Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2023

Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2023 As in any other room, the kitchen background plays an important role in the overall picture of the interior. One of the most common ways to decorate walls, almost classic in this sense, is wallpaper. The variety of materials, colors and patterns offers you many options in this sense. However, each year has its own characteristics. Let’s start with what’s behind the kitchen wallpaper trends 2023:simplicity, functionality, naturalness and originality. Therefore, wallpaper trends can be traced precisely in these concepts.

Kitchen wallpaper trends 2023

We’ve put together a list of modern kitchen wallpaper ideas to try in 2023, complete with practical tips and inspiring photos. Let’s dive into the world of colors and patterns and discover the latest developments in this sense. We promise an interesting process and excellent results. In return, we only need your good mood and inspiration. We are ready to meet both of these expectations.

Functional choice for practical useKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2023

It’s no secret that the kitchen exposes wallpaper to many risks. Thus, a competent decision in this sense will save both the image of the room and your nerves. In addition, there are many solutions available that will enrich the environment and will not restrict you from using this space in an appropriate way. In this regard, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Temperature changes;
  • Abundance of humidity;
  • End the damage.

The best option in this sense is vinyl wallpaper. Affordable, stylish, functional and easily replaceable material when needed. In addition, a wide variety of colors and patterns are at your disposal. Choose the ones that suit your style and integrate them into the interior design of the room.

Nature-inspired elements for a fresh effectKitchen Wallpaper Trends 2023

It is enough that minimalism has been integrated into the design of the kitchen furniture to keep it simple. Furnishings like this require new brilliance, and nothing can give it better than nature-inspired elements. They are easy to fit into your kitchen by choosing patterns that match natural colors and aspects.

It is noteworthy that the most popular colors for application are the following:

  • Gray – the roughness of the stone;
  • Green for fresh forest air;
  • Blue for ocean breeze;
  • Pink for vibrant colors.

As for the pattern, consider the following options:

  • Floral motifs for a new splash of color;
  • Exotic elements for a dynamic effect;
  • Geometric shapes for a balanced environment.

Go bolder with an accent wallKitchen Trends 2023

While the kitchen calls for a functional approach to wallpaper, no one said you couldn’t go the other way with one of the walls far from the work area. In this sense, we suggest that you consider an accent wall and paste over it with textile wallpaper.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to come up with an original design. For a unique result, think about wallpaper or interesting patterns like birds that have become popular lately. Do not forget that this accent wall should be in harmony with the general background and complement it.

Stick to classic marbleKitchen Trends 2023

This idea combines a natural and stylish approach to wallpaper. First, marble has long been popular. Modern techniques for creating this pattern on the wallpaper make it possible to stylishly decorate the walls at an affordable price.

In addition, a pattern inspired by nature will bring freshness to the interior and fill the most simple kitchen with elegance. It should be noted that such wallpapers can form the whole picture of your room and complete it like the last piece of the puzzle, filling in spaces that lack a particular sheen.

Terrazzo style for an original resultKitchen Trends 2023

You have probably heard about this style, which seems to be integrated into almost all interior elements. This is a combination of small particles of various stones on a neutral background, especially applied to tiles. Nevertheless, such an interesting design quickly expanded the boundaries and began to be applied to wallpaper.

Consider terrazzo style for a minimalist setting where this new splash of color will brighten up your kitchen’s simple design. In addition, it will give shape to the environment and give texture to a simple background. At the same time, avoid this approach if your kitchen already has the required amount of color so as not to spoil the pattern.

Add texture to your kitchenKitchen Trends 2023

An interesting idea that has become popular recently is liquid wallpaper. If you’re not familiar with this term, here’s what you should know: it refers to a mixture of dry powder and water that results in a textured effect. In addition, a wide variety of colors and even the presence of certain particles gives you the opportunity to create different designs.

It should be noted that such wallpapers do not prevail in practicality in such rooms. So consider applying it on walls away from the work area, such as in the dining area.

Show courageWallpaper Trends 2023

The concrete surface does not plan to extend beyond the scene, which has led to the integration of this approach at different levels. Wallpaper design is no exception. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to be daring by adding texture to your kitchen in an affordable way. Consider concrete-look wallpaper for a rough effect that balances contrasts and breathes new life into your kitchen.

Bright wallpaper for a new shineWallpaper Trends 2023

This wallpaper is best suited for a neutral kitchen that needs extra attention to keep the image from looking washed out. Consider bright colors and patterns, such as flowers or fruits. Do not overdo it and choose photo printing in this sense. Choose patterned patterns that will add a new splash of color and brighten up your surroundings. In addition, a balanced selection of shades will complement the aesthetic of your kitchen and lead to a stylish result.

Spanish atmosphere all year roundWallpaper Trends 2023

You must have noticed the integration of tile design with wallpaper. Stylish and affordable at the same time. Here’s another option: a Spanish tile design. Take a look at the photo and you will get everything. It should be noted that in this sense, soft shades should be considered, since the pattern itself is bold.

This design will fit perfectly into the traditional kitchen and bring old values. This will add elegance to the setting and turn every visit to the kitchen into a warm Spanish atmosphere.

Keep low key for the perfect resultWallpaper Trends 2023

If you’ve come this far and can’t decide on your wallpaper design, consider staying low key as simplicity will keep you on trend for a long time to come. Choose natural colors and common patterns like stripes. Even if you’re considering bolder shapes, make sure they blend in with the background and don’t stand out.

These kitchen wallpapers will suit any style and complement it perfectly. As strange as it may sound, simplicity of shapes and colors is the defining element of the perfect kitchen design in 2023.

Kitchen wallpaper trends 2023Kitchen wallpaper trends 2023

The color of the wallpaper for the kitchen does not have to be monophonic, the print will enliven the walls, add dynamism. The choice of wallpaper with a pattern for the kitchen has some rules:

Proportionality. The smaller the room, the smaller the print. For example, the patterns should be tiny. And the wallpaper for the kitchen in the living room, on the contrary, can depict large monograms.

Contrast. Multi-color patterns reduce space, so they are suitable for large rooms. In small kitchens, give preference to darkened patterns.


Ethnic motifs are firmly entrenched among the fashion trends in kitchen wall coverings 2023-2024. This is not only because the green trend is gaining momentum, but also because stylistic references to different cultures are becoming more and more popular. These include:

  • traditional motives of Japan and China;
  • fabulous ornaments of the East;
  • patterns and shades from the Arab world.

ADVICE. You need to be careful with ethnics in the kitchen, because although the whole interior does not sound eclectic or boho, such elements should be displayed with extreme caution.

At the same time, do not forget to choose simplified examples of ethnic ornaments that fit more easily into the overall picture. This will make it easier to fit them into a classic or modern style.


Increasingly, wall coverings imitating various natural surfaces can be found in DIY stores. It can be:

  • stone;
  • marble
  • concrete;
  • wood.

Visually, the copy is so similar to the original that it is almost impossible to distinguish them. That is why the noble, natural design of the kitchen is created with the help of such fashionable coatings. Moreover, such a fake is much easier to replace than wood panels or real stone.

ADVICE. Don’t put two different textures next to each other.

Concrete and marble do not match in style and scale, and imitation immediately catches the eye. Do not forget about the color compatibility of the wallpaper.


Striped wallpaper is not new, it is another classic that is in trend today. There are no restrictions here. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, thin or thick, bright or black and white.

The main advantage of this print is its geometry, or rather, the ability to adjust the proportions of the room. A small vertical pattern will optically raise the ceiling, while a horizontal one will expand the room.


Geometric patterns have been at the forefront of trends for several years now. The simpler and more uncomplicated the print, the more interesting it looks in the kitchen. Also, the unpretentious artistic structure of marshmallows and squares, and, of course, stripes, is gradually returning to fashion. The latter not only look very elegant, but are also able to completely change the perception of the room in which the repair is made.

IMPORTANT. A small room with a low ceiling will visually increase with the help of wallpaper with vertical stripes.

A long room can be harmonized by sticking a horizontal striped carpet on its wall. Wallpaper should be placed on a narrow wall. Such a move will perfectly balance the proportions of the room.

Abstract prints

It can be any print with a repeating pattern, from dots and beads to decorative geometry.

Although it seems that such a pattern can be easily picked up, it is not. Many items in the store are dated. They are easy to recognize by their mother-of-pearl shine, monograms, and colored ombre in the pattern. The more complex the pattern, the more likely it is to be irrelevant.

Simplicity is the main criterion when choosing a printed cover. To get an idea of ​​modern design, look at the websites of handicraft manufacturers – these are the same European and American companies. Even on a limited budget, you can try to find something similar in the mass market.


Images of leaves, branches, trees and other green elements are also popular. The 2023 kitchen wallpapers pictured here look very fresh, adding a touch of eco-style to the interior.

Calmer, minimalist prints can be used as the main cover. They are offered by Scandinavian manufacturers. Usually, the finish is muted and not conspicuous.

If you like bright colors, look for prints with fruits, palm trees, and other colors. They can be purchased from British designers. Using colored edging is risky as it can be too colorful. It’s better to highlight it.

Also notice how gorgeous the green floor looks with natural, unpainted wood furniture. It’s the perfect, natural combination. But bright colored cabinets are also suitable. For example, all shades of green, from emerald and marshmallow to olive.


Another classic in today’s assortment is products with a floral pattern. When choosing such materials, you also need to be careful.

Rolls should not have the effect of shimmer and shine, which was popular 10-15 years ago.

No additional decor in the form of monograms, curlicues and other elements that give cheap neoclassicism.

These are also not realistic paintings with flowers. In general, as you note, there should be almost no realism in any of the prints.

What is suitable? Decorative, soft colors and minimalism are in fashion. Painted flowers, neat delicate patterns that give a Scandinavian touch, accessories in the form of animals – all this looks much fresher and more modern.

Kitchen wallpaper ideas 2023Kitchen wallpaper ideas 2023

The modern market provides a huge selection of wallpapers, but given that the kitchen is a rather specific room, it is very important to pay attention to the material when buying. High humidity, steam, temperature fluctuations, dirt, often difficult to remove – all these conditions make it necessary to give preference to moisture-resistant, washable fabrics.

Textured kitchen wallpapers – trends 2023

The trend towards texture can be seen in the interiors of all rooms: from the bedroom to the bathroom, dining room and kitchen – without exception. A variety of textures are in fashion, including concrete, marble and all types of stone, as well as abstractions.

Textured wallpaper is suitable for those who want to make an accent wall, but do not want it to be too bright. It stands out against the background of the main finish, but does not distract from it.

It is important that the materials match the backsplash and countertop. It is safest to choose neutral tile or stone for your kitchen countertop. If you like the idea of ​​a patterned effect, try pairing tiles with accent wallpaper.


They are made from compressed cellulose, but have a denser structure than ordinary paper wallpapers. During the production process, a hydrophobic coating is applied to the lining, which adds strength and protects the wallpaper from fading in the sun. The coating is breathable and does not swell on contact with water. Dense fleece hides small defects on the walls and is easy to paste over.

Liquid wallpaper for the kitchen

A relatively new type of coating on the market of finishing materials. Liquid wallpaper is applied in the same way as decorative plaster, and the end result resembles a fabric coating. This is perhaps the densest material, which allows you to hide even significant surface defects, as well as create various patterns. However, not all types of liquid wallpaper are resistant to moisture – check this indicator when buying.

Screen printing

Wallpapers are made on a vinyl base with a smooth outer layer of silk threads. This coating has a smooth surface, resistant to washing, does not lose color in the sun. The material is very beautiful, which will become a “decoration” of any interior.

Especially stencil decors are widely used by kitchen designers in the form of coatings that imitate natural materials such as wood, stone and granite.


This material is thick and durable. Vinyl wallpaper with proper care can last 8-10 years and will not lose its original appearance. The coating is breathable and does not accumulate moisture, which eliminates the possibility of the formation of fungi and mold on the walls. The material is easy to clean and can be used for painting.

If you don’t feel like renovating every ten years, look for hard vinyl that lasts a long time, is easy to clean, and won’t fade in the sun.

Glass fiber

Excellent material for use in the kitchen. The fiberglass plate is very durable, easily withstands high humidity and cleaning with any detergent. It is available both in color, with ornamental patterns, and in white, which can be used for painting.

Wallpaper hides irregularities and voids in the walls, further strengthening the surface and preventing the spread of fungi. The wallpaper is usually slightly embossed, but for lovers of smooth textures, you can choose fiberglass wallpaper with a bright and beautiful pattern.

Cork wallpaper for the kitchen

Of all the types considered, cork wallpaper is the most expensive material, the main value of which lies in its naturalness. Cork wallpapers have a service life of up to 20 years and are easy to clean with water and any detergent. The canvases are not endowed with a variety of palettes and patterns, but in the interior, they look quite noble.

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