Wallpaper For The Kitchen: The Main Trends 2024-2025

Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025 Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen is not an easy task. In this case, it is important to take into account the many factors that turn an already difficult task into a problematic event with many variables. It is important to take into account that in this room the humidity of the air is always increased, the risk of contamination is much higher, regular temperature changes and various food aromas predominate. Suitable wallpapers should be able to adequately endure all these circumstances.

Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

The ideal design that will suit absolutely all kitchens simply does not exist. And choosing the wallpaper that suits the overall sound of the interior is not so easy. Flowers, cage, stripes, abstraction – what is fashionable in the new season? Let’s try to figure it out.

GeometryKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

For many years in a row, the tops of trend positions do not leave geometric images. The more concise and uncomplicated the print, the more profitable it looks in the kitchen. Also, unpretentious artistic structures of rhombuses and squares are gradually returning to fashion, and, of course, stripes. The latter not only look very elegant, but are also able to completely transform the perception of the room in which the repair is being carried out.

IMPORTANT. A small room with a low ceiling will visually increase due to wallpaper with vertical stripes.

A long room can be harmonized by gluing a wall covering with horizontal stripes in it. In this case, the wallpaper should be placed on a narrow wall. Such a move will perfectly balance the proportions of the room.

EthnicityKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

Among the fashion trends in wall coverings for the kitchen 2024-2025, ethnic motifs have firmly established themselves. And not only because the course towards environmental friendliness is successfully gaining momentum, but also there is an increasingly large-scale popularization of the style of various cultures. This may include:

  • traditional stories of Japan and China;
  • fabulous ornaments of the East;
  • drawings and shades of the Arab world.

REFERENCE. With ethnicity in the kitchen, you need to be careful, because if the overall interior does not sound eclectic or boho, then such elements should be displayed extremely carefully.

At the same time, do not forget to choose simplified samples of ethnic ornaments, which more simply blend into the overall picture. This will help make it easier to pair them with a classic or contemporary style.

AbstractionKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

A repeating pattern that does not have a pronounced shape is the abstraction so beloved by the creators of wall coverings. But this season, this style is preferred not only by them, but also by interior designers. Fashion print 2024-2025 is distinguished by the simplicity of its constituent elements.

ATTENTION. Only restrained and non-contrasting drawings, no complex monograms and curlicues.

Another important rule for creating a harmonious design sounds like this: a dynamic print looks much more advantageous against the background of a calm tone of kitchen furniture. Universal combination: textured wood or white or black wallpaper.

Flowers, herbs, fruitsKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

If you choose any floral pattern for the kitchen, you will surely hit the mark. These drawings not only look interesting, but also add coziness, naturalness and warmth to the overall design. In addition, they fit perfectly with the theme of the room itself.

Floral prints are divided into the following types:

  • romantic – go to the design of kitchens in the style of Provence;
  • Scandinavian – minimalistic images in a flower green theme with reduced contrast;
  • edible – prints of berries, fruits and vegetables surrounded by greenery.

IMPORTANT. The more colorful and larger the print, the more carefully the wall covering should be introduced into the interior.

These patterns look best on an accent wall. However, for others, it is recommended to purchase a coating with a similar tone or a barely noticeable supporting image.

ImitationsKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

Increasingly, in the assortment of hardware stores there are wall paintings that imitate various natural surfaces. It could be:

  • a rock;
  • marble;
  • concrete;

The visual copy is so similar to the original that it is almost impossible to distinguish between them. That is why the noble natural design of the kitchen is created with the help of such trendy coatings. Moreover, it is much easier to change such a fake than wood panels or real stone.

REFERENCE. Do not place 2 different textures side by side.

Concrete and marble do not match in style and scale, and imitation will immediately catch your eye. Don’t forget about wallpaper color compatibility.

Graphic artsKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

The most dynamic kitchen wallpaper trends 2024-2025 and all subsequent years can rightly be considered stylized painting, which is placed on the entire surface of the wall. This is graphics, and toile, and mural, and engraving. The most common in this style:

  • fauna;
  • pastoral;
  • Flora;

Such wall coverings will not only perfectly fit into the neoclassical and modern style, but also easily merge with other elements. They can also be made the main detail in a monochrome interior.

ATTENTION. A large mural or engraving will best decorate an accent wall.

The activity of graphics forces you to opt for furniture of laconic forms and plain colors.

PlainKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

This unchanging classic remains even when the most successful trends leave the fashion world. Plain wall coverings are known for their versatility. They fit perfectly into any size, style and color palette of the room. The kitchen is no exception.

IMPORTANT. Wallpaper for painting can be updated at any time, just by choosing the desired color.

Criteria of choice

In addition to fashion trends, when choosing wallpaper, one should also rely on such material compatibility factors with the characteristics of the room:

Resistant to moisture, steam and dampness. Never forget this point, because the cooking area is always the place to test the quality of the wall material. Hot fumes from the pan, from washing, high humidity, sudden temperature changes critically affect the wallpaper. For the kitchen, only breathable and waterproof options are suitable.

Structural density. To withstand mechanical damage in the form of accidental scratches, the wall material must have a solid texture. In addition, such a sample is more resistant to the accumulation of mud deposits.

Washable. In the cooking zone, you will often have to clean up, and fat and pieces of food will somehow get on the walls. Therefore, in stores, look for rolls with the icon of three wavy lines – they can be cleaned with a brush and detergents.

Color fastness. A similar characteristic is useful if large windows are installed in the kitchen or a loggia is adjacent to it. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause loss of color saturation and yellowing.

Fire resistance. Of course, the area behind the gas stove should be laid with tiles, not wallpaper. But the rest of the wall decoration should not be exposed to combustion in the event of a fire hazard. Otherwise, the spread of fire throughout the apartment is inevitable.

Wallpaper types that are not suitable for the kitchenKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024-2025

If you decide to make repairs in the kitchen, in no case choose paper-based wallpaper. Better take them to the living room or bedroom.

Also not suitable for the kitchen:

  • textile coatings, because they cannot be washed;
  • liquid wallpaper, they do not tolerate humid air;
  • bamboo materials that are highly susceptible to water.

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