14 Decorative Trends That Will Mark 2025, According to Pinterest

Pinterest has just unveiled the 14 decorative trends that will mark the year 2025.

Each year, Pinterest unveils its trend book for the coming year. Predictions that are often very accurate, largely thanks to research and user-generated tables around the world.

Launched in 2010, we no longer present this site that highlights the beautiful images. From creative ideas and DIY to the great classics of decoration, we find all the upcoming trends on Pinterest.

Discover in this article what 2025 offers you in terms of decorating trends.

Decorative trend 2025 # 1: repainting his tiles.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Deco trend 2025 Pinterest: repainting tiles for a makeover of the kitchen or bathroom.

With +1276% for looking painted tiles on Pinterest in 2024, it seems that we all want to put a brush in the kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re fed up with your ugly tiles or you do not want to have the same kitchen credenza as the last 10 years, this trend is definitely for you.

In a bathroom, opt for a paint designed specifically for this room. If you’re afraid of getting bored, choose a trendy but timeless color like mole, blue or pale pink.

It’s also an opportunity to add a touch of originality to your home: dare bright colors or even the famous colored cement tiles, no longer present. If you do not want to go through the paint for an easy makeover, we recommend the alternative cement adhesive tile.

Deco trend 2025 # 2: geometric patterns.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Pinterest 2025 Pinterest trend for children’s room: geometric patterns

Somewhere between pop art and an ode to geometry, this trend is perfect for DIY fans.

+225% for research painting geometric shapes, perfect for those who feel attack to play the brush.

This trend is particularly suitable for the decoration of children’s rooms or teenagers. For these pieces, choose soft or cool colors, less aggressive than more vivid colors. You can also opt for hues that are reminiscent of the furniture or the decor of the room.

This geometric painting technique can also delimit a particular area in a room, such as a desk in a teenager’s room. To stay pretty and not get tired quickly, choose 2-3 different colors max.

Decorative trend 2025 # 3: hang wall fabrics.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: Hanging fabrics on the wall as decoration

If we believe Pinterest and especially its users, it’s THE big deco trend to adopt in 2025.

With +1718% for textile art research, we will have to get posters and paintings to adopt wall hangings and other weavings to dress our walls. This trend is best found in the living room and inspiration comes from boho decoration and macramé weaves.

In 2025, we will favor colored fabrics to bring a note of originality to our walls. For that, you can as well opt for printed fabrics to buy in cloth shop as for fine carpets in cotton, that one comes to fix on the wall with an invisible fixing system.

Decorative trend 2025 # 4: mustard yellow.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: mustard yellow color

Already very trendy in the field of fashion, the mustard yellow is also invited in the interiors.

With + 45% search for mustard yellow in recent months, it seems that this one is adept. It is especially in the linen that he comes to put color in the rooms and lounges.

The more daring will adopt it in their furniture, but with the risk of getting tired over the years. However, a wardrobe or a mustard yellow sofa can bring light and cheerfulness in our interiors. This is certainly not the color of the year according to Pantone, but it still has success!

Decorative trend 2025 # 5: Install a vertical garden in your living room.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: the plant wall and the vertical garden

This is a big trend for a few years already: to green its interior.

The urban jungle has invaded our apartments (and Instagram accounts) for our greatest pleasure. And if you never have room for your little plants, know that in 2025, they will quickly gain height!

On Pinterest, there is indeed an increase of + 287% for research vertical gardens. That’s what to find ideas for adopting new plants.

You can grow plants like ivy or ferns on panels hanging on the wall. These will allow you to create real tables of greenery in your interior.

Do-it-yourselfers will also be able to hang a pallet shelf on the wall and have several varieties of plants available. Way reclaimed, you can also nail tin cans as cache pots.

Decorative trend 2025 # 6: the cactus

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: cacti and succulents

Always in this urban jungle spirit, multiply the small cacti in your interior.

This plant does not require much maintenance and there are hundreds of different varieties. For a trendy urban jungle in 2025, combine cactus with succulents, these little succulents that can be seen everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. They do not need to have a green thumb, and that’s fine.

With +235% for searching cactus arrangements, you will largely find the inspiration to create your own urban jungle and install all over the house these little pots of plants.

Decorative trend 2025 # 7: sheet metal

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: sheet metal

The industrial vintage style seems to resurface in 2025, to the delight of bargain hunters.

With +563% for the internal sheet metal search, Pinterest users seem particularly interested in the credence in sheet metal or trompe l’oeil wallpaper to industrialize their kitchen or their living room.

Very trendy in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, these large enamelled sheet metal sheets came to cover the ceilings. They are hijacked on a piece of wall, which will highlight the raw wood furniture, also ideally flecked in flea markets.

Decorative trend 2025 # 8: the original wallpaper.

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decorative trend 2025 Pinterest: the original wallpaper

But not that of Grandma, with small flowers or abstract patterns. No, in 2025 – as in recent years besides – the wallpaper continues to dress our interiors with original patterns.

Tropical patterns, colorful, graphic games, trompe l’oeil, watercolors… You’re spoiled for choice. With + 401% for the original wallpaper search, say goodbye to the plain walls in your living room or bedroom.

In a more arty spirit, do not hesitate to cover some furniture or even your fridge with an adhesive wallpaper to give them a second youth.

Decorative trend 2025 # 9: contemporary fireplaces

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: contemporary fireplaces

It may be the 2025 decorative trend that is the least easy to adopt.

And yet the subject seems to interest Pinterest users around the world: +763% for contemporary fireplace research.

Outdoor and indoor fireplaces with clean and modern design, far from the rustic fireplace of our grandparents. Fireplaces also take up less space than brick fireplaces, to optimize spaces that are smaller and smaller.

If you live in an apartment or rent, you can opt for false fireplaces or bio ethanol fireplaces, to grant you all the same cozy moments and cocooning by the fire.

Decorative trend 2025 # 10: the natural pools

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: the natural pools

Forget about the plastic pool or the chlorine-filled pool. Sign of the return to nature and an ecological movement that also impacts the world of decoration for years, natural pools tend to take the monopoly of the basin.

With +262% for the natural pool search, we are looking more and more to enjoy the pleasures of the pool while paying attention to its environment.

Born more than 20 years ago in German-speaking countries, these pools are real living spaces for the flora and fauna of your garden. They are particularly suitable for a house in the country, rather than the city.

These pools are divided into 3 distinct zones, necessary for the eco-system: a bathing area, a planting area and a regeneration zone, often in the form of a waterfall (when possible).

Decor trend 2025 # 11: the rustic decor for the nursery

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: the rooms baby decoarive rustic

Generally, baby’s rooms are like a nest: cozy and full of sweetness. But in 2025, it seems that parents want to add a touch of rustic decor to this room.

+136% for looking for baby room rustic style, and it is on the side of the United States that you will find most often the inspiration.

Do not hesitate to cover a whole section of walls with wood, on which we will still affix some elements of childish decoration, to break the austere side.

The rustic aspect of a nursery can also come from a raw wood bed, heather or recovered at grandparents, or even some decorative items such as wooden crates. In the spirit, we are very American West, with an Indian or Texan inspiration.

Decorative trend 2025 # 12: the geometric decoration in the children’s room

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: the geometric decoration in the children’s room

If rustic decor does not seduce you, do not panic. You can also decorate the room of your children with a note of cheerfulness!

For this, opt for geometric patterns. Chevron bed linen, dots or stripe cushions, plaid carpets… Mix neutral colors such as black, white or gray with more joyful colors such as pink, baby blue, water green or even yellow. For starters, here are 25 ideas for decorating a child’s room in black and white.

Nothing prevents you from mixing the patterns, or staying on a single pattern but declined on both bed linen and walls. One rule: let your creativity speak.

Decorative trend 2025 # 13: sleep in a hut bed

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: the beds hut

We see more and more in children’s rooms: the beds hut.

And for good reason! Real invitation to the imagination and the game, these beds can even allow some parents not to meet concerns such as the fear of staying alone in his room at night.

Whether they are already sold as a cabin bed in stores or made by parents, these beds make fury in the little ones!

Do not hesitate to decorate it with bright garlands (for example garlands guinguette) as a night light or make it more cocooning with large knitted plaids, to reinforce the feeling of security of your child in his bed hut.

Decor trend 2025 # 14: unforgettable figures

Pinterest Decorative Trends 2020 Decor trend 2025 Pinterest: personalized birth posters

+315% for research displays birth data: this is an element of decoration for the baby room that interests more and more future parents!

Have the important numbers of baby’s birth (weight, height, date and time of birth…) printed to create a custom deco item. It’s also a nice birth gift idea, if you have pregnant women around you.

You can easily find customizable tables on Etsy. And for DIY enthusiasts, nothing prevents you from doing it yourself, for even more originality.

What do you think of these decorative trends for 2025?

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