5 Trends Of Modern Office Architecture 2023

Modern Office Architecture 2019 Increasingly, we become aware of the importance of creating pleasant work spaces in which we feel comfortable. Gone are the offices with tiny, dark offices, the labyrinthine corridors and the uncomfortable and outdated furniture. The new forms of work are the origin of the modern office architecture is changing adapting to a new reality. Little by little, the offices open up to a new reality, transforming themselves into the architecture of modern offices. These are useful and beautiful spaces in optimal work environments to stimulate creativity, performance and work well-being.

The new architecture of modern offices

1. Modern and bright officesModern Office Architecture 2019

Lighting always plays a fundamental role. It is vital to provide adequate clarity to be able to perform tasks efficiently within the workplace. But the light, while necessary, can become a wonderful element to create certain atmospheres depending on the needs of our company and the image we want to convey.

Whenever possible, we should choose to maximize natural light. Avoid covering the windows and choose glass separations that allow the light to pass through. Glass windows and large windows will be the best allies to create more pleasant spaces in which to work at ease.

The decoration of offices in 2023 tends to the spaces more and more diaphanous and cleared with lighter separations that do not hinder and allow a more open communication between the different spaces of the company.

As for artificial lighting, it is advisable to have clear light integrated perfectly with the surroundings and the combination of a more functional lighting with the decorative one in relation to the spaces and the character of the office in question. For example, in offices and meeting rooms, a special piece with an interesting design that fulfills a decorative and presence function will help us to make the space more warm and cozy.

2. The fusion between home and workModern Office Architecture 2019

The labor needs are evolving little by little and more and more it is bet by flexible schedules that facilitate to the workers to combine their life with the work. This perfect balance between life and work is also transferred to the design of offices that seek to generate increasingly welcoming and warm spaces that provide greater welfare for workers and therefore better work performance.

The most attractive environments that make us feel at home, will help create a more pleasant work environment for all. The offices cease to be cold and impersonal spaces to reflect the whole personality of the company in more collected and comfortable spaces.

3. Coworking: More polyvalent and rest spacesModern Office Architecture 2019

Distracting from time to time and encouraging communication are key. Companies such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft stand as benchmarks for companies in which we would all like to work. So we saw a few days ago in the article about google offices and is that who would not like to use a slide to go down instead of a ladder?

It is clear that the mood of the workers has a huge impact on the results of a company and that if we manage to design offices that motivate and stimulate workers, we will always win.

A philosophy that we see already well established in other countries and that is slowly beginning to be introduced in our country. Spaces that allow cooperation and communication, versatile, diaphanous and versatile that stimulate a process of creation and production more fresh and free are increasingly frequent in the architecture of modern offices.

The world of the office is no longer content with fixed spaces in which to perform boring and monotonous daily tasks and looks for models of more efficient and creative companies, with spaces studied to develop varied tasks depending on the moment in which the workers feel involved with the company and in which the goal is to achieve results and not stay a time X in the workplace.

4. The architecture of modern offices and its clear connection with natureModern Office Architecture 2019

The connection with nature within the workspace helps to relax, take a breath and make us feel better in the environment. The exterior spaces or the natural elements inside such as small patios, vertical gardens or vegetation increasingly occupy a relevant position in the companies. In them we can organize more informal meetings, find inspiration or relax a few minutes before getting down to work with some task that requires concentration.

This type of greener spaces help to put aside stress and be more creative. The green areas also contribute to creating healthier offices with a more sustainable and respectful view of the environment.

Companies increasingly tend to take into account environmental and sustainable aspects. Constructions that are more and more respectful with the environment and made with more efficient and sustainable materials also give rise to an architecture of modern and newer offices.

This more sustainable movement in the world of offices also translates into a more natural aesthetic.

5. The importance of colorModern Office Architecture 2019

We could already see the influence that color has on us in the work environment when we talked about the green color in the office a few days ago. And the truth is that a good use of color in the office, whether applied in a noticeable and radical way or in a more discrete and timely, can be very useful to awaken certain feelings or feelings in some specific areas.

Little by little, color begins to make room in the world of offices and spaces are tinged with optimism, energy and modernity. Gone are the dark, rigorous and serious offices. A new concept of work based on greater work happiness that helps us to be more creative, communicative and generate more attractive environments that allow us to enjoy our work to a greater extent.

If we think of most of these young and modern companies, surely an explosion of color comes to mind. But color should not always be applied in an exaggerated and striking way, a use of smart color will be much more beneficial. We talked a while ago of ideas to decorate a law firm, we discussed how the choice of color should be consistent, we must know when bright colors are recommended and should opt for more formal colors.

Other companies such as Linkedin or Sound Cloud open the doors of their offices where color is applied in small and subtle details in their modern office architecture:

Another example you can retrieve from our article about how Google offices are, where we analyze in detail every detail of its multiple offices in the world.

So, not always the extreme use of color is closely related to modernity, you can get very novel and contemporary spaces of great visual harmony by applying color at certain specific points such as yellow stools, chairs or blue cushions.

Many times, the colors of the office are governed by the corporate colors of the company. These colors usually convey a concept or an idea related to the values that the company wants to transmit. In that, the corporate image plays a leading role. If you want to know more, you can read this article about the corporate image in the offices.

The trends and a new concept of work give us these 5 fundamental keys for the design and architecture of modern offices so to finish I encourage you to reflect and update the design of your offices pes according to a report: “Innovation & Workplace: yesterday, today and tomorrow ” from real estate consultant Aguirre Newman:

“An adequate design of the workspaces, together with an optimal management and maintenance of the same ones can increase up to 20% the productivity of the companies”

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