Interior Decor Trends 2025: A new year for your home

Interior Decor Trends 2020 Already in less than two months the time has come: in 2025 the ringing of the bells and a gigantic firework will ring in. Until then, take the time to make your home ready for the coming year and implement the latest Interior Trends 2025 in style and, of course, tailored to your character, preferences and desires. In the coming year, the latest furnishing trends in 2025 will take us on an exciting journey that leads from the depths of your own soul into the wide world and thus has a very special trend in store for everyone. Have fun redesigning your home with the new Interior Design Trends 2025!

PastelInterior Decor Trends 2020

No matter whether the IMM Cologne 2024 or the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 – colors were removed from their role as extras at both interior fairs and made the main protagonists of many interiors. After years full of rich jewel tones and strong colors, it is now time for pastel shades.

But this 2025 trend is by no means boring or sweet. The creamy ice colors present themselves confidently in the exclusive interiors and get strong partners by their side: be it warm chocolate tones or serious gray nuances – with a little skill and the advice of an experienced designer, blossom pink, pistachio and pigeon blue become real eye-catchers in the midst of an adult interior.

Flower PowerInterior Decor Trends 2020

The traditional and almost instinctive beauty of floral patterns is the wall motif of 2025. The associations extend as far as New England, take the mind over the colonial regions of Asia and accompany the viewer of the walls covered by abstract flower tendrils in wild gardens, in which nature has its own space has conquered.

The wallpapers can cover only one wall and thus offer a wildly romantic eye-catcher or transform the entire room into a flower dream. At this point, however, caution is advised, because if the walls already speak a plastic language, the furniture and furnishings should be as laconically as possible to create a contrast and bring some peace in the room.

Wood is back!Interior Decor Trends 2020

For a long time, snow-white kitchens were the ultimate. Today, the modern kitchen is a place of encounter, grounding and coziness. For this reason, the polished surfaces give way to a warm material that, like no other, gives the interior warmth, security and closeness to nature: the wood.

The living trend of 2025 in the modern kitchen is towards natural fabrics with untreated surfaces. Of course, the Scandinavian style retains its rough edges, which harmonize perfectly with the light woods and create a new, refreshing kitchen scenario.

Hot curvesInterior Decor Trends 2020

Smooth lines, sharp edges, cool surfaces – While you like to prefer clear furniture in the summer, the soul demands real soul food at least in cooler temperatures. What Mac & Cheese is for the physical well-being are cuddly sofas, wingback chairs and round-edged chairs for the discerning aesthetic soul.

The organic shapes are to be found under the Interior Trends 2025. Soft lines bring femininity, sensuality and, of course, a playful touch to your home.

GrayInterior Decor Trends 2020

The gray cardinal would be pleased with this 2025 establishment trend. Because the color between white and black not only has innumerable facets, but can also be almost anything: clear and determined or warm and cozy.

Located between concrete, pigeon, ecru or cement, gray pieces of furniture welcome the new season. If you want to push this Interior Trend 2025 to the extreme, you can try it with a gray all-over look and combine different nuances. This works very well together with an interior designer.

VelvetInterior Decor Trends 2020

The sensual shimmer, the delicate feel and the unique look that changes depending on the viewing angle: velvet is the trend material of 2025. In addition to the popular home accessories made of soft fabric are now also furniture, such as armchairs, sofas and poufs covered.

In terms of color, it is based on the popular pastel and gray tones, which gain numerous new facets through this fascinating fabric. It is also recommended to use velvet over a large area, such as on a bed or at least a new bedspread, and to be convinced by the luxurious shimmer.

EthnoInterior Decor Trends 2020

The Andes, Africa and Indonesian island worlds: The desire to travel has us all under control. All the impressions, impressions and of course memories from the far away countries can easily be integrated into the interior in the coming year.

Accessories and home textiles in ethnic chic bring warmth, openness and of course individuality into your own four walls. In the execution, you will be spoiled for choice with colorful Mexican patterns reminiscent of the moving paintings of Frida Kahlo, graphic patterns often found in the Andes, or modern abstract interpretations of traditional handicrafts.

Carpet on the wallInterior Decor Trends 2020

Even though some may feel the goose bumps on the wall when looking at carpets, when you think back to the Persian monsters in the former Eastern Bloc, there is no denying that the carpet on the wall is back. Whether on Pintrest or Instagram – The carpet is the home textile of the hour!

The search for the “carpet on the wall ” has increased in recent weeks by over 200%, which is mainly due to statement carpets, which form a full part of the interior and act as works of art on the walls.

The ceilingInterior Decor Trends 2020

Often neglected and neglected – the ceiling serves primarily as a fifth wall. And although many of us spend many hours looking upwards, so far only a few have succeeded in integrating them fully into the facility and making them an integral part of the facility.

Now it’s time to experiment: how about colors? How about patterns? Suspended ceiling – yes, please! If you venture into the blanket, you can only win and implement one of the most striking interior trends in 2025 with very little effort in your own home.

Green ThumbInterior Decor Trends 2020

Even though it has been more than a year since the Pantone color institute named the color “Greenery” the trend color 2017, there is no end to the rule of the most natural of all colors. However, these are no longer found on the wall, but primarily in their original state: the plant.

A massive ficus, a lush palm or a fleshy aloe – These plants not only improve the indoor climate, but are also absolutely in vogue. White interiors become livelier, Nordic coziness looks fresher, gray spaces gain more warmth: Show your green thumb in the Interior 2025!

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