10 Top Wall Decoration Trends 2024

wall decoration trends 2019 The designers have been spreading the word for some time! “In 2024, without hesitation, dress the walls in XXL formats!”Through colorful wallpapers, oversized frames, frescoes, rugs hanging on the wall … all avenues are to exploit! Trends are more random and artistic, so let your emotions guide you in your choices, the result will be all the more rich and personalized! Forget your reasonable side. Opt for boldness to expose the most beautiful wall decorations ever! Let’s go!

Hand painted art

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Wall art is the oldest form of expression since cavemen used the walls of their shelters as a support. In the modern era, traditional frescoes for printed murals have long been left out, but they are back in force and authenticity is at the heart of trends! Give free rein to your expression on “themes” of greenery, flowers or extracts of masterpieces. Keep in mind that all motives are good!

Adhesives with floral motifs

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The big flower motifs will still be there in 2024! They are colorful, fresh and retro! The version to be traced is so easy to install and remove … perfect for those who love change!

Hyperrealistic mural

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The digital prints oversized get a makeover by presenting us hyperrealistic textures and make us leave the traditional part of the wall that we know. Thanks to the advanced technologies of printing, these scenes awaken the senses!

The tropical wallpaper

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In 2015, the wallpaper is back on the stage decoration! However, even if this medium makes the hearts of many vibrate, the green patterns of the palm leaves are echoed in too few homes! Stop contemplating and start the adventure! Where to install it? A wall accent in the room, an alcove or line the four walls of the bathroom.

An ethnic work on wood

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Here is a beautiful way to make you travel! These precious creations on wooden panels will furnish the big bare walls with brio. They blend in with the trends of the day as they perfectly accompany the clean, Scandinavian, boho and eclectic decorations.

A giant fabric creation

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Exploit the wall from top to bottom with an immense abstract creation from Shibori influences and creations made with Indian ink. This simple realization, supported by a fabric sold by the yard, will be the envy of your guests. Show it in the limelight as on this inspiring image, like a New York art gallery wall!

A wall photography gallery

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It’s easy to make a gallery wall like this! We select an artistic photo according to the same theme, the same format, the same type of frame and installed symmetrically at equal distances. In this case, what makes the result more striking, are the passepartouts used with the nice rounded fitting, a beautiful way to customize its composition!

A panoramic vintage photograph

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Let’s animate the walls and revive history with an XXL version of an old photograph. As ever, it will project the touch of fantasy that was lacking in a simplistic setting while making it intriguing! We agree!

A wall rug

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I like the versatility of carpets! Those we can change rooms, sometimes at the foot of the bed, sometimes under the coffee table and why not on the wall? Especially carpets with colorful patterns or Berber carpets so trendy! Like a big precious painting, it will make the wall more attractive!

A large format wall weave

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The wall weaves are essential to definitely dress up the walls in the scenery with bohemian tastes, ethnic, Scandinavian and so on! These creations, made with cotton, wool or the famous macramé are just as trendy as rattan! But do not take it! Exhibit only one well selected weave throughout the house!

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