Wallpaper 2025: New Trends and Design Ideas

wallpaper trends 2020

It has been more than 500 years since wallpaper was used in Europe. In China, they were known even before. Nowadays, this finishing material is still popular all over the world. We offer information on what 2025 wallpaper is trending and how to apply them in interior design.

There is no monotony!

This motto, as far as possible, corresponds to the main trend that characterizes the modern world of interior design.

Today, everyone can decorate their home in the style of minimalism, chebbi-chic, high technology, ethno, neoclassical or any other. Even eclectic design is welcome, whose creation, however, requires great skill.

Wallpaper is recommended for most styles. In addition, today on the market texture wallpaper 2025 is presented, which is even suitable for design that does not imply its use. The main thing is to make the right choice and ideally choose color, material and decoration.wallpaper trends 2020

We have made a small review of the market and we want to present you with more original news with specific advice on its application.

Wallpaper trends 2025

Relatively recently, so-called Scandinavian style of interior design became fashionable.

For those who do not know, let’s say that this is kind of minimalism with a retro touch. Its characteristic features were seen by interior designers of average residents of large cities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway.

Its main difference with hard minimalism is the use of soft, cozy and knitted fabrics.wallpaper trends 2020

It is this Scandinavian design feature of interior design that led to the fact that 2025 wallpaper was invented. They represent high resolution photo representing thick knit canvas of coarse and rough yarn. Using these wallpapers will allow you to get unusual and super real Scandinavian design.

Glamorous wallpaper 2025

Do you think that the reality that surrounds us is gray and without complications? But after all, nothing prevents him from creating his own cozy world full of beauty and brilliance.

For this 2025 wallpaper with 3D effect, great fantastic flowers, jewelry and other glamor are displayed.

Please note that such 2025 wallpaper is not suitable for full wall bonding. It is recommended that you finish only one of them, for example, hanging panel of the TV.wallpaper trends 2020

Remaining surfaces should be painted simply of the same color, from the same range of colors as the base of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the neoclassical style

Recently, neoclassical style has become increasingly popular. Given this, many well-known brands have offered neoclassical wallpaper for living room 2025.

As you know, this interior design direction involves the use of classic finishes and comfortable furniture. At the same time, it welcomes the use of modern materials that are not characteristic of the Classic style. For example, it can be textured vinyl wallpaper with floral ornament with gold. Great look and wallpaper, imitating textiles, which can be gold or embroidered, even bright.wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpaper 2025 with landscapes

Such finishing materials can hardly be called novelties. However, 2025 wallpaper that represents large copies of photographic landscapes, are of high image quality. In tendency of its use as an organic part of the interior. For example, murals depicting forest are complemented by road-shaped carpet. Popular option and design of a window-shaped wall, from where the view of the sea, night lake or wheat field opens.wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpaper 2025 in hi-tech style

Combination of words wallpaper and high tech until recently was considered silly. However, many brands have presented 2025 wallpaper that are perfect for high-tech interiors.

First of all, it is metallic or bright wallpaper. Most relevant options are microchips, as well as various textures, for example, glass chips.

For high-tech interiors, you can use standard monochromatic versions of neutral colors. It can be canvases of white, gray and other similar colors.wallpaper trends 2020

Interior options Loft

Brands that offer 2025 wallpaper, included in their wallpaper collections imitating stone, wood, leather, animal skins, etc. They did not walk with their attention and their bricks. Which is more popular decoration for interiors in Loft style. Of course, ideal if such a design is created in a brick building. In this case, walls can not finish.

However, more often you have to invent ways to imitate it. It is easier to use 2025 wallpaper with appropriate design. They can also be plastered, or more accurately represent bricks with thick plaster and lightly watered.wallpaper trends 2020

Variants for ethnic interiors

Designer, committed to creating new collections for manufacturing companies, could not ignore his attention and his ethnic themes.

First, they offer a variety of wallpapers. Among them you will find options depicting hunting scenes with the participation of representatives of African tribes and the eastern arch that dominates Taj Mahal.wallpaper trends 2020

Wallpaper 2025 will also be suitable for creating ethnic interiors. For example, options for design in Native American style with quilted pattern sewn of leather pieces will look original.

You can also use wallpaper under a natural stone, for example, marble. With it, you can decorate an Egyptian-style house or convert a room into a room in the Sultan’s palace.wallpaper trends 2020

Nor did he forget design of Provence. For him, entire collections were created with small floral motifs. Questions why are they new? It is high quality wallpaper, which, thanks to the use of modern technology, has not faded for many years.

Wallpaper 2025 for ecological design

Fashion for environmental design does not take more than a year. As you know, to create it you only need to use natural materials, including special ecological wallpapers. Such natural coatings are more expensive than traditional. Cork, straw, jute, cane, veneer, bamboo and seaweed are used to make their top surface.wallpaper trends 2020

Base for natural wallpaper is paper. To protect them from dust and dirt, surface is treated with special impregnation.

These wallpapers are quite heavy. In its installation, glue should be applied not only on canvas, but also on walls.wallpaper trends 2020

Unusual wallpaper

Wallpaper 2025 should not be ignored. Such coatings resemble structural gypsum, but are made with cellulose, with addition of fibers, gloss and other decorative elements.wallpaper trends 2020

Interesting option and glass wall paper. They are made of fiberglass weaving method. Such coatings are environmentally friendly and have exceptional strength. After sticking your walls, fiberglass wallpaper should be painted in desired color.

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