Room Painting Color Ideas – Top Trends for 2024

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Living is a matter of taste, very personal and individual. And yet our furnishing style is influenced by influences from fashion, design and society. There are many styles that can be adapted to your own preferences in your own home. And of course every year new ideas and trends are added.

Particular attention is paid to the colors that define the trend and are taken up by designers, fabric manufacturers and furniture manufacturers. Whether it’s furniture, home accessories, upholstery fabrics, wallpapers or surfaces – the trend colors for furnishings give us a great opportunity to always change a little bit in our own style, to develop further or just to try something out.

The new colors trends 2024 give enough leeway for our own style. They can be mixed and selected as warm or rather cool shades and thus give the desired touch in the room.

For the year 2024, a color is in the foreground again, which has already made it a few times in the past decades on the first place of the hit list: ultraviolet. And even more, beautiful trend colors set the tone this year:

* Ultraviolet (Pantone)

* Rosewood “Heart Wood” (Sikkens)

* Mid blue

* Shades of grey

* Forest green

* Saharabeige

* Tomato red

Ultraviolet – the color of the year 2023

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Color manufacturer Pantone – one of the most important trendsetters – has chosen a particularly bold color with ultraviolet this year, which polarises. Either you love them or reject them categorically. Lila has a very balancing and regenerating effect on us. Ultraviolet promotes our inner balance and makes us peaceful.

Of course, ultraviolet is rarely suitable for the complete look. But if you liked the color, then color accents in ultraviolet are just the thing. Cushions made of velvet, candles or even a table lamp are in the trend color ultraviolet to beautiful eye-catchers.

Ultraviolet for living accents fits perfectly in white and light fixtures or in homes and apartments where beige and natural tones predominate. A light floor covering, perhaps even in stone look, emphasizes the special effect very beautiful and lets the ultraviolet shine.

Gentle and gentle: the color rosewood

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Very subtle, however, the tone trend 2024 “Heart Wood” by Sikkens. A gentle rosewood tone, which lies between a warm gray and nude, with a dash of rosé. Strong, soft and warm is this shade – a real flattering color. Rosewood is a soothing color, transforming our home into an absolute place of wellbeing, where you can cover entire rooms, paint all the walls, a gray sofa, silver accessories and a clean, modern interior make the rosewood shade look just as elegant as marble. For a feminine touch, the color rosewood can be combined with delicate pink accents.

Floors harmonize well with this color scheme, if they include a warm gray. Whether real wood floors, nadura or linoleum: A gray floor fits in wonderfully with this color trend.

Wonderfully changeable: the color blue accompanies us also in 2024

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Not new, but interpreted a little differently this year: The color blue will continue to accompany us in 2024. In recent years, when the nuances of baby blue and a warm dark blue have been in demand, the blue in 2024 is a clear, radiant sailor blue. A bit maritime and yet noble.

The clear blue has a calming effect on us, makes it easier to relax after a hectic day and clears our thoughts. In the bedroom, blue helps with sleep problems and lets us sleep faster and deeper.

For the classic maritime look blue may of course be combined with a lot of white. But even with natural tones, blue looks fresh and modern. Gladly stripe patterns in these colors are also chosen. An armchair or a USM sideboard in classic blue are must-haves for the mid-blue style and conjure up a bit of beach-house feeling. Even with crockery and crystal glasses blue is right at the forefront. If you prefer to approach the color with care, first just paint a wall in the room.

Maritime and lightweight are light real wood planks with matt or glossy surface finishing. But also on laminate and design floors in bright, harmonious wood decors maritime flair can be sprayed with the trend color medium blue in the house.

Shades of grey

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 For years with this and still valid this year is the color gray. Gray comes in so many shades that this color is one of the most changeable in interior design. Various harmoniously coordinated shades of gray make up a wonderfully elegant and quiet living environment. Gray has its own effect and needs only a few accents. With different textures, surfaces and materials, gray always looks different and pleases the eye.

Together with white, it looks clean and fresh. Living in gray becomes a bit Scandinavian with warm natural woods. Gray in combination with gold is very noble and distinguished.

For living in shades of gray are also suitable flooring to have. Especially the concrete and stone look of Nadura floor or a laminate floor in gray oak look convert the trend color gray also on the floor.


Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Already at the end of last season, the dark, warm forest green was visible from time to time. Now in 2024 forest green comes out really big. This color reminds us of forest and nature and gives us inner peace. Green also makes us very balanced and calms irritated nerves. At the same time, green is vitalizing and strengthens our concentration.

Green may even adorn a whole room. We will feel a bit like being in nature, which enhances our well-being. But even as an accent color green has a wonderful effect. Accessories such as trays, picture frames and home textiles in forest green conjure up flair in the house.

Perfect partners for flooring for the trend color forest green are: Parquet Residence oak lively core smoked , design floor Classic White Island or linoleum floor in stripper dark brown

Sandy earth tones and a bit of African flair

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 This year, sandy earth tones such as Saharabeige, Camel and cream are more beautiful than ever. Entire rooms are now shrouded in shades of beige. The textures and colors may be slightly different and even a rich brown in the form of a leather sofa, which is now experiencing its comeback, may accompany this trend color. Saharabeige is the perfect basis for a little safari style. African wooden artifacts, woven sisal rugs or zebra-pattern faux fur make the safari style perfect.

But also Saharabeige is used elegantly. With golden home accessories or metal elements, the color of the desert becomes really elegant. Natural floor coverings may pick up the color and show a little structure.

Not just for the wardrobe: Red will be in the interior in 2024 as well

Room Painting Color Trends 2019 Red was in high demand in fashion last year. There will be more in our facilities this year too. Red sets signals and attracts attention. Therefore, this color should be used very deliberately and is for many rather as an accent color in the Interior in question.

The effect of red is activating and stimulating, red has an invigorating effect on us and eliminates fatigue and exhaustion. Red makes us more self-confident and vital and acts like a good mood elixir in the morning.

Tomato red is particularly suitable for chic eyecatchers such as lights, pillows, plaids, vases and pictures. Also furniture fronts are to have this year in a beautiful tomato red. For the brave, it may even be a kitchen in red. The matching floor should be slightly darker and thus settle (as here Lindura wooden floor in clay gray).

The new trend colors make you want to bring a few fresh color accents into your own home. And no matter what color our hearts beat – among these beautiful trends there is something for every style of living.

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