What Will Be The Interior Decoration Trends In 2025?

Interior Decoration Trends In 2020 What will your interior look like next year? Answers in pictures and decor trends 2025 to follow, or not! A little velvet here, caning by there, a pegboard or a frieze on the wall, tiles on the linens, we pass and better …

Curious to discover the materials, colors, atmospheres and other inspirations that will punctuate the year 2025? You fall right! When some decorative trends are confirmed, others point the tip of their nose or come back in force in 2025. Decrypted by us, they will soon have no secret for you!

The wall frieze in the line of sightInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

A time put in the closet, the wall frieze dresses again the walls with originality. Made with paint, stickers, tiles and even a jumble of frames, she has more than one trick in her bag. Horizontally, as in the vertical, it gives relief to any room and also highlights the woodwork in interiors.

The velvet decorationInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

On the seats, the cushions and the lights (yes, yes, you read correctly), the velvet is everywhere this winter and it is not to displease us! Warm material by definition, the velvet makes it possible to create this impression of cocoon which is dear to us. The proof in this bohemian living room where the sofa velvet mustard fly.

The pegboard, this multifunction panel that has all goodInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Made of medium, plywood or plastic, the pegboard is a board pierced with holes in which come hooks, shelves and other practical storage. Like a multifunction board, it adapts to the desires and needs of everyone.

The pegboard: this funny painting that makes us hammer

Caning definitely has no ageInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Successful comeback for caning . Falling into disuse, this technique of braiding is once again on the rise, driven by the return of natural fibers, rattan and wicker in mind. Declined in furniture, seating, lighting and accessories of all kinds, caning did not say its last word in decoration!

The showcase and openwork furniture to expose everythingInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

If you are an aspiring or confirmed collector, why not succumb to the trend of  showcases  and other furniture with holes to highlight your favorite objects? Like a modern dresser, this piece of furniture leaves the eye wander from a glass plate and is also transformed into a revisited library.

The programmed iridescenceInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Fashion and beauty were the first to adopt it. Today it is the turn of the decoration to dare the iridescent trend . Furniture, lighting and accessories are adorned with rainbow reflections a bit whimsical, almost magical. What to shine in society.

Gridlines or when the decor is in checkInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Timeless and not complicated to associate, the tile does not end twister all the household. From table linen to bed, this pattern squares the living spaces with style and offers a graphic side worthy of the Memphis style .

Dried flowers do you want, here it is!Interior Decoration Trends In 2020

Punctual,  dried flowers  are the happiness of those who are far from having a green thumb. In soliflore, in a demijohn , in bouquet or suspended, they bring nature gently inside.

Terrazzo to make a strong impressionInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

From its mineral aspect to the subtly flecked look to its great resistance,  terrazzo  is a nice material. In credence in the kitchen, floor or declined on decorative accessories, he prints his paw and seduced by its irregularity.

Scandicraft inspiration or when raw materials are queensInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

It revisits the Nordic style that we could have tired over the years: the trend Scandicraft offers a return to the sources of decoration. Decomposed, shaped of natural materials and sublimated pastel colors, the interior goes to the basics. In short, less is more .

Upcycling or how to do something new with oldInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Pile hair in the theme of the last  Maison& Objet show in September 2018 , the upcycling or overcycling would, ultimately , that we throw no more. So, like the Lebanese designer Paola Sakr, it’s better to use imagination to give life to pieces of collections. As proof, these pretty vases made from concrete falls collected on construction sites. Bluffing, right?

Blue, green and purple, the colorful trifectaInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

As far as colors are concerned, the winter palette ranges from  midnight blue to  hunter green and violet grape . What create a cocooning atmosphere, provided to invite these shades by keys.

Berber carpets to change the atmosphereInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Like its close cousins, BeniOuarain and Boucherouite, the Azilal is a so- called Berber carpet woven by hand in the Moroccan Atlas. Between graphic patterns and pep colors, it spoils the atmosphere, warms the floor and even takes height when hanging on the wall.

Ribbed glass imposes its styleInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Forget the smooth glass that could lack style and place a more elaborate glassware that wins in creativity. With these colorful vases , the table decor is dynamized.

Transform your home into a flat-galleryInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

As an echo to the showcases and openwork furniture presented a little higher, in 2025, the trend is that one transforms his interior into a gallery, a cabinet of curiosities . This is how a funny organized bazaar comes to life. Be careful not to fall into the accumulation.

Divert furniture from their original useInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Amateur decor recollection , let yourself be tempted by this trend that is not really new but seems to be on the rise again. Whether they are vintage, inherited or freshly purchased, some pieces of furniture just beg to be transformed to create a new 100% personalized. A favorite for this vanity unit made using a Singer sewing machine.

Leave the light wood to drownInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Characteristic of northern environments, the light wood is a little shunned in favor of walnut . Darker but just as pleasant to look at, this woody essence brings warmth and character to all types of decoration. No more reason to deprive it!

Adopt a confidante to better make the chatInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Very fashionable during the Second Empire, this S-shaped seat, also called vis-à-vis, conversation or head-to-head offers a remarkable and remarkable return on the design scene. Reviewed and corrected by contemporary publishers, the  confidant  is not anything old.

Honoring a curvy decorInterior Decoration Trends In 2020

Rounding the angles does not scare you? Succumb to the enveloping trend of curved decoration . From ball lights to curvy and bouncy seating, you can only be tempted …

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