2021 Design Trends: What Color Of The Kitchen Is Now In Fashion

2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends Fashion trends follow each other, and the kitchen remains a special place of the apartment, where after a hard day the whole family gathers. Most often, the least attention is paid to it – but in vain, because this is one of the most multifunctional rooms, so you should know in advance what color of the kitchen is now in fashion in 2021.

2021 kitchen design basics2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

Now the trend is simplicity and versatility, so do not overload the interior with a large number of decorative elements. The design of kitchens is dominated by minimalism and the Scandinavian style, which combine naturalness, naturalness, and even some asceticism.

The important point is functionality. It should be at maximum, every centimeter of the kitchen should be useful involved.

Most often, they choose multifunctional equipment, and refuse extra. For example, instead of ovens, microwave ovens with a grill function are now popular.

The technique is built in so as not to distract the design from the simplicity and minimalism of the design, and the layout is thought out to a centimeter, so that it would be most convenient for the hostess to cook.

2021 Kitchen color selection2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

Design trends relate to color. In modern kitchen, it is the color palette that is of great importance, since it depends on the picture of the room as a whole. At the same time, a “multi-colored” kitchen should be in harmony with the atmosphere and style of the main housing, so it is important to decide which color to choose.

Still remain at the top of the kitchen trend in bright colors without bright accents. This solution is most suitable for the definition of a simple kitchen with motives of ease and naturalness.

Dark shades are becoming more and more popular. Dark gray and black look elegant, but they should be approached with caution, since their use can greatly narrow the space visually.

In a small room, it is best to combine dark shades with light, not allowing the first to exceed 60% of the space. You can dilute such an interior with graphite or chocolate shades.

A calm design can also be achieved with bluish, purple, green and other tones. The main thing is that they should not be too bright, but resemble natural ones. Similar accents will add creative notes to the interior. And colored kitchens with flashy shades are not in fashion now, so they should be avoided.

The black2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

Black is a classic color. It is not for nothing that tuxedos and small dresses are sewn in it. No matter how strange it sounds, black also has shades. So, in 2021, the color of charcoal was popular. Such surfaces have a soft sheen, but they are not mirror glossy.

The black kitchen can look a little dramatic if you make it mirrored or, conversely, completely matte. In any case, do not exceed the permissible 60% and make the room exclusively in black.

To avoid drama, it is worth using glossy surfaces, not just the facades themselves, but other objects: for example, a crystal chandelier, a mirror or glass apron, metal chairs, glossy floor tiles and so on.

Black kitchen is a fashionable solution in 2021, which will suit a brave adventurer mistress. But this solution should be carefully thought out and prepared so as not to accidentally turn the kitchen into a small dark room.

For the work you have done, you will enjoy having a meal akin to meditation. An additional plus of black in its versatility – the color will look good in different styles: avant-garde, modern, classic and, of course, Gothic. Examples of this coloring in the photo.

White2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

White is the new black, and if we talk about the kitchen design, then the color of snow is far ahead of the little dress.

White color has been a trend in kitchen design for several years, but now a milky shade is gaining popularity.

White color is already boring, and milk color combines all the advantages of light colors and at the same time brings freshness and originality to the room.

White is also a universal color, so it will look good in absolutely any style: from Empire style to minimalism and loft. He will not get bored, because with the help of accessories, such as curtains and tablecloths, you can easily change the image of the whole room.

White facades in the design – like a canvas on which you can depict any picture. In addition, light shades are famous for their ability to expand the space as much as possible, which is useful in a small room.

There is only one controversial point – soiled. On white, all droplets, scratches and other imperfections are really more visible. But there is a way out – choose glossy facades: with their brilliance they easily hide spots. Moreover, white gloss is the most fashionable and popular solution.

Gray2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

Gray is no longer associated with sadness, longing, and despondency. Now this is another new black universal color with many interesting shades.

It is practical because dirt and dust on it are practically invisible. It’s very beautiful, if you choose the deepest shades: graphite, pearls, steel, ash, silver – such a kitchen will look amazing. Gray shades bright colors well.

Most often, gray is chosen for kitchens in a modern style: minimalism, high-tech, avant-garde, loft. But if you choose a light shade, then it can be used in a more classic room, for example, in the English style, Provence or Empire style.

Gray color is suitable for reserved calm people who are not very inherent in adventurism. He will give the room sophistication and originality. It is advisable to choose not the simplest facades, but with a visible material texture or interesting milling.

Beige2021 Kitchen Colors Design Trends

Beige color is increasingly found, thereby giving rise to fashion. Still, light shades are perfect for the kitchen, and the warmth of beige creates coziness. It will suit any style except techno and hi-tech, as they are often performed in cool colors.

Beige is suitable if the hostess is afraid to make a mistake with the choice, since this is just the king of neutral colors, against which you can create any atmosphere. In addition, beige recalls delicious creams from cakes – which is the best suited for the kitchen.


Brown – a traditional solution for the design of a classic kitchen. The color of delicious chocolate and expensive wood speaks of stability and tranquility.

An additional plus in a wide selection of shades: from walnut and wenge to cocoa and coffee with milk. Regardless of the shade, brown is combined with almost any color – at least calm beige, at least with bright fuchsia, so the image of the kitchen can be changed almost effortlessly: simply changing the decor.

The best solution is to look not only at kitchen design trends, but also at your preferences. Let the red kitchens are not in fashion now, but if you really want to, then why not?

The fashion for colors goes away and comes, and the kitchen set, chosen with love, will delight the whole family for many years. The main thing is not to combine more than three active colors. Let it be better to have two main + several color accents – such a combination to make the kitchen as stylish as possible.

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