New Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023

New Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023 Every year around these dates we try to gather all the information available to find out what the trends in decoration will be like next year. Interior Decor is possibly one of the events that gives us the most clues about how we will dress our homes next year. Take note of everything that is coming when it comes to color, furniture and interior decoration for 2023.

Trends in interior decoration for 2023

1. Sustainability by flagNew Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023

We no longer understand the future of our homes without putting forward that they are very comfortable for day to day and that they walk with a clear direction: sustainability. The commitment to a better future in which care for the environment comes first. That is why many brands are putting more sustainable products on sale.

Remember the collection from the latest IKEA catalog, or that of any furniture brand you like. The collections marked as “with more natural materials”, “green collection”, “green”, etc… Made from natural, handmade, recycled or recyclable materials will be your strongest bet.

2. Slow HomeNew Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023

The pandemic has changed many things in our lives and that will undoubtedly affect the 2023 home trends. We are now aware of the importance of living in a home that responds to our needs and welcomes us. Hence the fever for reforms that has been experienced in recent months. Many have finally decided to reform their kitchens, install shower trays, adapt their home for teleworking, or close off the terrace to gain more space at home.

3. Decoration colors 2023New Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023

The Pantone Institute has not yet made a statement, but we already know Bruguer ‘s bet, for example, with a delicate soft blue baptized as “Fresh Air”. We will have to wait a little longer to get to know the others, but if we follow the line set in recent times, we continue to color our homes with the full range of whites and neutrals, browns, reddish, yellows, and of course, greens. As announced in AD magazine, the chromatic trends will walk towards tranquility and optimism.

4. Hello minimalismNew Trends in Interior Decoration for 2023

Excessive consumption has taken us to a point of no return in which we value buying fewer things, but of higher quality for our home. Minimalism does not demand empty homes, or homes devoid of soul, but better resolved spaces in which we accumulate less and in a better way.

Home trends 2023 suggest buying higher quality furniture, if possible made of wood. Cotton textiles from sustainable sources, more crafts, more recycling. The idea is simple. A home is not set up from today to tomorrow and that’s it. A house is built little by little through all those elements that speak of you, with new pieces that are mixed with other old ones, inherited or recycled to encourage a much more reasonable consumption.

5. Trends in bathrooms 2023Interior Decoration for 2023

In 2023 the bathroom will definitely cease to be a secondary room in our house. Increasingly we value comfort, well-being and health, largely determining its distribution, color and choice of materials.

We have already been noticing in recent times the boom in the demand for taps that open cold water or with aerators to reduce water consumption. Are you thinking of buying a toilet with a water jet? Brands such as Villeroy&Boch or Roca have made a strong commitment to this type of smart toilet. Screens without profiles and with anti-limescale treatment, non-slip floor plates, heated towel rails…

Marble and wood will be two essential materials that will not be lacking in any modern bathroom in 2023.

6. Turn your home into a smart oneInterior Decoration for 2023

Home automation continues to advance steps to result in much more comfortable, safe and, of course, efficient homes. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small flat or a big house. Every decision we make must be aimed at lower consumption of supplies and home automation has a lot to contribute there.

The advantages of investing in home automation in your home are many and very diverse. In addition to the savings in water supply, electricity, gas, it can detect intruders, gas leaks, a fire. In short, control everything that happens in our house so that it is much more efficient, comfortable and safe.

Home automation is gradually gaining ground year after year. In 2023 we will continue to see the rise of smart plugs, automated lighting, smart security cameras, temperature control devices, or smart locks. Do you already have any of these gadgets in your home?

7. Trends in furniture 2023: a firm commitment to craftsmanshipInterior Decoration for 2023

Craftsmanship has much to contribute to the homes of the future. We are not only talking about decorative pieces, but also coatings or furniture for our homes. Glass, wood, ceramics, wrought iron, clay… are traditional materials that have proven their worth and that we are interested in preserving. The trends in furniture 2023 will go along this path.

8. What decorative style will reign in 2023

We cannot say that it is any one in particular. The Nordic, of course, is not willing to delegate his throne to anyone. Hence, we have seen other versions closer to the Japanese style baptized as “japandi”.

Now a new version of the first sounds, coined as ” Scandifornian “, which would be the closest thing to a Nordic with bohemian touches. Imagine where we’re going…

What is evident is that it will be a decorative style in which the most natural materials, round shapes or the most natural colors prevail.

In the homes of the year 2023 there will be no shortage of retro touches, minimalism, green walls, plants and interior gardens. So whether you like classic style, such as retro, vintage, minimalist or Scandinavian, you will have to start from this base.

9. A home where you can telecommuteInterior Decoration for 2023

During the first phase of the pandemic we juggled working from home. Many staff have returned to work in the office, but continue to practice blended learning on individual days. Hence the importance of adapting our homes to achieve spaces adapted to our needs.

For some it will mean reserving (or adapting) a room for this cause, for others discovering new corners in which to develop it more comfortably.

In 2023 we will continue to make progress in the search for more efficient materials to soundproof our homes, ergonomic chairs, desks to work either standing or sitting, etc.

10. A home ready to be used by everyone 24 hours a dayInterior Decoration for 2023

Gone are those houses where one only passed what was fair. The pandemic turned our house into a school, a workplace, a restaurant, a meeting room, a place to relax and play.

That multifaceted house spirit will continue in 2023. To achieve this, a more rational distribution of space will be essential (non-essential walls outside, more storage space or better resolution, sliding doors, glass walls, better insulation) and, of course, a decoration that conveys calm and serenity and that invites you to stay longer. at home.

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