10 Trends In Interior Decoration That Are Booming In 2025

From neutral colors such as gray to the resurgence of the natural, terrazzo, terracotta and wood mark the latest trends for year 2025 to decorate your home.

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If you are interested in renovating your home and wish to keep up with the latest trends in interior decoration, do not miss this guide. It shows a collection of ideas and advice from experts so that your house looks transformed and marks distance with the elements that make it old-fashioned or outdated.

One of the most effective steps when it is time to change the appearance of the home is to change the colors of the walls, thus, taking advantage of the magic of the brush and paint, you can transform the spaces, capture emotions, multiply the light or give a brushstroke of vitality and joy.

The latest trends in interior decoration 2025

A change in your house always comes in handy. Here we present the 10 trends that are most booming to give a facelift to the walls of your home:

1. Emerald or sapphire

When painting, it is advisable to use the mineral colors linked to the most known gems, such as emerald green, sapphire blue or amethyst violet, especially in its darker tones to give a touch of elegance to the interior design. In addition, to make them more striking, the tones can be combined with velvety and iridescent fabrics.

2. The gray dominates

The gray is imposed more and more and gradually replacing the white, although the latter will never go out of fashion, the latest trends are inclined by the first as a neutral tone. You can take advantage of the varieties of shades that exist in gray: the pearl, the almost white to the more bluish grayish ones. Do not forget that when combined with furniture and fabrics, it is advisable to follow the rule of 60% dominant color (walls), 30% secondary (furniture and curtains) and 10%, for ornaments and accessories.

3. The cork and the organic

The organic and the natural are other elements protagonists in the world of the current decoration according to the specialists in design. The return of many “basic” materials and among them, the cork imposes itself more strongly within the top of trends. This material, besides being economical, is an effective acoustic and thermal insulation and its new appearance in the decorations is much more refined and original. On this occasion you can play with volumes and colors in floor and wall coverings, but also in some accessories and accessories such as lamps, vases or stools.

4. The return of the terrazzo

Many people are frightened by this material, because it tends to be associated with old houses, but although it seems incredible, the terrazzo returns with vitality among the decorative tendencies and already imposes itself as a classic in the world of interior design due to its durability and resistance. But the reappearance of the so-called “floor gotelé” comes with new air, not so much in the format but in its function. It is no longer restricted to the floor, it now conquers walls, bathroom furniture and even kitchen countertops.

5. Terracotta

Terracotta also reigns, used mostly in more rustic homes. This material returns to the current decoration although it has been marked as a classic that does not die. The truth is that in these times lives what has been called “his second golden age” because he left the field to join the floors of the houses of the city in its traditional square format and other newer with hexagons or bricks.

6. Upholstery for sleeping

The upholstered headboard for bedroom decoration is another trend. High headboards lined with the elegant technique of capitoné upholstery, now can be those who protect your dreams. In the designs of this upholstery, according to experts, dominated curves and French style, buttons, tacks and other elements that give modern beds the air of ancient beds.

7. The natural and the wood

Following in the wave of what at an earlier point was called the organic, that search for the natural is seen in the materials and textiles used in accessories and furniture. Wood is still a trend, but now its natural, veined and less treated tones are the most used. Linens, light woods, wicker and rattan, bamboo, jute or sisal will also be in small pieces of furniture, carpets, curtains, lamps or baskets.

8. Plants invade

As part of that natural spirit, the vegetation will continue to be very present inside the houses. The “tropical jungle” style will be maintained with colonial nuances. Leafy plants with large leaves will dominate part of the space to fill with life and harmony with the aforementioned materials: wood and cork. Also that fashion vegetable will be in wallpapers, textiles and even furniture printed with botanical motifs, along with raffia lamps, wicker and paper.

9. Copper and other metals

Metals seem to go out of style, and although some specialists say that copper is being displaced, it is still present. Now it is true that brass takes center stage both in chants and table legs as in bathroom and kitchen fittings. But copper insists with different tones, from the orange ones to the pink ones that give the environment a finer touch.

10. A corner of escape

One of the latest shouts in interior design has been called “escapism”, perhaps because of the desire for isolation or a separate space within the home. It consists of the creation of small cozy corners in the house that allows us to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the house. These spaces do not necessarily have to be new. A small space near the fireplace or a corner next to the window to read quietly will fulfill that space where you can escape.

You know, if you want to decorate your house you can carry out the trends in interior decoration that were previously shown. You will have an ideal space to enjoy.

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