Interior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

What wallpapers are trending in 2024? What materials and colors are in trend? What influences the style of the interior today? These and other questions remain relevant every year. We always strive for renewal and want to equip our space as comfortable as possible for the soul and body. What trends are relevant today, read in our article.

Every day in the post-industrial world, the ecological component of life is becoming increasingly important, which affects health, mood, general emotional background and performance. The walls of our home, which make up our “second skin”, should provide us with global protection from harmful external factors. And here natural materials and eco-style come to the rescue, which not only remain in trend this season, but will be with us for a long time to come. Psychological comfort will be created by imitations of natural textures, which will give a feeling of closeness to nature and a sense of spiritual harmony.

The priority remains the ability of interiors to be unobtrusive, not to irritate or annoy. In the foreground – Scandinavian style, minimalism, wabi-sabi, eco, recycle, ethnic style. All this, of course, has an impact on trendy wallpapers in the interior of 2024.

The main fashion trends of wallpaper in 2024

The main trends of this year, experts note the following.

NaturalnessInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

Today is the time when natural wallpaper became the basis of the foundations of interiors. In addition to the environmental safety of the materials themselves, natural wallpapers attract with their naturalness and textures. They are made by sticking natural fibers or their weaves on an environmentally friendly base, thus obtaining natural fabrics in the full sense of the word. Today, bamboo and jute wallpapers are popular. Wood veneer, linen, sisal and even plant leaves are growing in popularity. Of course, they all require special care, but bringing nature into the house, and with it peace and harmony, is worth a lot.

HandmadeInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

Many wallpapers made from natural materials are made by hand. It can be either drawing a design or the process of creating textures. In the past 2023, such wallpapers have risen in the popularity rating to the leading positions, and today in 2024 they have reached the peak of popularity and have become a real trend of the season.

Lightness and airinessInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

One of the main wallpaper trends of this year is the creation of atmosphere in the interior. It should not be overloaded with complex elements, flashy motives. Everything should be simple and concise, so the wallpaper should be light and airy. It is better to do it in such a way that a certain amount of understatement remains. Examples are the Scandinavian style or the recycler that has recently come into vogue.

Back to the rootInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

This is also a fashionable trend today, demonstrating a move away from “industrialization” and a return to simple, understandable and unobtrusive ethnic motives. Trendy wallpapers in 2024 can be a reflection of the ethnic designs of various cultures. It can be African motifs, Indian, American, English. Colonial style or retro elements are very popular today in interiors, which can be emphasized with appropriate wallpaper. The main principle is recognition and simplicity. Wallpaper should create a mood and a calm environment – without aggression.

Environmental friendlinessInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

In recent years, issues of environmental safety of wallpaper have grown from a fashion trend into the norm. Why choose canvases made with harsh chemicals that release harmful substances into the living space when there is a safe alternative? It can be textile wallpaper made from natural fibers, paper or non-woven, made using water-based paints, hypoallergenic fabrics, specially produced for children’s rooms. The choice is huge, and the main principle is safety.

Flora and faunaInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

How nice it is to calm down and fall asleep among the foliage drawings,graceful flowers, delicate leaves! This is another one of the trendy wallpaper trends of 2024. Any canvases with flora and fauna today are very fashionable. These can be paintings: palm branches, lush flower arrangements, jungle thickets or even entire panels that can serve as an accent wall.

The canvases in the style of toile de jouis or chinoiserie deserve special attention. These are old styles that have received a new birth, which have recently been used by French decorators, and since last year have migrated to us. Toile de jouis – this is how in the old days they called cotton fabric with a printed pattern of pastoral scenes with forest animals, shepherd boys, ladies resting in nature, hunters on horseback. And now the toile de juy is a canvas for walls on paper or non-woven with recognizable idealistic patterns. The second direction is chinoiserie. In fact, this style represents Chinese motifs in a European interpretation: plum blossoms, birds of paradise, outlandish plants, pagodas. In such canvases, the main values are the recognizability of drawings and their rhythm, which soothes and relaxes.

GeometryInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

Fashion on geometric pattern smoothly flowed from 2023 to 2024. Experts believe that the secrets of the popularity of geometry in wallpaper patterns are the ability to radically change the “mood” of a separate room, which is extremely important for those who work at home today. It is enough to decorate one room with wallpaper with a geometric pattern, and immediately the interior and the internal state of a person will be balanced. In this regard, there is only one advice – do not be afraid of cardinal and non-standard decisions.

Popular wallpaper trends 2024

naturalness Absolutely for all people, regardless of their age and social status.

Today, naturalness in wallpapers is the components of a healthy lifestyle that has become fashionable and firmly rooted in the mind of a modern person: giving up bad habits, sports, healthy eating, environmentally friendly materials, including wallpaper.

Handmade Suitable for people who are engaged in handmade and appreciate manual labor. These wallpapers, along with naturalness, demonstrate what amazing results can be achieved without the use of automated lines and robots.
Back to the roots The sector of trendy wallpapers in ethnic style is suitable for people over 35 years old who subconsciously feel ethnic motifs. These can be people who have traveled or worked in countries where ethnic groups live, or just history lovers who want to bring it into their interior.
Lightness and airiness Fashionable wallpapers for young people who appreciate minimalism and clutter in the interior, refuse everything massive and sometimes unnecessary. The main thing is to create an atmosphere of relaxation from the hustle and bustle without a rigid reference to the classics.
Environmental friendliness An ideal wallpaper option for families with children, because there is nothing more expensive than the health of a child.

Eco-friendly wallpapers are also suitable for a house or apartment where a person who suffers from allergies or respiratory diseases lives.

Flora and fauna Canvases for true aesthetes, regardless of their age. For those who appreciate the beauty of nature and do not get tired of enjoying it.


Trends in canvas materials

Until quite recently, the industry did not indulge in the choice of wallpaper materials, and this is despite the fact that wallpaper has been known for a long time. In recent years, the situation has changed dramatically. There are so many wallpaper options that fashion trends have appeared in the materials of the canvases themselves. Which of them are the most fashionable in 2024?

Textile wall coveringsInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

This year, designers advise not to be afraid textile wallpaper even though they require careful maintenance. These wallpapers can be a continuation of “naturalness”. The best options are linen, cotton, silk. On the one hand, such paintings are a return to the old traditions of wall decoration, and on the other hand, they are, as they say, “the latest fashion”.

Paper or non-woven wallpaper

Interior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

Today, these materials are the epitome of sustainability, which, as we already know, is a fashion trend in 2024.

Reliable imitations of natural texturesInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

Another trendy wallpaper trends 2024. Moreover, leading designers say that, judging by the new collections of famous brands, such wallpapers, “masking” different species, such as marble, cedar wood or textured fabric, will become favorites this year. Among the hottest hits can be noted canvases with a terrazzo pattern. The secrets lie in the high decorative effect, which is achieved by drawing or obtaining texture by pressing the top layer, such as vinyl.

Wallpaper color trends 2024

The desire to get trendy wallpapers 2024 at any cost can lead to a critical mistake if color is not taken into account. It must be understood that the colors of the wallpaper also have their own fashion, and this fact must be taken into account without fail. At the same time, one must understand that designers do not impose trends in wallpaper colors. They themselves are installed depending on the needs of people.

When there are continuous problems around us, the living space of a house or apartment should become a place where it is calm and comfortable. Where can you come and relax. That is why psychological aspects are important when choosing a wallpaper color.

What colors are in demand today?

Space blue. it dark blue color which, despite its intensity, allows you to relax almost instantly.

Blackberry-berry. Shades of blue, purple, lilac have a calming effect, so they are in demand. It can be blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, cranberry. On the one hand, they are beautiful and rich, and on the other hand, they resemble berries, and therefore nature.

Endless nude. Where without himno pastel pinks, green, blue shades, which are currently very much in demand?

Mustard, honey and sun. Accent bright colors that are the epitome of warmth and happiness.

Night sky and sea greens. Deep shades that are in demand in “natural” interiors.

Chocolate Paradise. Today, “sweet” chocolate colors are in trend, ranging from milky white to deep cinnamon.

Complex green. Somehow it so happened that khaki is back in fashion. It is difficult to say what kind of reincarnation it is, but in 2024, wallpapers of color shades close to khaki are in trend.

Black. The color of refined style and respectability, which is always in fashion.

Dynamic contrasts.Designers advise using color contrasts that are fashionable today in interior design. For example, you can stick yellow wallpaper on one wall, and decorate the other in bright red. The effect is amazing. The main thing in this case is to take into account the rule of mixing colors along the color wheel in order to obtain a harmonious interior.

Wallpaper interior design trends 2024

Living roomInterior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

This is a real paradise for lovers of minimalism. This room should be minimally occupied by furniture placed along the walls. Exactly then living room will be filled with air, and, receiving guests, it will be possible to enjoy the atmosphere of pleasant communication.

Advice. If the walls are minimally occupied with pieces of furniture, then there are ample opportunities for experimenting with prints and textures. Feel free to choose a rich design, such as flora, geometry, ethnic style. Any solution will be relevant, and if you think that the saturation is too much, then dilute it with companion background wallpapers.


“Place of power” in any apartment or house.

Advice. Focus on texture and color! The texture affects the perception of design no less than color, and to create a mood of relaxation, the texture, for example, of textiles will help maintain the atmosphere of relaxation.

Children’s room

The main thing in the room where the child is located is the safety of materials! We strive to give our children the best, and if we talk about environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity, then you should pay attention to paper and non-woven wallpapers.

Advice. In order to maximize “life extension”children’s room interior, choose designs that will be relevant for more than one year, taking into account the age of the child. It is important to strike a balance and let the child enjoy the happy moments of childhood. If the kid is involved in the choice of wall coverings, please him and let him express himself, since he will live in this interior. Our range includes wallpaper-coloring. A child can draw on them, getting to know the world and creating their own interior.


The main trend for the kitchen is to make the impractical practical.

Advice. Often choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to use natural textiles or natural fibers such as, for example, sisal, jute or abaca, because this is not practical. Go for the trick – imitate natural materials. You have in your arsenal many options for wall coverings made of vandal-resistant vinyl, the texture of which faithfully imitates natural materials.

The corridor

Interior Wallpapers 2024: Main trends and Colors

The interior of the corridor is a place for experiments! Most often, we devote the least attention to this room, but in vain.

Advice. In fact, the corridor is the face of our house. There are two ways to go about it. The first is to make an accent wall, unless, of course, the area and configuration of the room allow. The second is to highlight the corridor with color and emphasize it with texture. Both ways are effective trend solutions.

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