New Home Decor Trends 2023

Trends 2023: what the new year will hold in terms of interior design. Colors, furnishings, inspirations.2019 New Home Decor Trends

The 2023 will be an explosion of past trends that will have the best in d ‘ interior design will favor the taste for the furniture retro and vintage.

The recovery of elements of the past, ancient objects placed in a modern context or, will be the trend that will guide you in the new year.

Among the colors will be the affirmation of ‘ ultra violet while there will be an explosion of green, even in ecology, while an interesting variant will be the red, especially for the upholstery of seats and armchairs.

And to give a touch of refinement, add a touch of gold or antique brass, especially in the most experienced areas of the house, above all the living room, will give a sophisticated tone and in line with the 2023 trends.

Interior design trends 2023: industrial-vintage style2019 New Home Decor Trends

Inside your apartment you will have a rare but interesting wedding: a mix of industrial style and typically vintage elements, like old materials to create an Old Style atmosphere.

Among the rooms to be made according to the canons of industrial style, the kitchen will definitely be the area of the apartment where to recreate that irresistible touch from New York loft that much like.

Bricks and pipes in sight therefore, but also an intense use of wood and metal, to give a minimal touch to the kitchen.

They will then be hi-tech home appliances with Bluetooth functionality to make your activities in culinary matters easy.

To complete the antique-modern mix will be small objects of the past such as coffee grinders and wooden cutting boards.

And if you do not find anything in the attic, it will be fun to look for them in the numerous markets of antiques and second-hand goods.

Interior design trends 2023: the rooms2019 New Home Decor Trends

When it comes to furnishing a home, it is not just a question of uniqueness.

Maximum freedom will be expressed in the personalized choice for each room, with an eye to color and accessories that will enrich the space, according to your personal taste.

Bathroom2019 New Home Decor Trends

If 2023 is the year of vintage, why not think about your bathroom decorated with recovered tiles and that you have kept?

In front of the sink, with an elementary mirror and a design of shapes linked to the past.

Bathtubs of classical inspiration, positioned in the middle of the room, elegant faucets with golden chrome, while on the walls the wallpaper will make its appearance, giving new life to the walls.

Bedroom2019 New Home Decor Trends

A relaxing environment dedicated to rest, the 2023 trend for the bedroom will be the minimal style.

A style with soft colors and definitely suitable for relaxation, a chromatic variant will adopt a pastel color for the walls.

Or, by opting for wallpaper, you will always have time to change your mind if you do not like the environment you have recreated.

Do you want to try a chance?

The industrial style will be recreated by placing furnishing elements on the walls, a classic antique flavor, witnessed by the signs of the time.


The kitchen will become more and more an integral part of the living room.

Not only for small spaces, but also in larger rooms, the kitchen will be in fashion, imitation of starred restaurants where seeing how to prepare a dish will become a topic of discussion.

The space will be lived at 360°, so a bar counters, with stools where to have an aperitif or sit down for a coffee.

While the ecological theme of recovery, as can be decorative tiles, will stand out on the walls.

The industrial style will instead be expressed through the presence of steels, exposed pipes, technological hoods.

The functional aspect will be enhanced by choosing worktops in ultra-high performance materials, made with self-cleaning and antibacterial technology.

If the laminate is not for you, Carrara marble will give you the ideal tone for a classic setting.

Living room2019 New Home Decor Trends

Spend 2023 in a living room with a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, always accompanied by the typically Italian concept of refined style.

Choice of materials, attention to detail and colors that will give liveliness will find the right combination in sofas and armchairs in soft leather, with a 70s style design.

Even more sinuous lines with a 50s vintage flavor, combined with small tables and storage units made up of modules of different sizes and materials, alternatives will be offered.

The lighting then, will require the right consideration: aluminum or brass stem lamps, with glass diffuser, will remind you of the images of the old offices of the first industrial Italy.

Interior design trends 2023: materials

Copper2019 New Home Decor Trends

Copper is back in vogue, a precious material that we had forgotten for some years and which will give your home a touch of uniqueness.

Elegance, timeless factor, will bring the attention of the guests of your home on the details, creating the desire to “I would like but I can not”.


The marble is a material written furniture history pages. Its use, in the most famous version of Carrara, enhances the imagination of interior designers.

The particular veins, as well as for its particular strength, make it one of the materials that will be most used in the next 2023.

Its classic use, for the kitchen top and as a support for the bathroom sink, will be confirmed. But it will change the mode, going from glossy to matt finish, which will be the real trend 2023.  While remaining the taste for the classic, the combination in modern style will recall the premises of the old factories, in perfect industrial style.

Recyclable materials2019 New Home Decor Trends

Respect for the environment is becoming a trend increasingly considered ache in the world of interior design.

Here then 2023 will also be the year to reflect more deeply on the ecological theme.

The awareness of a greater respect for the environment requires less consumption: recycling materials and objects fits perfectly with environmental sustainability.

An eco-friendly house can then be made with the recovery of old ceramic tiles or the kitchen, with the use of glass and aluminum, makes the environment more durable over time as it is more resistant materials and, in case of replacement, 100% recyclable.

Interior design trends 2023: colors

Ultra Violet2019 New Home Decor Trends

The Pantone 2023 color will be the Ultra Violet, according to the definition of the American institute that provides predictions on color trends and color advice.

As for clothing, it will be one of the most particular colors. A charged purple and electrifying, it is a decidedly original and relaxing color at the same time. To brighten up a wall you’ve grown tired of or to have an inviting and expectant living room, ultra violet will reveal the color of your vintage.

If you do not want to exaggerate, you can use it for the furnishing accessories or for some corners of your home, so try an experiment to get used to the color.

Its use will be pleasant especially for fabrics, even in patterns or with combinations with orange or taupe.

Blue2019 New Home Decor Trends

If for you the pantone color 2023 Ultra Violet appears excessive, you can move towards the blue, not in the most intense but soft shapes such as turquoise or sugar paper.

Tint of class and that gives depth to the environment, is an excellent combination with a more intense color like orange.

Green2019 New Home Decor Trends

If among the trends 2023 there is the ecological aspect, we can not miss the green among the colors that will go for the greater. Plants, flowers placed in small or large vases, or even in sight creating a green wall, will develop in you the passion for home gardening.

And if instead you want to be content with being surrounded by greenery, the walls of the house in the green color will make you feel in a large botanical garden.

The ideas will not fail to visit the large gallery of images, for a 2023 aimed at the renovation of your home or a simple change that gives back vitality to the spaces.


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