's Table

Provide a beautiful wall clock, preferably with vintage details and Roman numerals. Then use it to decorate the center of the main table. This idea is a way to symbolize the countdown to midnight.

2. Centerpiece with fruitsDecorating New Year's Table

The New Year’s decoration calls for lots of fruit. You can use them to compose a super stylish centerpiece or to decorate each guest’s plate.

The grape is, by far, one of the most used fruits to decorate the New Year’s table. It symbolizes the invoice and the year-end festivities. We cannot forget about the pomegranate and many other seasonal fruits.

3. Candles decorating with glitterDecorating New Year's Table

Candles cannot be left out of the decorating New Year’s table . They are charming and are in charge of making the moment of supper much more cozy. To make these objects even more themed, try applying silver, gold or copper glitter. Surely the result will be a much more glamorous decoration.

4. Golden and silver ballsDecorating New Year's Table

Do you know the golden and silver balls that were used in the Christmas decoration? Well, they serve to set up table decorations on New Year’s Eve. Place them in a transparent glass container and incorporate the glamor of metallic colors into your decor.

5. White flowers and vasesDecorating New Year's Table

White is the color of the new year. It symbolizes peace, purity, prosperity and optimism. Your table can be decorating only with this tone and other light nuances, in order to obtain a minimalist, smooth and clean composition. One way to do this is to bet on white vases with flowers of the same color.

6. Decorative candlesDecorating New Year's Table

Glass jars can be transformed into candle containers in the new year, just decorate them with gold glitter.

7. Pending little starsDecorating New Year's Table

The pendant stars can be placed on the main table, in order to make the decoration more beautiful and thematic.

8. Cup with Ferrero RocherDecorating New Year's Table

Provide some units of Ferrero Rocher or any other chocolate with golden packaging. Then, use these goodies to fill the guests’ bowls.

9. Sequin towelDecorating New Year's Table

The sequin towel stands out as one of the main trends of New Year’s Eve decoration 2021. It can be used to line the table and make it more sophisticated than ever. Metallic colors, such as gold and silver, are the main bets.

10. Golden pennants and silverDecorating New Year's Table

The gold and silver tones can also be enhanced in the decoration through the hanging ornaments, as is the case with the clotheslines with pennants.

11. Bottles with flowersDecorating New Year's Table

Provide some glass or plastic bottles. Decorate them with spray paint, in golden color. Then use each container as a vase and place some flowers. This idea is simple, cheap and has a beautiful effect on the decoration.

12. Macarons decorating with glitterDecorating New Year's Table

Are you looking for sweets to serve on New Year’s Eve? Then bet on the delicate macaroons decorating with edible glitter. Certainly the guests will love it.

13. A treat for each guestDecorating New Year's Table

Place a New Year’s Eve souvenir inside each plate on the table. This treat can be something to make the party more fun, like a small horn, streamers or confetti.

14. Chinese New YearDecorating New Year's Table

In many countries in the East, the New Year is not celebrated on the night of December 31. The date is determined by the Chinese calendar and varies from year to year. Anyway, this event can serve as inspiration to set up an oriental themed decoration and various symbolic elements. Look at these inspiring images:

15. Fortune cookies with glitterDecorating New Year's Table

In a Chinese New Year mood, you can’t give up traditional fortune cookies. Try decorating these “treats” with edible glitter and arrange on the tray to decorate the New Year’s table.

16. Plants in decorationDecorating New Year's Table

Do you want to make the table decoration look more rustic and natural? Then bet on small arrangements with plants to decorate the dishes of the guests. Try to combine the green of nature with neutral colors, such as silver, white and beige.

17. Vases and pine conesDecorating New Year's Table

Decorate the center of the table with some vases and pine cones. In each container, remember to place cranberry branches, as shown in the image. This is a good idea for those who do not want to decorate only with flowers.

18. Vase with colorful flowersDecorating New Year's Table

Did the excess of white make the New Year’s table very monotonous? Do not worry. It is possible to break the sameness using a vase with colorful and cheerful flowers. This idea will certainly attract positive energies for the new year.

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