Trends 2025: what will be stylish in interior design this year

stylish in interior design trends 2020 Last year, we already wrote about trends in interior design, but this topic is annual, so the designers of the R-home studio decided to speculate on what will be at the peak of popularity in 2025.

Of course, design trends do not change as fast as, for example, in style. Do not worry: everything that was popular in 2024 does not lose its relevance this year. However, among powdery pink interiors with an abundance of tropical prints, new shapes, colors and materials are beginning to sound more convincingly.

We will talk about the main points that will become the basis of trendy interiors in 2025 in this article. Get inspired and choose what you like!

Actual stylesstylish in interior design trends 2020

In 2025, trends in interior design promise us style for smooth lines and minimalism along with elegant details and art deco items. Yes, the Scandinavian style has now completely receded into the background, freeing up territory with expensive materials, rich colors and understated furniture. This applies to the design of not only apartments, but also hotels, bars, restaurants.

The geometric shapes characteristic of Art Deco, thin lines, a combination of deep, complex colors (especially black, saturated green and dark blue) with gold accents in 2025 will perfectly coexist with the philosophy of minimalism. Gradually, furniture and decoration become a new decor. The fewer non-functional items in your interior, the better.

In parallel with the desire for minimalism and the accelerated development of technology, designers do not stop turning to history and again look at retro styles. And if in recent years they were inspired by mid-century modern, then in 2025-2021, most likely, the style of the 70s with its rich colors, ornaments and streamlined furniture will come to the fore.

Color trendsstylish in interior design trends 2020

All kinds of autumn colors will be the main palette of trendy colors of 2025: not too bright, but complex and warm in tone (salmon, mustard, caramel, ocher, amber and burgundy). But the main role, of course, will go to the deep shades of green, like forest trees and mosses. Such colors give the interior a calm solidity and work well as accents.

At the same time, “rich”, saturated shades do not go anywhere and still remain in trend. However, now they help to create nuanced interior solutions – a design technique, when the room is dominated by combinations of shades within the same color tone.

Popular materialsstylish in interior design trends 2020

If we are talking about finishing materials, then we can safely say that next year natural stone or its high-quality imitation will come to the fore. Especially relevant marble is warm colors. From a luxurious accent, this material turned into a full-fledged protagonist, having spread from bathrooms to all rooms of the house – in the form of tables and coffee tables in living rooms, floor coverings in hallways, window sills and work surfaces in kitchens. Please note: white marble is replaced by brown and gray with large veins and contrasting shades.

The Venetian terrazzo tile with concrete chips still does not lose its relevance. Excellent high-strength qualities of the material are ideally suited for arranging non-tan flooring in rooms with high traffic, such as an entrance hall and kitchen. However, now multi-colored terrazzo decorates not only floors and stairs, but also walls, furniture, decor items, dishes.

Among the metals, brass, gold and blackened metals still retain their positions, as they all perfectly harmonize with the main colors of 2025. And if earlier designers used gilded surfaces very carefully and metered, now, in addition to all kinds of fittings and taps in the bathroom, they boldly decorate furniture facades with gold and even entire walls.

And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the main hit – elegant and trendy velvet – a win-win means to make any atmosphere luxurious. Back in 2018, velvet became one of the most popular materials in furniture collections of famous couturiers. Interior designers do not lag behind and declare velvet upholstery the main trend of the coming years. And this is not surprising: the fabric is pleasant to the touch, rich in shades, shimmers beautifully in the sun and easily adds theatricality or irony to the interior.

Designer’s tip:

Velvet – a luxurious material. To shade its tenderness, furniture in velvet upholstery should be combined with deliberately rough textures – wood, stone, jute rugs and aged carpets.

Furniture and decorstylish in interior design trends 2020

Arranging a comfortable space is unthinkable without furniture. And in 2025 it will be styleable to decorate interiors with handmade furniture. The best furniture manufacturers introduce manual craft into their technology, moving away from mass production and making their products truly unique. Also, renewed vintage furniture of classical forms, things in the spirit of the 30s, 50s or 70s, rounded decor items, patterns from the 60s and “expensive” upholstery colors are welcome in every way.

Weightless and almost invisible furniture made of transparent plastic and glass began to gain popularity again this year, but next year designers and decorators predict a real boom for her. And this is great, because transparent furniture seems to be created for small apartments: while maintaining functionality, it visually unloads the room, making it more airy and spacious.

Another decorative trend in 2025 can be safely called the development of the ceiling plane. Geometric patterns and ornaments on the ceiling can become the main accent of the entire room, and the colored ceiling will make the room bright and, of course, memorable.

The stylistics of furniture and the interior as a whole now draws inspiration from retro styles, which is expressed primarily in the geometry of the forms, which take on a more rounded, smooth outline. Semicircular arches, window openings, oval inclined mirrors, book shelves in the form of arches and streamlined furniture silhouettes – these elements were present at most stands of the largest companies at all international exhibitions this year.

Architect’s tip:

Arches and arched structures are back in style. Smooth, rounded geometry perfectly transforms the space, gives the room softness and dynamics. Due to the rounded shape of the top, the arch as an element of architecture visually makes the room more elegant and spacious.

Lifestylestylish in interior design trends 2020

The Internet and social networks are very firmly entrenched in our daily lives, and most people want to see a beautiful picture around them, including in their own home. Therefore, designers strive to create interiors in such a way that every corner is a stylish place for photos on Instagram. Accent walls, replicas of designer furniture and expensive fixtures and everything that makes the frame “instagramny” will be popular throughout 2025.

However, along with the current Instagram-ready trend, you can safely highlight the special attention of a person to his own well-being and the state of the environment, which are gradually becoming the new basics of well-being. The colorful variety of interiors is gradually being superseded by natural ECO style motifs. Landscaping of the apartment also remains the trend of the coming year, and the abundance of home plants in the decor is the first step towards harmony between man and nature.

Each year offers us a huge variety of design trends, among which anyone can find something interesting for themselves. But do not forget the main thing: the interior should be, first and foremost, a comfortable and cozy space for its inhabitants, regardless of how much it matches the trends.

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